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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. TOMATOESA major source of the antioxidantlycopene that reduces the risk ofcancer by 40% -- notably prostrate,lung and stomach cancers -- andincreases cancer survival. Tomatoeaters function better mentally inold age and suffer half as muchheart disease. Concentrated tomatosauces have 5 times more lycopenethan fresh tomatoes, and cannedtomatoes have three times morethan fresh.
  2. 2. OLIVE OILShown to help reduce death fromheart disease and cancer.Recent research shows that heart-attack survivors on a Mediterraneandiet had half the death rates of thoseon an ordinary low-fat diet.Olive oil is also high in antioxidantactivity.
  3. 3. RED GRAPES, Including red grape juice.Red grapes have moderate antioxidantpower, while purple grape juice hasfour times more antioxidant activitythan orange or tomato juice..
  4. 4. GARLICGerman researchers have foundthat garlic is packed with anti-oxidants known to help fend offcancer, heart disease and all-overaging, and prolong cancer survivaltime.Let crushed garlic "rest" about 10minutes before cooking to preservedisease-fighting agents.
  5. 5. SPINACHSecond among vegetables only togarlic in antioxidant capacity, it is alsorich in folic acid, which helps fightcancer, heart disease and mentaldisorders.New University of Kentucky researchshows folic acid may help preventAlzheimers disease. Eat both raw andsteamed for best benefit.
  6. 6. WHOLE GRAINSA University of Minnesota studysuggests the more whole grainsyou eat, the lower your oddsof death by 15%.Whole grains contain anticanceragents and help stabilize bloodsugar and insulin, which maypromote longevity.Whole-grain "dark" breads,cereals such as All Bran, and "oldfashioned" oatmeal are allexcellent sources.
  7. 7. SALMON, and other fatty fishContains high amounts of omega-3 fatthat performs miracles throughout thebody, fighting virtually every chronicdisease known.Without it, your brain cant think, yourheart cant beat, your arteries clog up,and joints become inflamed.You need one ounce a day, or twoservings of salmon, sardines, mackerel,herring or tuna per week.
  8. 8. NUTSEating more than 5 ounces a week cancut heart-attack deaths in women by40% and help prevent deadly irregularheart beats in men, a HarvardUniversity study found.Almonds and walnuts lower bloodcholesterol. Most of the fat in nuts isthe good-type monounsaturatedand/or omega-3. Unsalted nuts arebest.
  9. 9. BLUEBERRIESHigh in antioxidants, TuftsUniversity researchers saya half-cup of blueberries aday can retard aging andcan block brain changesleading to decline and evenreverse failing memory.
  10. 10. TEAGreen or black tea has equalantioxidant benefit.One cup a day can cut heart diseaserisk in half, Harvard researchersfound.Make from loose tea or tea bags;instant and bottled tea has littleeffect, Tufts University studyshows. ~Author Unknown~
  11. 11. S E N T B Y H U S S A IN F A H M Y