HyTrust and VMware-Providing a Secure Virtual Infrastructure


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HyTrust and VMware-Providing a Secure Virtual Infrastructure

  1. 1. 29 MARCH 2012HyTrust & Vmware – Providing a Secure Virtual InfrastructureEric Chiu – Founder & President (HyTrust)Rob Babb – Security & Compliance Specialist (VMware)© 2011, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 1975 W. El Camino Real, Suite 203, Mountain View, CA 94040 Phone: 650-681-8100 / email: info@hytrust.com 1
  2. 2. Security and Compliance Will Be Key to Virtualizing the Next50% of the Data Center   Discussion   Growth depends on virtualizing mission critical workloads   Virtualization platform provides basic security: OK for non- critical workloads   Tier 1/2 workloads have higher security, compliance needs   Purpose-built solutions needed© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 2
  3. 3. Virtualization Platform Effects On Security Abstraction and Consolidation Capital and Operational Cost Savings New infrastructure layer to be secured and subject to compliance Greater impact of attack or misconfiguration Collapse of Switches and Faster Deployment in Servers into One Device Shared Environment Flexibility IT responsiveness Cost-savings Inconsistencies in configuration Lack of visibility and control for virtual network and storage Physical change processes ineffective No separation of church and state (network, security, storage Inadequate tenant administration) segmentation© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 3
  4. 4. Virtualization Containers Effects On Security Fuzzy Time Boundaries Great availability / recovery mechanism Security and audit events can be lost Changes in time are not visible from inside the virtual server VM Encapsulation VM Mobility Ease DR Hardware Independence Improved Service Levels Outdated offline systems Identity divorced from Unauthorized copy physical location Policies may not follow Reconfiguring virtual hardware and console access are over the virtual machine network operations © 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 4
  5. 5. 4 “Must Haves” For a Secure Cloud Environment© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 5
  6. 6. VMware vShield – Foundation for Trusted Cloud Securing the Cloud From Edge to Endpoint vShield Data vShield Edge vShield App vShield Endpoint SecuritySecure the edge of Protect applications from Streamline and accelerate Protect againstthe virtual datacenter threats with trust zones anti-virus solutions data leaks Virtual Datacenter 1 Virtual Datacenter 2 DMZ Web HIPAA PCI VMware vShield Manager6
  7. 7. HyTrust Appliance Provides Necessary Controls toConfidently Virtualize Mission-Critical ApplicationsSecures the administration of thehypervisor & virtual infrastructure:  Enforces consistent access and authorization policies covering all access methods  Provides granular, user-specific, audit-quality logs  Enables strong, multi-factor authentication  Verifies platform integrity, ensuring the hypervisor is hardened and the virtual infrastructure is trusted Provides complete visibility into and control over who accesses the infrastructure, the integrity of the infrastructure, and the validity of the changes requested.© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 7
  8. 8. HyTrust (Virtual) Appliance In-Line Deployment© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 8
  9. 9. Major Partners Trust HyTrustHyTrust is key "go to" HyTrust is part of CA HyTrust is the platform HyTrust providespartner for vSphere Access Control for security solution - combined reportingsecurity and compliance Virtual Environments access control and with Trends Deep auditing - for vBlock Security productHyTrust provides HyTrust reporting and HyTrust is part of Intels HyTrust event reporting andnative integration with controls being integrated trusted cloud architecture TXT integration beingSecurID and enVision with Symantec CCS based on TXT integrated with McAfee ePO © 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 9
  10. 10. VMware and HyTrust Links  VMware – All Things Virtual Security   http://portal.sliderocket.com/ATOHL/VMware-Security-Links_v2  VMware Security Blog   http://blogs.vmware.com/security  HyTrust Community Edition and Video Demos   http://www.hytrust.com/resources/product  HyTrust Case Studies   http://www.hytrust.com/resources/case-studies  HyTrust Analyst Reports   http://www.hytrust.com/resources/analyst-reports 10
  11. 11. Q&A© 2012, HyTrust, Inc. www.hytrust.com 11