HxRefactored - IBM Watson - Vance Allen + Sridhar Sudarsan


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HxRefactored - IBM Watson - Vance Allen + Sridhar Sudarsan

  1. 1.     Welltok,  Inc.     IBM  Watson     Vance  Allen,  CTO   Sridhar  Sudarsan,  CTO     Chat  with  us  on  Twi=er  #Welltoklive  @Welltok  @IBMWatson    
  2. 2.     PAGE  2  
  3. 3.     First  Consumer  Health  Op1miza1on  solu1on   leveraging  the  power  of  the  IBM  Watson  Natural   Language  Processing  and  Cogni1ve  Compu1ng   technology     What  is  CaféWell  Concierge?   PAGE  3   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  4. 4.     Meet  ScoB   I’m  creaOng  a   mHealth  app!     PAGE  4   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  5. 5.     PAGE  5   ScoB  is  Ready  to  Get  Healthier     I  sit  hunched   over  &  drink   RedBull  all  day!     ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  6. 6.     ScoB  Gets  CaféWell  Concierge       PAGE  6   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  7. 7.     ScoB  Now  has  a  Health  Concierge     PAGE  7   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  8. 8.         ScoB  Occassionally  Travels  for  Biz     NYC  bound!   Hello,   #HxRefactored   PAGE  8   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  9. 9.         Hungry  ScoB   Where  should   I  eat  tonight?   PAGE  9   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  10. 10.     He  is  Rewarded  for  Healthy  Choices   PAGE  10   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  11. 11.     ScoB  Wants  to  Run  in  NYC   Achieve 10,000 steps per day to move your team into 1st place and get rewarded Challenge   accepted!  Where   should  I  run?   PAGE  11   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  12. 12.     I’ve  been   coding  all  night     Hood  is  Up  –  ScoB  is  Stressed   PAGE  12   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  13. 13.     ScoB  Receives  Unprompted  Recs   Concierge,   you  know   me  so  well!   PAGE  13   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  14. 14.     The  Power  of  a  Health  Concierge   What  could  possibly  smart  enough  to  solve  this   problem?       It’s  not  easy  to  get  Sco=  healthy.       PAGE  14   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  15. 15.     Understands   natural  language   Generates  &   evaluates  hypotheses   Adapts   &  learns   Watson understands me. Watson engages me. Watson learns and improves over time. Watson helps me discover. Watson establishes trust. Watson has endless capacity for insight. Watson operates in a timely fashion. Watson  is  Cogni1ve  Compu1ng   PAGE  15   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  16. 16.     explorer   India   In  May   1898   India   In  May   celebrated   anniversary   in  Portugal   In  May,  Gary  arrived  in  India  aaer  he  celebrated   his  anniversary  in  Portugal   Portugal   400th   anniversary   celebrated   Gary   In  May  1898  Portugal  celebrated  the  400th   anniversary  of  this  explorer’s  arrival  in  India   This  evidence  suggests  “Gary”   is  the  answer  BUT  the  system   must  learn  that  keyword   matching  may  be  weak  rela:ve   to  other  types  of  evidence   arrived  in   arrival  in   Legend   Keyword  “Hit”   Reference  Text   Answer   Weak  evidence  Red  Text   Ques1on   Suppor1ng  Evidence   Beyond  Simple  Search  &  Keywords   PAGE  16   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  17. 17.     Importance  of  Deep  Seman1c  Discovery   27th May 1498 landed in arrival in explorer India Para- phrases Geo- KB Date Match Stronger  evidence  can  be   much  harder  to  find  and   score…   §  Search far and wide §  Explore many hypotheses §  Find judge evidence §  Many inference algorithms On the 27th of May 1498, Vasco da Gama landed in Kappad Beach 400th anniversary Portugal May 1898 celebrated In  May  1898  Portugal  celebrated  the  400th   anniversary  of  this  explorer’s  arrival  in  India.   Kappad Beach Legend Temporal Reasoning Reference Text Answer Statistical Paraphrasing GeoSpatial Reasoning Question Supporting Evidence Vasco da Gama PAGE  17   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  18. 18.     