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  • We are sitting in the office of General washington and he says to all of his high ranking officers – we are going to take the hill! His audience was fueled with energyThat night the lieutenant goes back to the camp where his soldiers are waiting – he gathers them around – Men we are going to bomb the hill and then charge it with guns blazing. The next morning with the sunrise they counted their wins and their loses! Regrouped, and went to charge the next hill!
  • If you focus on how to measure what you're doing without having a good strategy for why you're doing it, you've already failed.
  • Use your initial findings to set a baseline for future measurement and share these early figures with your team . Two important questions to nail down are:How do your numbers compare to what you expected?How do they compare to your competitors' or related products and campaigns?
  • f you want to measure awareness, then use metrics such as volume, reach, exposure and amplification. How far is your message spreading? If you want to measure engagement, then look for metrics around retweets, comments, replies and participants. How many people are participating, how often are they participating and in what forms are they participating? If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, track URL shares, clicks and conversions. Are people moving through social media to your external site and what do they do once they're on your site? If your goal is to find advocates and fans, then track contributors and influence. Who is participating and what kind of impact do they have? If your goal is to increase your brand's share of voice, How much of the overall conversation around your industry or product category is about your brand? Share of voice is the % of conversation about you (total conversation about you and competitors should add up to 100%)You need to know your share across all social media, as well as by medium (Twitter, blogs, discussion forums)You need to know the same about your competitors.If your competitors outperform you in a certain medium, dig in and find out whyYou need to track your share over timeIt's also useful to track your share of all positive conversations across the industry, as well as negativeIf you aren't getting the results you want, go back and examine what's not working, and what's working for the rest of the industry
  • Start to measure social media networks together and separately. Every social media network has its own set of strengths. For example, you may find that Twitter drives the most site traffic, Facebook generates the most leads, and LinkedIn generates less but more qualified leads. 
  • I had a client Problem Show me the money Problems
  • With multi-channel funnels, we are able to bring together top-of-funnel awareness in social with a conversion later on. So, someone who discovers your site via Twitter, then 2 weeks later comes back via a search, ad or other path and actually makes a purchase -- both channels get credit.
  • Social Media Measure Your Success

    1. 1. Connecting is an Art
    2. 2. SHARI WRIGHT PILOI am the Marketing Manager at Hunter andBard – a digital marketing agencyI am a mom, friend, and partnerI dislike doing dishes and am foreverlooking for the perfect bag…
    3. 3. You want to make me smile?
    4. 4. StrategyTacticsMeasure
    5. 5. What is your objective (SMART: specific, measurable,aggressive, realistic & time specific)?What are your strategic initiatives? Build awareness Expand distribution Build penetration Build buying rate Increase loyaltyFunnel Where do you want people to go? What action do you want people to take? Track the movement Conversion rate & A/B Testing Test & iterate
    6. 6. BenchmarksWhere are you today?Future Tomorrow In a month In three months In six months In a year
    7. 7. Social Media ROIGary Vaynerchuk “Well, what’s the ROI of yourmother?” If you’re not measuring, how do you knowyou’re making progress?Gary Vaynerchuk “100% the comment is out ofcontext, we measure everything”Steven Hamel “I believe social media ROI can onlyexist when measured and clearly correlatedagainst clearly defined business outcomes, be iton the website or offline. ”
    8. 8. What are we measuring?How people talk about your nicheHow people talk about your brand andproduct (Share in Conversation)KeywordsCustomer loyalty – what impact has socialmedia made – improved search engineresultsTransaction size – or frequency bottom line$
    9. 9. You are everywhere Facebook Seeding posts YouTube Infographics Forum Twitter E-book Quora Webinars LinkedIn Community Blogging Guest blogging Newsletter Alter product with game elements (e.g. Google+ leader board, 80% Blog commenting signed up)
    10. 10. What’s difficult to measure? Multi Channel Consumer
    11. 11. Sentiment analysis – positive/negative
    12. 12. What’s in your tool box?
    13. 13. Combined NetworksHootsuiteTweetdeck
    14. 14. AmplificationKredKloutPeerReachSocial Mention
    15. 15. Niche networksPinerly - Pinterest
    16. 16. Twitter and FacebookBufferSocial BroFacebook Insights
    17. 17. Paid Platforms – Top ofthe line“Radian6 helps meget closer to myaudience.”Mitch Schneider- Global OnlineMarketing at Better Place
    18. 18. Anything GoogleGoogle alerts- including custom alerts in GAGoogle webmaster toolsAd Words toolsGoogle analytics
    19. 19. Google- Social Reports and Social HubGoogle URL BuilderOver 450 socialnetworksGoogle today gives youmore than 75% ofeverything you need.Get into the extras theygive you – dashboards(follow @justincutroni )
    20. 20. Some Free Some Not- monitors blogs, social networks, and comments- lets you monitor and analyze the buzz- lets you monitor Twitter, FB, Blogs, News, Forums and videos.- Enables you to identify influencers, map communities virtually and geographically, identify trends and keywords,monitor conversations and track engagement campaigns- enables you to monitor, measure, analyze and engage form a customizable dashboard that features sentimentanalysis, geo mapping, collaborative workflow management, media distribution, etc. Begins at ($120/month)- provides a next-generation solution for social media analytics and integration of this valuable content withenterprise applications.- - Brand Monitor is a real-time listening platform, with analytics, demographics, millions of sources. FreeTrial.- A TweetDeck column that searches for any mention of your company- Google Alerts- - monitors blogs, social networks & video platforms. Offers sentiment analysis, Geographic analysis &competitive analytics. They have a separate package for startups at a cheaper price .( starts at $29.95, which is cost effective for startups)- for high twitter activity- twitter search klout and peer index score- they have an impressive list of clients and some proprietary tools- suite of apps for helping companies manage and monitor their online brand- Social Media Monitoring & Listening Platform- Social Media Listening and campaigning tool- - real-time search, email & RSS options FREE- - Deep web version of GoogleAlerts- - Real time hit data and chats with early adopters.- - Measure beta buzz with a viral landing page.- - Chatterbox Analytics: Identify the conversation drivers about your brand (or your competition) so you canengage with your community and build a brand that people love
    21. 21. Bottom LineMake sure your objectives are clearFind a few tools that give you the bestoverall coverage (don’t get bogged downwith too many)Use 5-6 different metricsMeasureLook at your graph !
    22. 22. “The best measurement is that sales will increase.” - David Meerman Scott
    23. 23. Thank youShira AbelDaniel WaisbergMitch SchneiderHillel Fuld http://www.myprgenie.comBreakthrough Marketing Plans
    24. 24. Twitter: shari_pwYou can find me here: Facebook/shariwrightpilo Hunter and Bard : hari-wright-pilo/ Facebook/hunterandbard LinkedIn: ghtpilo Email: Skype: shari.wright.pilo