Tumbling down the rabbit hole - College Short Film Proposal Pitch


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Film Proposal Pitch for my College BTECH extended Diploma Course. Private.

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Tumbling down the rabbit hole - College Short Film Proposal Pitch

  1. 1. Tumbling Down The Rabbit Hole By Jackie Hodge
  2. 2. Conte Synopsis of nts project • • Where my idea has come from/ Inspiration • My characters/ Character profile • Is my project original? • Is there other projects like mine? • My unique selling point? • My target audience • Locations • Budget • Equipment needed • Actors needed
  3. 3. Synopsis Set in the present day a young woman heads home, As she is walking She begins to hear voices. Upon arriving at home and settling in front of the TV she Falls asleep and begins to dream. Her dreams are rapid and surreal and as she awakens she is haunted by its reoccurring themes. A white rabbit, and a strange man in a Top Hat. The lines between reality and Fantasy are blurred, as she starts tumbling into Madness.
  4. 4. INSPIRATION • Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland (book) • American Mgee’s Alice (Game)
  5. 5. ALICE Young Alice and Her decent into madness. Paranoid, absent minded, Daydreamer. Characters WHITE RABBIT MAD HATTER Shady Grotesque character, resembling the darkness inside Alice. Strange, voiceless character that appears as parranoia http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Plastic-BunnyRabbit-Easter-Overhead-Fancy-Dress-Mask/131061833186?pt=UK_Clothing_Masks_JD&h ash=item1e83e4dde2 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hot-MensSlim-Fit-Double-Breasted-Strap-TrenchCoat-Long-Jacket-Overcoat/331041968947?pt=UK_Women_s_Coats_J ackets&var=&hash=item4d13a39333
  6. 6. Imagery
  7. 7. Originality Although this piece uses references, imagery and quotes from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland, The plot is in no way similar. The use of the child's story is to emphasise the vivid imagination in children , that when present in Adults is viewed as insanity. Alice was picked because of the surreal characters and obvious symbols (e.g white rabbit, playing cards) Play on words/Hidden Meaning: Tumbling down the rabbit hole = Falling into insanity American Mcgee’s Alice game The only similar product is the game American Mcgee’s Alice. The Plot is a dark interpretation of Alice in wonderland, set in the Victorian era where Alice’s fantasy becomes twisted due to the psychological trauma other parents death and her maturity into Adolescence. In American Mcgee’s Alice Her toys become wepons and she becomes murderous and blood thirsty None of that
  8. 8. Similar Films The Machinist follows a character that suffers from insomnia which then develops into paranoid illusions Mr Brooks, a Buisness man, a husband and a father struggles with his day to day life as he secretly hides his addiction to killing. His Murderous desires are personified in an alternative personality. Pan’s Labyrinth- as her world changes around her she starts to wander into a dark fantasy world, unknown to her which reality is real and which is not Don’t look down expresses that fear can overpower the mind. A Woman becomes increasingly paranoid after her sister falls to her death, creating fear and paranoia that she will meet the same fate
  9. 9. Unique selling point Artistic and surreal to inspire empathy Lack of similar products Appeals to young adults, horror fans, artists References and homage to Alice in wonderland (plays on the childhood of a now mature audience) Target Audience Fantasy/Horror/Thrillers are viewed more by young adults to adults Males and Females aged 18 -24 Students
  10. 10. LOCATIONSsELBY S Reasons: • Easy Access for Actors, • Several quiet Alleys to film, • Several flats to decorate as sets, • Everything within short walking distance for tighter schedules, • Several “green” natural areas for surreal scenes
  11. 11. BUDGET Equipment Price Rent From College Props will be funded by myself. Camera Approx. £400 Free SD Card Approx. £40 Free Equipment rental is free from college. Battery Approx. £30 Free Tripod Approx. £40 Free Travel Expenses for crew Estimate £5.70 For a four man crew: £ 22.80 ITEM NEEDED FOR PRICE (estimate) Mad Hatter Costume Character £35 White Rabbit Costume Character £10 Props (e.g. Tea set) Mise en Scene £5 Total: £50 Crew will have to fund their own transport.
  12. 12. Equipment needed Equipment Props/Costume/Mise en Scene Camera Mad Hatter Costume SD Card White Rabbit Costume Battery Alice Costume Tripod Tea Set Wine Glasses Fake wine/ Tea Cigarettes Playing Cards Dice
  13. 13. Actors needed ALICE – Samantha Whittaker Mad Hatter – Kris Argyle White Rabbit – Paul Burns