Answer   Scoring   Models   Responses  with   Confidence   Inquiry   Evidence   Sources   Models   Models   Models   Models   Models  Primary   Search   Candidate   Answer   GeneraOon   Hypothesis   GeneraOon   Hypothesis  and  Evidence     Scoring   Final  Confidence   Merging  &  Ranking   Synthesis   Answer   Sources   Inquiry/Topic   Analysis   Evidence   Retrieval   Deep   Evidence   Scoring   Learned  Models   help  combine  and  weigh   the  Evidence   Hypothesis   GeneraOon   Hypothesis  and  Evidence   Scoring   Inquiry   DecomposiOon   1000’s  of     Pieces  of  Evidence   Mul1ple   Interpreta1ons   of  a  ques1on   100,000’s  Scores  from  many   Deep  Analysis  Algorithms   100’s    sources   100’s  Possible   Answers   Balance   &  Combine   How  Watson  Works:  DeepQA  Architecture   PAGE  18   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  19. 19.     PAGE  19   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.     “Medicine  has  become  too   complex.  Only  about  20%  of   the  knowledge  clinicians  use   today  is  evidence-­‐based.”     Steven  Shapiro   Chief  Medical  &  ScienOfic  Officer     University  Pi=sburgh  Medical  Center   Addressing  Healthcare  Challenges  
  20. 20.     PAGE  20   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.     Employers   Medical   devices  and     diagnosOcs   Health   plans   EducaOon   Public   health   Social   programs   Hospitals   Home  health   agencies   Physicians,     nurses  and   pracOOoners     Therapists   NGOs   Bio-­‐   pharmaceuOcals  Family   CommuniOes  of  care   Individual   Governments   of  U.S.  GDP  consumed  by     healthcare  spending   17.6%   Avoidable  costs/yr.  by  be=er   medicine  adherence   1/2  trillion   Of  36  million  deaths  a=ributed  to   NCDs*  could  be  prevented   9  million   4x  People    60+  that  will  be  unable   to  care  for  themselves  by  2050   Watson  in  Healthcare  
  21. 21.     A  World  of  New  Possibili1es     PAGE  21   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  22. 22.     •  Partnership  between  Welltok  &  IBM  Watson   •  Leverage  the  power  of  cogniOve  compuOng     •  Natural  language  dialogue   •  Technology  that  can  handle  unstructured  content   •  Understanding  of  consumers’  health  status  and   moOvaOons     So  How  Did  We  Do  It?     PAGE  22   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  23. 23.     •  ApplicaOon  that  can  learn  and  adapt     •  Understands  your  locaOon  and  preferences   •  ConOnually  gets  smarter   •  Provide  Intelligent  recommendaOons  bases  on   different  user  a=ributes   •  Integrate  mulOple  sources  of  content  –  both   structured  and  un-­‐structured     Problems  We  Overcame   PAGE  23   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  24. 24.     Access Watson Developer Cloud! using Watson Experience Manager! Develop app “Powered by Watson”! using APIs ! Enrich Watson! with content! Train Watson ! using tools and experts! Test app! functional and
 non-functional! Deploy application! Building  a  Watson  app  
  25. 25.     How  Are  We  Doing  It?     Content   Inges1on     IdenOfy  Content  ,Transform,   Curate  and  Ingest   ENRICH     Both  the  quesOons  and   responses  with  a=ributes   “we”  already  know     about  a  user   TRAINING     Watson  needs  to  be  trained   on  how  to  process  content   for  Health  OpOmizaOon   ANALYZE     QuesOons  and  responses  to   gain  more  intelligent   insights   Use  Cases,  Q  &A  Pairs,  and  Content  AcquisiOon   PAGE  25   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.     Partnership  
  26. 26.     High  Level  Architecture  /  Data  Flow   CafeWell   Partner   Public   CafeWell/ Watson   Content   Enrichment   Watson   IngesOon   Watson  Corpus   Watson   Training   Sponsor   CafeWell   Responsibility   IBM   Responsibility   Content  Acquisi1on   PAGE  26   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  27. 27. CONFIDENTIAL  INFORMATION  ©  WELLTOK  2009-­‐2014  PAGE  27   Ex:  Watson  Being  Used  for  Health  OpOmizaOon             Ques<on:  What  should  I  do  for   my  workout  today?   Answer:  You  could  go  for  a  run  in  Central   Park,  bring  your  Fitbit  Pebble  and  be  closer  to   earning  $50  from  Acme  Healthcare.    
