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Unto Allah belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. Allah is Able to do all things. (The Noble Quran 3:189) Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth and (in) the difference of night and day are tokens (of His Sovereignty) for men of understanding, (The Noble Quran 3:190) Such as remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, (and say): Our Lord! Thou createdst not this in vain. Glory be to Thee! Preserve us from the doom of Fire. (The Noble Quran 3:191)

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The Creator

  1. 1. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – THE SOURCE OF MERCY – THE MOST MERCIFUL Assalaamu Alaikum! On the 10th of November 2012, Metrological Department, Colombo recorded 440.2 mm rain in 24 hours on this day. The newspapers reported this figure as ‘the second highest rainfall ever recorded for Colombo’ Now don’t you think it quite natural, that when we hear the words ‘second highest’ we obviously want to know ‘the highest’ My curiosity was piqued, so, I called the Metrological Department and inquired. According to records maintained by the Metrological Department, the highest rainfall recorded for 24 hours in Colombo is 493.7 mm and that was on June 4th 1992. I began to study this figure. There is a bit of interesting mathematics involved, but then, it is simple maths. [There are some assumptions that I have to make. I assume that the height of rainfall all over the city of Colombo was equal. However, those who remember that eventful night, would recall that rain fell very heavily almost all over the Island and the city of Colombo experienced the worst flooding. The area of the City of Colombo is 3,694.2 Sq kms, which is 3.6942 x 10 to the power 3 sq kms. That would be 3.6942 x 10 to the power 9 Sq Meters. The height of rainfall recorded was 493.7 mm That would be 4.937 x 10(to the power -1) Multiplying area of Colombo by the height of water would give us the volume of rain water that poured on Colombo during those 24 hours. So we multiply 3.6942 x 10 to the power 9 (which is the height of rainfall in Meters) The answer would be in Cubic Meters and we get the stupendous figure of 1.824 X 10 to the power 9 cubic meter. A Cubic Meter of Water is 1,000 Kgms or 1 Ton Thus, we see that 1.824 Billion Tons of water rained on Colombo or, 1,824 Million Tons of water rained on Colombo. A cubic meter or a cubic ton is equal to 1,000 liters. (Quite a big volume isn’t it?) So if we were to get the figures in Liters it would work out to; 1.824 X 10 to the power 9 1.824 Trillion Liters of rainwater, or 1,824 Million Million Liters of rainwater. Amazing, isn’t it? Playing around with figures, so let us go another step. This is really another way of trying to understand how enormous these numbers actually are. The population of Colombo is approximately 647,100. That means that Colombo has 647,100 citizens. (This is the total number of Men, Women and Children living as residents in Colombo) If this 1,824 Trillion Liters of water was to be divided amongst the population of Colombo, then each citizen of Colombo would get 2.8 billion liters!!! I repeat, 2.8 billion liters per person in just 24 hours of rainfall. Now I ask this question, actually you might think it is a stupid question; Where did all this rain or all this water come from? THERE IS NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMED (PBUH) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH
  2. 2. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – THE SOURCE OF MERCY – THE MOST MERCIFUL Everyone, even a small child would answer, ‘from the sky’ But then I again ask this question, how was such a massive volume of water, or such a heavy mass of water being held up in the sky without any pillars, or tanks, or any support that we can see? How? Newton is supposed to have asked this stupid question, ‘Why did the Apple fall down?’ and we know the gateways of knowledge that; that query opened. Now I ask an equally stupid question, ‘How is this massive mass of water being held up in the sky?’ The more we think about it, the more amazed we become. Physicists would come up with all types of answers, but they cannot explain away the amazement we feel when thinking about this phenomena. I think, we are told that the rays of the sun heat the water on the surface of the Earth and this vaporizes and spreads out in the atmosphere. Then I ask this question, then what happens at night? How is it that it rains during day time? Sometimes even when the Sun is shining brightly. How is it that this heavy body of water falls down ever so gently, sometime we call it a light drizzle. The raindrops do not even injure delicate flowers. How? We would never go under a bucket of water that was in danger of falling down, then why are we just not scared or even bothered by these trillions and trillions of tons of water suspended in the air above our heads? Not a single visible pillar to support this massive weight!!! Why is it that we try to take water out of the ground, but we never try to develop technology to condense water from the air in to our overhead water tanks, surely this should be a free and never ending source of water, to every household! We are all very good at observing, recording and giving some explanation of what we see of the workings but we just do not meditate on how this came about. Who thought it out? Who designed it? Who modulates it? Who regulates it? Every aspect of this phenomenon which we simply call the ‘water cycle’ is amazing and too neat to be called ‘some order in this random chaos!’ Allah it is Who raised up the heavens without visible supports, then mounted the Throne, and compelled the sun and the moon to be of service, each runneth unto an appointed term; He ordereth the course; He detaileth the revelations, that haply ye may be certain of the meeting with your Lord. (The Noble Quran 13:2) Actually when we look around what we call nature there is no random chaos. Everything is in order, precise mathematical order and we refuse to admit or to search for the obvious that there has to be someone in charge. Some huge power, which has always been present, and will always, be present. That power is God, to us Muslims; that Benevolent Power is Allah. If we were to visit a well run mechanized factory, we would observe a number of processes being performed by machines, we would be amazed at seeing how raw material is fed into the machines, by a conveyor belt, and then as each machine finishes a process, the product goes from machine to machine, each machine subjecting the product to some process, till finally we have what we call the finished product. We describe each process or each machine, our words indicate that each machine is doing a designated task but we all know that these machines cannot perform these tasks, but there are actually people who have designed these machines, designed the layout of the factory and with great care manage the workings of the factory. Similarly when we see what is happening in the Skies above in the Universe, when we see what is happening on the Earth as well as within this Earth, and also what is happening in the space between the Skies and the Earth that space that we call the atmosphere? Oh, there are so many millions & millions of processes going on in all of them, then should we not realize that it is not the sky or the earth or the atmosphere doing or carrying out all these well designed, well coordinated and well managed processes. THERE IS NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMED (PBUH) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH
  3. 3. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – THE SOURCE OF MERCY – THE MOST MERCIFUL They could be likened to the machines in the factory that there has to be a great benevolent power that has planned, designed and is managing this amazing system. These systems, systems within systems, within systems. These processes. These processes within processes within processes, and all working together, like in some large super efficient indescribable factory? Some of say we cannot believe there is this power, this benevolent power. Why? Simply because they say they cannot see him. They can see the systems, they benefit from the system, they enjoy life, they plan their lives, they survive, because of these systems. They would just go berserk if the systems just malfunctioned something unthinkable, and then they say we cannot believe because we cannot see. There are many things we do not see but we believe in. For example, all of us use Mobile Phones at the top of the screen we have two indicators that show bars; one shows the signal strength and the other the battery strength. We cannot see the signals, we cannot feel the signals, we cannot see the charge in the battery, but we know that some meter that is built in to our Mobile Phones can detect these as well as display this information. We cannot see the signal, we cannot see the charge but we read the indicators we read the signs! We see people are alive; why do we say they are alive; because they move, they talk, they breathe and so on. If all this stopped we try to detect certain signals in their bodies which we call the pulse, or blood pressure sometimes even resorting to an ECG. But then sometimes even these indicators inform us that there is no life. We do not see life. All organs are present but that thing that we cannot see, which we call life is not present. We read the indicators the signs! Similarly we can observe the world working we do not need a God meter to realize that someone is well and truly in charge. The phenomena themselves are the meters, the indicators the signs. We make use of these systems and processes but we just cannot take in charge of them or even change them. Then who plans? Who designs? Who controls? Who manages? Then who is in charge? We have been placed on this earth with some elaborate and amazing systems working all around us. We make use of these systems, but we do not know how to recognize its planner, its designer, its creator, its manager, its sustainer and so on. We do not pause to think that just like the Universe and the Earth has been planned, designed, created and managed, we too have been planned designed, created, sustained and managed. By whom? How do we detect and recognize that Power? What would be the objective of that Power? If we lived our life on Earth enjoying all its pleasures, suffering all its disasters and in this life time we were not able to realize this fact and search for what is often called the ultimate truth then don’t you think that we have all lost direction? Let us just look around and awaken this thought in our heads; Who manages all this? Who is the planner, the designer, the manger and the sustainer of all this the Universe, the Earth and all living creatures. Who is in charge? THERE IS NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMED (PBUH) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH
  4. 4. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – THE SOURCE OF MERCY – THE MOST MERCIFUL We do not see life, but we can detect it. We do not see this power, but we can detect it. How do we detect life? By its energy, by its movements and by its dynamism. Similarly how do we detect this great benevolent power which we refer to as the omnipresent God or Allah the exalted? By observing the magnificent systems and processes designed to work in our favour in the Universe, on Earth and in the atmosphere. It is impossible to describe all or even 1/Millionth or Billionth or even a Trillionth of these systems and processes, but let me at least briefly describe some, the ones that are obvious to us. Let me begin by describing the Universe or what we call space or the heavens the area outside our atmosphere. This area is huge, huge, huge. We need light to understand it and we use light to measure it. Light travels at 300,000 kms per sec. Yes, 300,000 kms per sec! This means that light travels at 9.461 Trillion Kms per year, or 6 Trillion Miles per year. This figure is usually referred to as I light year, and is a convenient unit to describe distances in the Universe. There are other units as well. The Sun is at an average distance of 150 Million Kms or 93 Million miles away. Since light travels at 300,000 kms per sec, the light from the sun takes app 500 secs to reach earth that is around 8 mts 20 secs. The Sun is a star with 9 planets revolving around it. Earth is the 3 rd the system that consists of its 9 planets are called the Solar system. Ours is not the only Solar System in