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Tour Operator Management Software, Tour Operator Software


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FlightsLogic provides Tour Operator Management Software and Tour Operator Software to travel agents, tour operators, and travel companies worldwide.

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Tour Operator Management Software, Tour Operator Software

  2. 2. Tour Operator Management Software, Tour Operator Software
  3. 3. FlightsLogic has developed a unique, multifunctional Online Tour Operator Management Software that provides you and your customers with a full range of booking services. Our products provide full booking processes, beginning with advanced search options, orders monitoring and immediate approval of availability. FlightsLogic has improved Tour operator CRS to simplify the things that matter to you-sourcing and packaging products efficiently, giving fast & exact quotations, protecting edges, boosting sales, offering web and XML distribution channels, and delivering business and strategic intelligence. TOUR OPERATOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  4. 4. FlightsLogic provides Tour Operator Software / DMC Software is completely designed for DMCs, Tour Operators and Travel Agencies who are looking to ease booking of tours and aim packages, with a powerful back-end system for tour management and destination management. With tour operator software, you can automate tour booking methods in your travel agency, use it to sell your tour/destination packages by your web portal or to build better business cooperation with your partners to improve your online travel business. We focused on building smart and simple software for DMCs, tour operators and travel companies that can help them centralizes their business, improve customer engagement, and improve marketing and selling their services online. Our Tour Operators are organizations that specialize in the manufacture of tour packages. TOUR OPERATOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  5. 5. FlightsLogic is the Best Tour Operators Website Design solutions software and the latest addition to a robust software catalog. You can consider FlightsLogic as a guide and a technology advisor that helps you design and develop your own travel website. FlightsLogic is known for providing feature-packed Online Travel Booking Website development services. With the help of FlightsLogic Travel Portal Solutions, you can enhance your online engagement for more sophisticated sales and boosting your travel business. We utilize in-depth technical expertise to help improve your travel website and business operations and redefine product value with modern software and innovation. We help make your travel business agile, digitally-backed and ultimately more efficient. TOUR OPERATOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  6. 6. FlightsLogic is a complete Tour Management Software & Tour Booking Software for Destination Management Companies, Incoming Agencies & MICE. It is designed to efficiently manage business operations of all segments, such as – Our Tours, Series, Adhoc, charters & excursion management. Our Tour Operator Management Software follows an automated sales process that covers everything from search to itinerary generation. It is very good, efficient and secure, promoting flexibility and simplicity at the same time. We provide you with a comprehensive tour management system. It will be your one-stop-shop with market-leading features TOUR OPERATOR MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  7. 7. Our tour management system will help you replace your existing system. The tour management system designed by our developers is accurate, reliable so that you can maintain regularity if you have several setups across the globe. Your tour manager can search for the required data faster than your existing system, get client records easily and generate reports as required. Our fully automated tour management system helps save time and work and improves efficiency. Moreover, you will be able to hold all the essential information like: • Keep customer records • Destination details • Automate and manage reservations • Own API Integration • Automate sales and marketing • Everything Finances - Payments, accounting, and finance
  8. 8. Key Features of our Tour Operator Management Software: List your tours online where clients can book their desired tour online Easy tour reservation management with all client and tour package details Organize entire tour by combining flight Allows you to generate reports in various formats to give better insight to your travel business It gives B2B module where other sub-agents can book tours via this tour operator software Balance module which keeps track of the credited and debited balance Allows yourself to e-mail the tour package to other tour operators Allow clients to invite friends to join their itinerary using social media Apply group discounts automatically.
  9. 9. Benefits of using Tour Operator Management Software: It encourages an organization to develop easily and get a great profit as well. It gives unparalleled insights into benefits. It enables their clients to appreciate the immense efficiency with error correction process, increase productivity, enhance the ability of the agency for managing changes. It reduces time through fast keyboard entry of transactions, full integration, and outer transaction import routines.
  10. 10. CONTACT US To know more about us, please visit and email us at