Hunter and Bard : The Basics


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Hunter and Bard : The Basics

  1. 1. Connecting is an Art
  2. 2. I am a mom, partner, helper, I dislike doingdishes and I am forever looking for the perfectbag…I am the Marketing Manager at Hunter andBard – a digital marketing agency
  3. 3. This is the best part of my life
  4. 4. I am passionate about coffee
  5. 5. What is Internet Marketing
  6. 6. What is your goal?Goals Goals GoalsActionsMeasure
  7. 7. Let’s start…..Do you have a website? to host your site?
  8. 8. What we have to think aboutConsistencyTypographyPortabilitySpeedContentAccessibilityTechnologyInteraction
  9. 9. Start with a paper and pencil
  10. 10. BasicsLogo top left – tagline linked to home pageHome – first in main navigation or logoI like breadcrumbs – just below navigationshows where you are coming fromNavigation top horizontal – sub on leftFooter: privacy statement, sitemap contact(use your footer for lots of extras)
  11. 11. Speed Load fast (technical speed) To the point (speed of content) Scannable (structural speed)
  12. 12. ContentPublish – regularlyEditorial calendarValue – relevantcontentNews
  13. 13. AccessibilityCross browser crossplatformGoogle – SEO friendlyMobile
  14. 14. Bold! Grab their attention BrandingColorsTypographyPhotosVideo
  15. 15. Website Trends 2012Big – type headers footers images call toaction everythingLess is more – minimalisticCleanNot only about beauty it is about function
  16. 16. InteractionLet them contribute contentSocial networks are a fantastic way to sharecontent.Addthis, Sharethis, Facebook Like , Tweetbutton for Twitter , Pin or LinkedIn ShareLet them easily share a good summary ofyour content with their networks.
  17. 17. SEO
  18. 18. SEOGoogle Power! SEO strategies help you getfound on search engines and boost your rankingsfor target keywords while delivering targeted,highly convertible traffic.Keyword SEO StrategyLink BuildingWordPress – (using plug-in -Yoast )Note: Don’t forget the other search engines
  19. 19. Real-Time and SEO integrationStreamline your real-time activities into youronline assets. Twitter, blogs, websites,Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and thenewbie Pinterest.Check out the newest addition to Googletools:
  20. 20. What to do?Get Universal!Video (with Sitemaps)Images (with Sitemaps)News (with Sitemaps)Products (with Feed)Update Your ContentAgain: Google loves fresh content
  21. 21. What hurts SEOPaid linksScraping – taking from other peopleLink farmingTitles SEO’d bad – capitals
  22. 22. Social Media
  23. 23. What is Social Media Social media describes the onlinetechnologies and practices that people use toshare content, opinions, insights, experiences,perspectives, and media themselves. Social media uses web and mobile basedtechnologies to turn communication intointeractive dialogues
  24. 24. So … What is it?Forget what I just said! Social media is just basic conversation like what you do everyday. Conversation
  25. 25. GOALS
  26. 26. Social Media Funnel – GoalsBring users into your websiteContestSalesCredibility - VisibilityBuild brand awarenessStay connected to your audienceCustomer serviceEngage with your target as a friend
  27. 27. Why Social MediaHigher customer lifetime valueHappy customer is happy will recommendBuilds GoodnessBottom line: Increase your company sales
  28. 28. I don’t get social media?
  29. 29. Really – How?Research – which social media platforms will work for you (Facebook –LinkedIn – Twitter –Pinterest- Blog – G+ - Quora )Research, Listen and understand (listen to what your target is sayingabout your business, understand whos talking about you and who is notFollow people of common interests – start discussion in groups – sharecontent that your target audience will find useful (it takes time)Define communication objectivesPlan your action!Once you understood what your audience is saying next step is torespondEngageMeasure (according to your objectives)
  30. 30. Which Platform? Where is your target?Facebook Personal Profile Business Fan PageLinkedIn Personal Profile Company Profile Twitter Pinterest Blog YouTube Other
  31. 31. Just Do It!Just do it—Set this into your daily work plan and scheduleit, like a meeting, with a beginning and end time.Responsibility—Build this into your action plan(communications, take action) and plan to ‘rotate’responsibility.Expertise—Set some time aside for research and learning.Begin with the basics; commit to building on this base.
  32. 32. Twitter: shari_pwYou can find me here: Facebook/shariwrightpilo Hunter and Bard : ari-wright-pilo/ Facebook/hunterandbard LinkedIn: ghtpilo Email: Skype: shari.wright.pilo