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  1. 1. At age 4 setown footon NhaTrang Beach viamilitarychopperwithmyGermanMotherfrom 34205FL.U.S. Sweeping;Wiping;Cleaning;MoppingandEmptyingseveral trashcansandbinswitha designedpushing cart. Onit, I hada cleanbucketof waterfor mopping,toilettissue rolls,andputtyknife toscrapgum candiesoff fromunderneathdesks. Although,Igoton yearin it,I enjoyedthattoa full bloominmy longlastingendurance inatransientlivingconditionfrompeople of same original place and refugee/prisoncamps. My Americanhostgrandpa,RichardMcDonaldsat 71-75 Quoc Lo I and 128 Tran QuyCap in NhaTrang, inVietnamonce enlightenedme,'Whateveryou(me) are,be stoodforthat of me like India'scricketball that he and I caught itharder thana baseball ball.' I am a descendantof Irish-Seminole-GreekandRoyal British-PolishFamilyTree inRuboniainFlorida
  2. 2. I am an active person,because Iam a transientanddon’thave existingfamily. Atage 4 set ownfooton Nha Trang Beachvia militarychopperwithmy GermanMotherfrom34205FL.U.S. I do denymyself,forI wantto helpsomebody. Ilike people andIam interestedinyou,andsimplythe real you. Iwouldlike to be friended,forIcan respectfullyleanonand belongtoyouas a friend. Aftermyhighschool graduation inBradenton inJune 1992, I attendedcollege inAugust1992. WhenI got hurt ina plotby Michelle Barackand RahmEmmanuel tokill me withWal-Mart andGoodwill Industrygroupof employees,I wasincoma for sevendaysat Sarasota memorial hospital. Withina monthaftermy total permanentdisability injuries,Ilookedforworkandwas hiredat7-Elevenstore on TallevastRoad. For a reason,I wasunable toread anytextthenat college,Iusedmyclaimedmoney towardmy PrecisionMachiningprogramatManatee Technical Institute acrossfromcollege. Atthe same time of the tenyearsof recuperationfrommuscle spasmtobone vertebrate surgeryof the same day,I also hadhad to change several differentjobs due tonoexistingfamily tosupportmyself andpaid my wayin continuingof myeducation. Afterseveral triesof readingof anytexting,Ifoundmyself been able to readagain,I returnedtocollege bycrossingbackoverthe same street,57th Avenue Westin Bradenton. There are 120 earnedcredited- hours.Exceptthe science wasrequiredtocomplete for transferringtouniversity, Atthe same time,mystudentloanwassuspendedbyObama'snew regulation. Ileftcollegewithoutseekingfor degreethere,butIseekouttoMr. JohnMcCain (U.S. SenatorinArizonaviaphone andmessage withhisoperator. Onthe otherhand, I foundseveral of my adultchildren,whichsome of themmade me agrandmotherof theirchildren. Backincollege,Iknewof a tommywomanfrom ThailandspeakingKhmer,LaosandThai. Whena Caucasianteen studentwas missinglaterdeadon20th Streetand53rd Avenue Westneighboringschool busstop, Ifoundmyself pursuingthe case alone. I mistookthe womanasmy partnerto share my new interest. AfterIwasbeen challengedbyherandbeenthreatedtopublicizemylife asapersonal attackto my familyandthe national television. Iunderstoodthiswill-beattackmethodasa straw attack,after I tooka Reading001 and 002 at college. AfterIconsultedwithmyfamilymembers,Itookupthe new challenge upfornine yearsbypassSeptember2001. ThenI got a subpoenatobe incourt and defendedmyself,Ihadto pay hera little more than$1300.00. Next,Iwas beenraped while Isteppedoutawayfrommy Salvation Armyshelter. Itwas a culture thingthatI believedin.Ihadto marry from outof wedlockpregnancy. Unfortunately,the firsttwoof three of mybabieswere shotandkilledandstabbedbythe same group of PhillippinosandBlacks,soIabortedthe thirdpregnancyat six weeksandsix daysold. I felta big release toendthe longtime assault,butI feltterriblefordiscontinuingof beingpro-lifeanymore. Moreover,the six yearsof my overbearingball of anabusive husband,IwasbeingadvisedthatIhad made a big mistake tomarry to myrapist. Inaddition,Iwasbeingbulliedbythe Vietnamese, Cambodian,Laoand otherminorityethnicinManatee,Sarasota,andnationwide. Sofar,I hadto work nineteenjobsintwenty-threeyearsinAmerica(1987-2010) as a transientwithnoexistingfamily. I don't have seniority,vacation,or will byputtingup withthose thatdoggedonme rather thangivingin to theirdoggingof me. By the weekof Christmas2009, I checkedinwitha behaviorhealthinstitution for helpwithmyco-dependencybaseduponabookabout Co-Dependencyby"Betty"Melody. Ialsoleft Taco Bell job,whena schedulerforcedme toworkfar more lesshoursthanshe was toldto do byher
  3. 3. bosses. Surprisingly,overthe pastfifteenyears,Ihadhelpedseveralpeople whateverandwheneverI couldwithinmybudgetexpensesandatmyown risk.I listenedtothem, andI offeredthemwith BaLaMat and Hoa Dharma (KinhPhap-Hoa) specificallybaseduponthe othertwobooksthatI had read (2011). I am a No-Profileperson lowerthanaLow-Profile one.Three yearspast,"Buddy"andIhave beentogethersince 2012 and presenttime. ThankstoHeavenFather(2015). Otherwise,Iwouldjust keeponrunningformy ownsake in the dark to mylonglastingtransientlivingbeingone. The latest recentmemorytime thateasilybe rememberedaboutme wasatage 4, whenI setownfooton Nha Trang Beach viamilitarychopperwithmyGermanMotherfrom 34205FL.U.S. (RevisedonJune 5th , 2016). Bradenton,FL Newark,NJ KuwaitCity Sai Gon, VN Nha Trang,VN Shanghai,China Dublin,Ireland Berlin,Germany Reading,England Torrance,California Myrtle Beach,SC Houston,TX Buffalo,NY Newport,TN ThailandPrisonCampComplex CityBuilding Phillippine PrisonCampComprehensive LaboratoryIsland