Hunting with veterans


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Hunting with Veterans conserves, restores, and manages habitat for wildlife conservation in order to give disabled veterans a location to enjoy the outdoors.

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Hunting with veterans

  1. 1. Hunting with Veterans
  2. 2. Mission and Vision Hunting with Veterans conserves, restores, and manages habitat for wildlife conservation in order to give disabled veterans a location to enjoy the outdoors. The vision of Hunting with Veterans is to help disabled veterans return to the great outdoors in order to help in the healing process regardless of the severity of injury.
  3. 3. Why Hunting with Veterans In the state of Virginia hunting public hunting land is hard to come by and often requires mountains of paperwork and licenses to be purchased in order to hunt. The majority of disabled veterans do not have the time nor the resources available to them to effectively hunt these areas. Hunting with Veterans will ensure disabled veterans of the United States Military have a safe place to hunt and get back to a normal state of mind placing their disabilities far behind them to help in their recovery process.
  4. 4. Goals Purchase and manage land in the state of Virginia Create an environment conducive to the breeding and nesting of wildlife and waterfowl through.  Proper land management  Controlled harvesting of wildlife and waterfowl  Placing land into a conservation easement ensuring years of breeding and nesting locations Creating a positive environment for disabled veterans to enjoy the outdoors
  5. 5. Customers The customer base for Hunting with Veterans will be broken down into four separate groups.  1. Active military members who have suffered from the loss of a limb or are currently undergoing treatment for an injury sustained by an act of war.  2. Active military members who are having a hard time returning to the normalcy of life after deployment.  3. Veterans who are now separated from the military but are rated as a Disabled Veteran from the Department of Defense  4. Family members of Disabled Veterans who assist their disabled veteran in day to day living.
  6. 6. Who could support Local farmers  Land use without having to pay for a lease.  Farming equipment to help cultivate the areas in need of improvement. Hunting equipment suppliers for equipment;  Game trail cameras.  Rifles/shotguns/cross-bows/archery equipment for the disabled veteran to use.  Ground blinds and tree stands to hunt out of.  Seed to grow food plots and sustain a habitable environment for wild game.
  7. 7. Outreach Hunters against Hunger  Donate meat from harvested animals to local Hunters against Hunger organizations. Local farmers  Harvesting wildlife which could possibly damage their crops prior to harvest season  Educating local farmers on the importance of protecting natural resources on hand
  8. 8. Volunteers Hunting with Veterans will be a non-profit organization with all donations going towards the purchase of land and equipment used in the management of purchased land in the state of Virginia. Volunteers are not paid. I will seek out active duty members to help in the management of the land purchased or leased by Hunting with Veterans. I will also seek out active duty members to help in the guiding of Hunting with Veterans customers during their hunts.