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DMA Highlights - Jonas Sylvest, Hjaltelin Stahl


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Published in: Business, Technology
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DMA Highlights - Jonas Sylvest, Hjaltelin Stahl

  1. 1. From Janitor to Host Copenhagen Airport, Denmark Jonas Sylvest
  2. 2. Next 20 minutes      20 Learn how to develop business from customer insights Understand how to identify business drivers How optimization generates memberships and revenue Applied customer insights ROI beyond click rates …how to reach a ROMI of 7 after 1 year running
  3. 3. Insight & Analysis Challenge Insight & research Development Results & learnings
  4. 4. Part of an ambitious journey Background • The world’s most attentive airport • Best part of the journey The goal • To increase the preference • Increase the attractiveness of online shopping • Engage as early as possible in the travel value chain.
  5. 5. Part of an ambitious journey Strategy • Create a customer engagement program: CPH Advantage, that creates revenue as well as loyalty Target group • Frequent flyers • Danes as well as foreigners
  6. 6. The CPH Travel Value Chain • Ownership of the communication throughout the customer journey • Upstream commercialization of the travel value chain
  7. 7. The Challenges • Even though 90% are happy, 60 % of our largest segment believe we could do better! • 40% of all our passengers do not spend anything at all at the airport…! 2% of the individuals account for 19% of all passengers PASSENGERS 12+ 4-12 2-4 INDIVIDUALS Less than 2 times per year
  8. 8. How to turn frequent flyers into frequent buyers With our customer engagement program we would be able to identify the most valuable passengers and increase their spending significantly
  9. 9. How to reach our targets with CPH Advantage • • • • • Increased spending per head with existing spenders Convert non-spenders to spenders Increase passenger satisfaction Increase dwell time in the airport Increase Airline and Concessionary satisfaction
  10. 10. Insight & Analysis Challenge Insight & analysis Development Results & learnings
  11. 11. "Who should ultimately design the product? The customer, of course" Philip Kotler
  12. 12. Customer & Corporate Driven Innovation • Ideation across segments
  13. 13. Rating Score Model The journey from all the great ideas to the few right ideas
  14. 14. Concept Architect™ THE COMPANY’S INTERESTS Maximize market share, revenue and profits POTENTIAL CONCEPTS THE CUSTOMERS’ INTEREST Value proposition and solution optimization Concepts and products that meet their needs at the right price
  15. 15. Concept Architect™ • Ideas and program content 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. WiFi Fast Track Lounge Discounts on parking Car wash Bonuspoints in tax-free shops Bonuspoints on food and beverage Bonuspoints in specialty shops Strategic partnerships: Discount and advantage Special rates at Hilton worldwide
  16. 16. EFFECT ON POTENTIAL INTEREST PRIMARY DRIVER DRIVER BENEFIT APPS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE FUTURE? Free WiFi Bonus points in Tax Free shops Access to CPH Lounge Bonus points on F&B Bonus points on Parking Partnership discounts and offers Bonus points in outlets Fast Track
  17. 17. Development Challenge Insight & analysis Development Results & learnings
  19. 19. Brand Journey: the motion Brand Position: ”The world’s most attentive airport” Efficient, polite and reactive janitor Insightful, welcoming and proactiv host
  20. 20. Logic & Magic Empathy & status Inspiration Trust + Benefits & discounts Rewards & competitions IMMATERIAL MOTIVATION Emotional Differentiator MATERIAL MOTIVATION Basic Qualifier
  21. 21. A big challenge Connecting the strands… Channels Explicit data CRM Behavioural data DATA ”WHY” From BIG to RIGHT data ERP Transactional data Analytics Commerce platforms Media
  22. 22. 360° Sync
  24. 24. Results & Learnings Challenge Insight & analysis Development Results & learnings
  25. 25. Does it work? CPH Advantage direct effect on tax-free sales
  26. 26. Overall Results • • • • 450,000+ members 55% of online spenders are members Index 120 online transaction value Index 143 average spend per head ROMI YEAR 1 7.07
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention Good luck on your own journey… JONAS SYLVEST DIALOGUE DIRECTOR | PARTNER VESTERGADE 10B, 3. DK-1456 KØBENHAVN K HJALTELINSTAHL.COM T: +45 60 40 0032 JS@HJALTELINSTAHL.COM HJALTELINSTAHL.COM