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How to upload a credential


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How to upload a credential

  1. 1. How to upload a credential On the mobile app
  2. 2. If you haven’t already downloaded the app – download it from the app store. Type ‘Reptrax’ into your search bar to download.
  3. 3. You will see the app pop up. With the blue X – download that app. If you have previously downloaded the app but deleted it, it will more than likely show this icon. If this if the first time you’ve download it, it will probably say “*GET” (like shown on the left)
  4. 4. Once it has downloaded, you will click OPEN…
  5. 5. …Or, if you exit the App Store, you will see the icon on your phone. Click on this icon to sign in.
  6. 6. It will then ask you to sign in. 1. 2. Sign in the same way you would on your computer and/or at the kiosk Although you can use your ID# as your password at the kiosk, you cannot use it on the website or the app
  7. 7. You will then see this page once you’re signed in.
  8. 8. Once the app is open, click the 3 bars in the top left hand corner OR slide your finger from the left slide of the screen.
  9. 9. The left side will then slide to the right. Select “Credentials” to view the status of your credentials.
  10. 10. After you select “Credentials”, scroll down to the credential that is outstanding. In this case, it is the ‘Proof of Employer General Liability Coverage • A yellow dot means the credential is expiring. • A red dot means the credential is expired.
  11. 11. Once you click the Outstanding OR Expiring Credential, it will take you to the Credential Description/Information page From this point, you will want to click the button in order to upload your credential.
  12. 12. After you click “Upload Credential”, it will take you to this page to ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ You will need to click ‘Agree’ here. This is just you consenting us to process your information. If you do not click ‘Agree’, then you will not be able to upload a Credential on the app.
  13. 13. From here, it is asking you if you would like to take a picture of the document or upload a photo you have already taken from your phone’s gallery In this case, I am wanting to upload a photo from my gallery
  14. 14. From here, click the album that your photo is in.
  15. 15. After the photo is selected, it will show up here. After you see the correct photo, click ‘Upload”
  16. 16. It will then start Uploading at the bottom. When the line at the bottom has completed….
  17. 17. …It will then give you this message. Your credential is now in the queue and due to be processed!