this Universe. Our Solar system belongs to a conglomeration of over 100,000 million stars, that is a over 100,000 million solar systems and that conglomeration is called the Milky Way, which is a Galaxy. The Universe contains over billions of galaxies. Our galaxy ‘The Milky Way’ is not the largest; it is just an average sized Galaxy. The largest Galaxy thus far detected is called the Andromeda Galaxy and it is 2 million light years away. Thus when we view Andromeda, we actually see the light form it reaching the Earth. This light that we see is what left Andromeda around 2 million years ago. The edge of the observable Universe is some 14 Billion Light years away!!!! So, it is also possible that by examining space, what we see, can also be dated. Thus the further we see, the further back in time is what we see. In this manner Astronomers have compelling evidence to show that the Universe came in to existence around 13.7 billion years ago. Before that, there was no space there was not time. Time space and matter all came into existence in an infinitesimally finite fraction of a second. This is what we call the ‘Big Bang’ There was no space, no time nor any matter before this. Who created all this? Out of seemingly ‘utter chaos’ we have this beautiful arrangement, systems and processes all working immaculately, with precision mathematical precision and all working together can we not detect the signs of a great power, a great God can we not detect Allah? It is very unfortunate that we live in an age that all our cities are lit up. We cannot appreciate the beauty and the wonders of the night sky. But if we did have the opportunity and the time to do so it is worth the time effort and energy to go out to unlit places and meditate on the wonders of the Night Sky. For maybe over 10,000 years of human habitation on Earth, man has been studying the sky and his observations have continued to astound him. THERE IS NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMED (PBUH) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH
  5. 5. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH – THE SOURCE OF MERCY – THE MOST MERCIFUL Imagine yourself as one of your ancestors, living 10,000 years ago. Your reality consists of a few tools, some household utensils, perhaps buildings (the city-states were beginning to appear along the Tigris River), and, of course, all that nature has to offer: trees, hills, plants, rivers, streams and the sky. The sky is the biggest, greatest, most spectacular object you know. Lacking electric power, your working hours are largely dictated by the presence of the Sun’s light. As the Sun’s glow fades and your eyes become accustomed to the night, the sky gradually fills with stars. Thousands of them shimmer blue, silvery white, some gold, some reddish, seemingly set into a great dark bowl, the celestial sphere, overarching the flat Earth on which you stand. Ten thousand years ago, the night sky wasn’t lit up with the light pollution of so many sources of artificial illumination that we have today. Unless you travel far from city lights, in our modern world, you might go through your entire life without really seeing the night sky. Early cultures noticed that the bowl above them rotated from east to west. They concluded that what they saw rotating was the celestial sphere which contained the stars and not the individual stars. All the stars, they noticed, moved together; their positions relative to one another remained unchanged. (That the stars “move” because of Earth’s rotation, was an idea which took thousands of years to ‘gel’) The coordinated movement of the stars was in dramatic contrast to something else the ancient sky watchers noticed. Although the vast majority of stars were clearly fixed in the rotating celestial sphere, a few, the ancients counted five seemed to meander independently, yet regularly, across the celestial sphere. The Greeks called these five objects planets, “wanderers,” and, like nonconformists in an otherwise orderly society, the wanderers would eventually cause trouble. So for around 10,000 years Man observed the Sun moving daily from East to west. The Moon moving across the sky and daily changing shape, described as going through phases over approx 29 day periods. They observed every star rotating around a center the North Pole. They had a name for every visible star and they also had names for collections of stars which could be described as points on a drawing so we call these collections constellations and there were constellations describing many shapes. They also observed that around the middle portion of the sky 12 prominent constellations moved and each constellation dominated the sky during certain months these they called the zodiac constellations. So for almost 10,000 years our ancestors marveled at the night sky and could tell the season, the month, the day and the time as well as their location on Earth. We have lost that skill that was handed down from generation to generation for over 10,000 years. It is only over, maybe the last 100 years that we have lost the opportunities to wonder at the sky and that because of the convenience of electricity and the resulting pollution due to artificial light. I have only described a very small window of astonishment about the Universe. Similarly, the atmosphere itself is full of astonishing wonders, so is the Earth as well as what is within Earth. Are not all for this conclusive diagnostic evidence of a great Power. planning, designing, creating, sustaining, controlling and managing. Do we not call this power God? Muslims like to call; Allah the most exalted. Unto Allah belongeth the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth. Allah is Able to do all things. (The Noble Quran 3:189) Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth and (in) the difference of night and day are tokens (of His Sovereignty) for men of understanding, (The Noble Quran 3:190) Such as remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, (and say): Our Lord! Thou createdst not this in vain. Glory be to Thee! Preserve us from the doom of Fire. (The Noble Quran 3:191) THERE IS NO GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP EXCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMED (PBUH) IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH