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Wisanka company profile 2013

  1. 1. C O M P A N Y P R O F I L EHEAD OFFICEJl. Solo Daleman No. 41 Baki, Sukoharjo, 57556,Solo - IndonesiaTelephone: +62-271-623231, 623232Facsimile : +62-271-623233Website : www.wisanka.comE-mail : info@wisanka.com
  2. 2. F O R E W O R DWelcome to WISANKA, the right place for qualified and absolutely updated productwith 19 years reputation. As one of wooden furniture manufacturer dan exporterleader in Indonesia, we will provide trully satisfaction for each business and productyou require. The expertise of our managerial team and workmanship - bothhandmade and machine production process – will provide the best businessrelationship and surelly good products.Kind as long experience has made WISANKA mature in controlling and preserving thebusiness, then character has built by itself. In consideration of customers satisfactionis our priority, the skills of our team will make it true and a long term businessrelationship will be realized. As hardwork, worship and joy is the atmosphere that wehave built in each of our work, it will appears in every single product we created aswell as every service. Confidently, sure we can.Finally, we humbly hope that with all the ability of our team as well as our qualifiedproducts are going to provide both significance and benefit to every business we do,and conclude that your good intentions to choose WISANKA is an excellent choice.Then here we proudly declare, WISANKA is an EXCELLENT CHOICEThe Team of WISANKA
  3. 3. A B O U T U SV I S I O N Company Name : PT. Wirasindo Santakarya (WISANKA) Established : 1993 Type of business : Manufacturer and Exporter Commissioner : Hari Basuki (Mr.) President Director : JB. Susanto SB (Mr.) Product Range : 1. Indoor Furniture 2. Outdoor Furniture 3. Lighting and Craft Market Established : Worldwide Bankers : Bank Mandiri Solo Branch, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) Solo Branch V I S I O N Payment Terms : Irrevocable at sight L/C or T/T payment Number of Employee : 500 persons. Together, creating a prosperous and long term mutual business First things first is our customers satisfaction Contact Info : Developing all aspects to meet market requests and needs Head Office : Jl. Solo Daleman 41, Baki, Sukoharjo, 57556, Solo, Indonesia Telephone : +62-271-623231, 623232 Facsimile : +62-271-623233 T A B L E O F C O N T E N T Website : www.wisanka.com FOREWORD 1 E-mail : info@wisanka.com VISION 2 TABLE OF CONTENT 2 ABOUT US 3 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 4 CHART OF ORGANIZATION 5 MILESTONE 6-7 PRODUCT RANGE : 1. WOODEN FURNITURE 8-9 2. INDOOR TEAK 10 - 11 3. RATTAN AND NATURAL FIBERS 12 - 13 4. CLASSIC FURNITURE 14 - 15 5. OUTDOOR FURNITURE 16 - 17 6. SYNTHETIC RATTAN 18 - 19 7. LIGHTING AND CRAFT 20W-2
  4. 4. B O A R D O F D I R E C T O R S C H A R T O F O R G A N I Z A T I O N BOARD OF DIRECTORS MARKETING TEAM Good Service, Good Business 1. Hari Basuki : Commissioner 1 4 2. Suwantik : Director of Rattan and Natural Fibers 2 PRODUCTION/LOGISTICS TEAM CREATIVE TEAM 3 Furniture Division Good Quality, Good Business Good Design, Good Business 5 3. Purnomodjati : Director of Outdoor Furniture Division 8 4. JB. Susanto SB : President Director 7 6 5. Murwat : Director of Indoor Teak Furniture Division 6. Ninik R. Fadlun : Director of Classic Furniture Division 7. Tina Hapsari : Finance Director 8. Gagat P. Wibowo : Director of Wooden Furniture Division Wisanka is built by a joyful and hardworking teamwork where worship is our atmosphere.W-4 W-5
  5. 5. M I L E S T O N E M I L E S T O N E 1993, May 21 1995, April Establishing the company First Fair abroad, Darwin, Australia 1993, June 05 1998, December 01 Setting up indoor teak production Our first container dispatched at Jonggrangan, Klaten 2000, July 22 1999, November 05 Starting teak plantation Setting up 1999, August 23 1998, September 17 a representative office Setting up teak outdoor production at Bremen, Germany Launching www.wisanka.com at Langon, Jepara 2000, March 2003, August 07 2005, July 18 2009, January 07Setting up machinery production furniture at Penggung, Klaten AWARDED IGDS GOLD WINNER Setting up rattan and Setting up a new office for natural fibers furniture production indoor teak production unit at Trangsan, Sukoharjo (moving from Jonggrangan, Klaten) 2010, May 03 2010, March 03 2010, February 10 Setting up teak outdoor furniture production at Mlonggo, Jepara Setting up rattan synthetic furniture Setting up classic furniture production at Cirebon production at Langon, Jepara 2011, March 01 Setting up lighting and craft production at Kasongan, Yogyakarta W-6 - W 6
  6. 6. I N D O O R I N D O O R W O O D E N W O O D E N TOPPE OFFICE Mahogany or Mahoni in Bahasa Indonesia, is famous for its hard and straightness. Nevertheless, in the furniture sphere, mahogany wood much sought after because LUNA DINING SET of its unique spotted reddish brown color. For variation product, we also provide Mindi wood or Melia Azedarach, which has a beautiful reddish brown color intermittent with pale white grain . We treat both materials very carefully for best result. CAMURRI BEDSETW-8 W-9 TOPPE BEDSET
  7. 7. I N D O O R I N D O O R T E A K T E A K BATAVIA ITALY CHAIR DINING TABLEThere is no doubt that teak wood or ‘kayu jati’ has been being the main raw material in the furnituremanufacture for a long time.Its hardness, durability and termite resistant have made this wood is very special.Combined with our up-to-date designs and our wood certification,we dare to claim our self as the best teak wood products in the world. MERAUKE FLORES DISPLAY W-10 W-11
  8. 8. R AT TA N & R AT TA N &N AT U R A L F I B E R S N AT U R A L F I B E R S SWEET DIVIDER BUBBLE SET PEARL SET SUNSHINE SET Rattan is the best material for those who loves eco friendly furniture. Rattan is easier to harvest and requires simpler tools yet most of all, it grows much faster than most tropical wood. Thus, choosing a rattan furniture would help forest maintenance. We also produce variety collection of other natural fibers such as Seagrass, Abaca, Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth, Kubu Grey, Croco and many other, with good and unique designs. If you are really an environmentalist then these kind of furniture are perfect for you.
  9. 9. C L A S S I C C L A S S I CF U R N I T U R E F U R N I T U R E QUATRE COMMODE HARMONY LIVING SET Classic doesn’t have to be old and boring. These classic collections offer you a timeless design. Whether your taste is French style or Italian, or even shabby chic furniture and classic Pop Art furniture, we provide it all. So, if you like to be luxury and excellent finishing touch, just bring our classic furniture home. LORETTA SOFAW-14 FRENCH BED SET SEDAN W-15 OPLET
  10. 10. O U T D O O R O U T D O O RF U R N I T U R E F U R N I T U R E FORTUNA LIVING SET HUDSON Modern out door furniture is created with stylish and minimalist design. The combination of metal (stainless steel and cast aluminium) with Teakwood is the best choice for outdoor furniture. The existance will other material of teakwood, batyline and synthetic rattan gives always makes faboulus view for your garden and patio modern look to beautify your garden, terrace and patio. POTTER LOUNGER PAPA MICHAEL BENCH SETW-16 W-17
  11. 11. S Y N T H E T I C S Y N T H E T I C R A T T A N R A T T A N OREO SET ANDREA DINING SET EURIKA BAR SET And to complete our range of products, Synthetic Rattan Furniture Unit of Wisanka will give you the outstanding look for your home, whether inside the house or in the garden. Since synthetic rattan is weather and waterproof, you should not be worry about its durability. Just pick one of our finest collection to decorate your home and you would never regret. ARMENIA SET LISABON CORNER SETW-18 MEXICO LOUNGER
  12. 12. L I G H T I N G D I V I S I O N S A N D C R A F T A D D R E S S W O O D E N I N D O O R F U R N I T U R E T E A K Jl. Solo Daleman No.41, Baki, Sukoharjo 57556, Solo, Jl. Solo - Yogya Km 24, Kepoh, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Central Java, Indonesia Central Java, Indonesia Tel. +62-271-623231,623232 Fax. +62-271-623233 Tel. +62-272-555614 Fax. +62-272-555615 email : info@indoor-mahogany.com email : info@indoor-teak.com website : www.indoor-mahogany.com ; website : www.indoor-teak.com, www.indonesiacolonial-furniture.com; www.indonesian-teak.com, www.indonesiacontemporary-furniture.com; www.reclaimed-teak.com, www.furniture4hotel.com www.leather-teakfurniture.com, CURLY OUTDOOR KAYAK R AT TA N & C L A S S I C N AT U R A L F I B E R S F U R N I T U R E Gesingan, Luwang, Gatak, Sukoharjo 57557, Solo, Jl. Sultan Hadlirin Km.4,5, Langon, Jepara 59427,Lighting contribute an important role for your home. Central Java, Indonesia Central Java, IndonesiaIn addition to providing illumination, the light can give a certain mood. Yellow-ish light make Tel./Fax. +62-271-7891605 Tel. +62-291-596578 Fax. +62-291-596579warm impression, while the bluish make cold impression. email : info@indonesiarattan.com email : info@indonesiaclassic-furniture.com website : www.indonesiarattan.com website : www.indonesiaclassic-furniture.comWarmer light is often used in public areas to promote relaxation, while a cooler light is used to www.finefurniturecenter.com www.indonesiarattanfurniture.comenhance concentration in once. Whatever impression you want to highlight, Wisanka Lighting www.furniture4palace.comUnit will provide you many options to choose. www.classicfurniturewholesale.comAnd what is a home without simple craft in it ? Please bring these lovely item to give personalsignature to your home. O U T D O O R S Y N T H E T I C F U R N I T U R E R A T T A N Jl. Solo - Yogya Km 24, Kepoh, Ceper, Klaten 57465, Jl. Kisabalanang no.41A, Megu Cilik, Weru, Cirebon 45154, Central Java, Indonesia West Java, Indonesia Tel. +62-272-555215 Fax. +62-272-555218 Tel./Fax. +62-231-323599, 323695 email : info@indonesia-outdoorfurniture.com email:info@cirebonrattan.com website : www.garden-teak.com website : www.cirebonrattan.com www.modern-outdoorfurniture.com www.syntheticrattanfurniture.com www.indonesia-outdoorfurniture.com Jl. Raya Jepara Bangsri Km 7, Mlonggo, Jepara 59452, L I G H T I N G Central Java Indonesia A N D C R A F T Tel./Fax. +62-291-599313 Jl. Kisabalanang no.41A, Megu Cilik, Weru, Cirebon 45154, email : info@solidteakwoodfurniture.com West Java, Indonesia website : www.solidteakwoodfurniture.com Tel./Fax. +62-231-323599, 323695 email : marketing@asiadecoration.com website : www.asiadecoration.com www.naturalhandicraft.com LOKAN STOOL OUTDOOR LOKAN BALL PUNTO STOOL OUTDOOR W-20