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GDS System - Amadeus| Sabre| Galileo

FlightsLogic develops airline CRS, airline computer reservation system, airline central reservation system for travel companies around the world.

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GDS System - Amadeus| Sabre| Galileo

  1. 1. GDS System - Amadeus| Sabre| Galileo
  2. 2. FlightsLogic is a travel portal development company to develop Airline CRS with GDS, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre integration. The CRS provides travel agents access to information concerning flight schedules, fares, and seat availability. It also permits them to form reservations and issue tickets automatically. Even supposing the CRS systems are owned and operated by specific airlines, an agent can use one to get data and create reservations on virtually any regular carrier. The fundamental functions of CRS (computer reservation system) are flexibility and scalability for business growth, user-friendly platform, and single root for rates, availability and contents, connecting points to GDS, online travel agents and mobile booking engines and implementation of multiple distribution modes. Everything is online in a computer reservation system, lets B2B and B2C travel agencies grow higher. FlightsLogic Computer Reservation System (CRS) can assist you to sell online and distribute all of your own inventory product. The computer reservation system connects and permits you to sell your inventory through all of your sales channels like B2B/B2C/B2E etc. Airline Computer Reservation System is used to take care of the flight's information and connected inventories and rates and manages the reservation system. CRS includes each the B2B and B2C interfaces in order that users will able to book flights. A CRS is helpful for an airline as a result of it permits reservations to be checked and reserved with a straightforward search. It also permits revenue managers or front workplace managers to easily regulate the costs corresponding to demand multiple distribution channels and platforms at an identical time. It is the type of mission control software for flight distribution.
  3. 3. FlightsLogic is that the Best Travel Portal Development Company having many years of expertise in developing Airline CRS and group action Flight GDS, Consolidators, XML & API integration software system includes B2B, B2C, B2B2B, B2B2C, B2E, Corporate, and much more. We provide Flight Booking Engine, Flight GDS Integration, Galileo GDS, Sabre GDS integration, Flight booking API integration, Flight Reservation Engine, Flight Booking API and much more. ARS eventually evolved into the Computer Reservations System (CRS). Benefits of Airline CRS: Centralize management and save time: FlightsLogic CRS centralizes the management of inventory, rates and pricing, multimedia content, your website and more. With so many core functions available in one place, the economy of scale in terms of time is clear. Multi-currency and language support: The FlightsLogic CRS support multiple currencies/languages and is browser agnostic - we won't stand in the way of your global expansion plans. Software as a Service: Software as a Service (SaaS) technology enables you to host multi-tenant applications in the cloud, with global accessibility and automatic updates. Find what you're looking for with advanced search: Unique search engine algorithms provide instant response to complex multi-criteria shopping requests: calendar views, interactive map availability and more.
  4. 4. Structured flexibility and customization Support all inventory structures - dedicated, nested and sell limit allotments with customizable call center application for voice agents. Increase conversion with special offers: FlightsLogic CRS allows you to increase booking conversion through special offers and upselling, maximizing revenue generation for your organization. Unlimited distribution capability: Utilize a single interface connecting you to a variety of channels to sell your content - online travel agencies, travel websites, metasearch engines and GDSs. Everyone using our system can see your rooms and make bookings. Streamlined rate plan creation: Easy creation of rate plans thanks to a library of pre-defined policies, booking restrictions, promotions, commission rules, taxes, and fees. Comprehensive scalability to handle large transaction vol: Our CRS is a multitier and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) that supports massive transaction volumes. Utilize multiple pricing options: Multiple pricing techniques such as per room/day, per guest/day, per service, per room/stay, per guest/stay. Less Operational cost: FlightsLogic Central Reservation System provides users an opportunity to book hotels, tickets, transfers, tours, etc. online thus reducing the operational cost by reducing the overall manpower, systems, accountancy, offline advertisements and many other facilities to run and manage the operations of a travel agency.
  5. 5. List of basic operations that are included in a CRS:  Capability to launch a website  Ability to display travel services with prices and images  Inventory management  Reservation management  User-friendly reservation system  Online payment gateway integration  Customer data management  Email notification  Booking cancellation  Refund management
  6. 6. Features of Airline CRS:  The system is SEO and user-friendly.  Manage multiple refund rules.  The customer can cancel their reservation anytime.  Manage rates and availability in real-time.  Send invoices and vouchers easily using an auto e-mail feature.  Customers can cancel their reservation anytime.  Receive instant booking and cancellation notifications via SMS and e-mail.  An online reservation system has the ability to support multiple currencies and multiple languages.  Responsive Booking Interface  Multi-language and multi-currency booking engine  Cross-sell functionality for multiple products  Connected with multiple GDS's and third-party suppliers  Easy booking process  Multiple online payment options like credit card, debit card & net banking  Auto ticket and voucher generation  Centralized admin panel for managing the booking  The process of searching flight and proceeding with the booking process is very fast.
  7. 7.  The airline reservation system could seamlessly integrate with the secure payment system of the airline company.  An automated airline booking engine with 24/7 support and a user interface that is termed as smartand intuitive.  The airline booking system could seamlessly integrate with the secure payment system of the airline company. To know more about us, please visit and email us at