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Uncharted3 A Basic Introduction :)


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My take on the hottest PS3 game "Uncharted 3"

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Uncharted3 A Basic Introduction :)

  1. 1. By George Hurrell 08/11/11
  2. 2. This is Uncharted3-DrakesDeception, I chose this gameand I’ve got it and its got aamazing variety of technicaland physical things about it
  3. 3. Uncharted3 Drake’s Deception… Release Date: 02/11/11 Rated with 5stars by IGN Gaming Association…
  4. 4. Uncharted 3- 3D Compatibility…Uncharted3 will literallymake every action jump “Uncharted 3 will show a newout the page! level in 3D gaming” Says Mick Hocking, The director of Sony World-wide studio 3D team.
  5. 5. Uncharted’s online play is similar toUncharted2: Among Thieves, andincluded a online multiplayer beta5months before release date. And will allow you to connect to Facebook, and share you progress with friends as shown here.
  6. 6. Uncharted 3 was first introduced in December 9th 2010 by Entertainment Weekly “Uncharted 2’s online play could have been better if they had more time” says GamePro Mag, therefore with Uncharted 3 they drew inspirations from Ubisofts: Assasins Creed: Brotherhood and Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemtion.Development Of Uncharted3
  7. 7. Click Here To go tothe Technical Side ofUNCHARTED 3! Click Here to go to the Non-Technical side of Uncharted 3!
  8. 8. Uncharted 3 Techy Info• The Developers Of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception are, Naughty Dog, with Justin Richmond Being game director. Also The game is 3D compatible with Naughty Dog’s Game engine 3.0 version Havok (Game Physics).• Publishers are Sony Computer Entertainment.• The system will run with 720p or 1080p making it full high definition.• Click Here to go back.
  9. 9. Uncharted 3 Non-Techy Info• Uncharted 3 is PS3’s exclusive game, and probably there most successful exclusive game.• Its also 3D meaning with a 3D compatible TV and 3D glasses you can play in 3D.• Also you can share your online progress with facebook, if you wish to.• Click Here to go back.
  10. 10. COME TO AN END…Thanks for watching, By George Hurrell email me you thought.