  28. 28.     Update  the  user’s  profile   and  Social  Health   IOnerary  and  analyze   transacOon     stream   CaféWell  Concierge  Flow   Concierge  QuesOon  Enrichment     Concierge  Answer  Enrichment       You  could  go  for  a  run  in  Central  Park,  bring  your  Fitbit  Pebble   and  be  closer  to  earning  $50  from  United  Health  Care.  Why   don’t  you  invite  RunnerDude100?     26  year  old  single  male,  insured  with  United  PPO  plan,  who   lives  in  the  zip  code  11231-­‐4710,  currently  at  23  St.  &  5th  Ave.,   NYCH,  with  health  interests  of  running,  hiking,  and  biking,   currently  at  75  minutes  of  120  minutes  of  my  goal  acOvity  for   the  week,  shown  a  recent  tendency  to  be  acOve  outside,  and   has  been  discussing  men’s  issues,  what  should  I  do?   Ques<on:  What   should  I  do  for  my   workout  today?   PAGE  28   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  29. 29.     Welltok   Responsibility   IBM   Responsibility   Answer   Enrichment   QuesOons   QuesOon   Enrichment   Answers   Intelligence     Tuning   High  Level  Architecture  /  Data  Flow   Q&A  Training   PAGE  29   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  30. 30.    CreaOng  the  Experience  
  31. 31.     PAGE  31   Thank   you!   Chat  with  us  on  Twi=er  #Welltoklive  @Welltok  @IBMWatson    
  32. 32.     What  is  CaféWell  Concierge?   PAGE  32   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  33. 33.     Workflow  Example             Ques<on:  What  should  I  do  for   my  workout  today?   Answer:  You  could  go  for  a  run  in  Central   Park,  bring  your  Fitbit  Pebble  and  be  closer  to   earning  $50  from  Acme  Healthcare.  Why  don’t   you  invite  RunnerDude100?   PAGE  33   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  34. 34.     How  Does  it  Work?   •  “Teach”  Watson  how  to  process  the  content     •  Enrich  the  quesOons  consumers  ask  by  adding   info  we  already  know  about  them   •  Enrich  the  responses  we  receive  from  Watson   to  make  it  acOonable  and  engaging   •  Analyze  &  learn  from  the  Q&A    stream   CaféWell  Concierge  Recap   What  is  it?   •  Enables  users  to  ask  quesOons,  in  everyday   language,  and  receive  relevant,  personalized,   responses     •  Creates  Intelligent  Health  IOneraries  based  on   locaOon,  health  status,  benefits,  interests,  acOvity   level   •  UOlizes  personalizaOon,  recommendaOons,   intelligence,  cogniOve  compuOng  and  natural   language  processing  (NLP)  to  help  consumers   opOmize  their  health   PAGE  34   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.    
  35. 35.     •  Partnership  between  Welltok  &  IBM  Watson   •  Leverage  the  power  of  cogniOve  compuOng     •  Natural  language  dialogue   •  Technology  that  can  handle  unstructured  content   •  Understanding  of  consumers’  health  status  and   moOvaOons     So  How  Are  We  Doing  It?     PAGE  35   ©  2014  InternaOonal  Business  Machines  CorporaOon  &  Welltok,  Inc.