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Fluid Dispensing System


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Technodigm offers Fluid Dispensing Systems and Controllers for virtually any dispensing applications. Our wide range of dispensing equipment will help you to dispense virtually any assembly fluid – glue, thin solvents or thick silicones and brazing paste. Our dispensing system apply the fluid quickly, precisely and also minimize waste as well as hand fatigue.

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Fluid Dispensing System

  1. 1. Dispensing Systems Liquid Dispenser AD2000 The AD2000 is a versatile automatic liquid dispenser which is perfectly suited for dispensing a wide variety of materials. From minute dots of grease to larger volumes of potting materials and silicones, the AD2000 is able to accurately dispense the desired amount of material. The fine “suck-back” adjuster allows precise and effective control of dripping when dispensing low viscosity materials. The optional stainless steel one-touch, push-in connector allows easy attachment of the barrel adaptor with minimal wear and tear. Features • Can be used with a wide range of materials • Fine suck-back adjuster • Foot pedal or robot-controlled dispensing Specifications Selectable Time Range 0.005 – 30sec Best Achievable Cycle Time 0.1 sec/cycle Supply Air Pressure 5 – 7 Bar, 70-100 PSI Output Air Pressure 0.1 – 7 Bar, 1.5-100 PSI Vacuum Pressure 0.1 – 1 Bar, 1.5-100 PSI Power 220 VAC Size 250 X 163 X 68mm Weight 2.8kg Digital Dispenser DD2500 With a digital display for time and pressure, DD2500 Digital Dispenser offers users digital time and pressure control for a more accurate dispensing output. DD2500 also allows users to save and recall up to 10 different programs. Features • Digital display of dispensing time • Digital display of precise pressure control • Bright LCD • 10 Memory Locations to automatically cycle 10 user- taught programs • Auto cycling mode allows sequencing of a self-taught program which includes a preset dispense time and wait duration between cycles • Manual mode allows user to control precise timing for dispensing • Auto mode allows user to preset timing for dispensing • Convenient operation via foot pedal or front panel button • Adjustable suck-back feature • Complete with accessory dispensing kits Specifications Size 130 X 130 X 140mm Dispense Time 0.005 – 999.999sec Operation Modes Manual, Auto, Cycle Internal Memory 10 Memory Locations Power 110/220VAC Air Input 5 – 7 Bar, 70~100 PSI Air Output 0.1 – 7 Bar, 1~100 PSI Weight 1.8kg 2 www.techno-digm.comTechnodigm Catalogue.indd 2 7/3/12 10:08 AM
  2. 2. Precision Digital Dispenser DD3500 When highly accurate dispensing is required, the DD3500 with its precision digital pressure control system can be used. Incorporating a high precision air regulator with digital read-outs for both the feed and vacuum pressure settings, together with digital time control, allows the DD3500 to be fine-tuned to suit even the most demanding dispensing application. Features • Precision pressure control • Digital display of Pressure and Vacuum settings • Various selectable display of Pressure units: MPa/kPa, Specifications kfg/cm3, bar, psi, mmHg, inHg Control Method Microprocessor controlled • Allow storage for 10 timer-controlled programs Pneumatic Control Precision • Easy entry of dispensing parameters through front regulator control panel keyboard Digital ON/OFF Air control • Simple call of programmed dispense parameters Constant/Pulse vacuum control • Selection of constant ON/time-control-pulsing for Display Section LED Program No. and Digital vacuum control Timer Display • 2 modes of operations: Manual and Auto Digital pressure output display for • Timer indication for Manual and Auto mode (00.000 air output and vacuum to 99.999) Selectable display of unit for • Allow pedal control or press button control of pressure output dispensing action Memory Function 10 Programs • Optional Level Sensor & Buzzer for low material level Input/Output Signal Opto-coupler sensing Supply Pressure Max 10 Bar • Enhanced feature: stabilize pressure for air output Power 110/220VAC Power Consumption 45W Positive Displacement Pump PDP1000 PDP1030/PDP1010 is designed to be different from other dispensers. It utilized direct drive mechanism to deliver precise amount of epoxy air free. It can be used on any type of epoxy/adhesive that is package in standard 30 and 10cc industrial barrel. It is especially useful for volumetric dispensing of short pot life material because no moving parties in contact with the epoxy/adhesive. This ensures that no material will be dried or cured within the equipment. Therefore it requires little or no maintenance. PDP1030/PDP1010 is a truth volumetric dispenser because it dispenses the exact volume of programmed epoxy/ adhesive. It is not influenced by the change in viscosity nor is it influenced by any air pressure change. Built in features ensure that there will be no dripping or drooling of material after dispensed. Designed to be mounted on dispensing robots, it comes with an easy use and features packed controller, PDP1000. The controller allows users to enter the volume to be dispensed in a couple of ways. Controlled by microprocessor, it allows the saving of up to 9 programs. Features • Volumetric Dispensing up to 2 – 5% tolerance (depends on the type • of material.) • Microprocessor Control (Micro stepping) • LCD Display • Easy Programming • No dripping or drooling of material after dispensed Specifications Dispense Resolution 0.001mm (0.0004/ 0.0001cc on a 30/10cc Syringe) Dispensing Speed Adjustable from 0.5mm/sec (depending on models) Low Level Sensing Audio Alarm and Automatic Retract Material Level Graphical display on LCD Stored Programs 9 Dispensed Volume Direct setting/Stroke setting Weight(Valve) 1.45kg Weight(Controller) 3.2kg * Will be influenced by material used, syringe type/packaging and volume dispensed. 3Technodigm Catalogue.indd 3 7/3/12 10:08 AM
  3. 3. Peristaltic Pump Dispenser PP1000 The PP1000 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser is perfectly suited to dispense low viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylate glue, UV adhesives, alkalines, acids, oils and solvents. The system works by applying a controlled positive pressure on the tube carrying the material. No air pressure is required as the pressure to push out the material is supplied by a turning rotor. Features • Air-free dispensing • Direct dispensing from bottle/container • Manual or timed dispensing intervals • 10 step variable pump speed to adjust flow rate • Reversible pump flow for “vacuum suck-back” & maintenance • Consistent dispensed volume Specifications Size 190 X 184 X 94mm Weight 4kg Power 220VAC RPM 0-200 Dispensing Range 0-6500 Pulse Vacuum Range 0-3sec Shot Size Min 0.0001cc Viscosity Range Below 10,000 cps Programmable Digital Dispenser PD4000 Dispensers typically have some difficulty with maintaining a consistence dispensed volume over the entire syringe of material. Generally the dispensed volume drops as the volume of material decreases in a syringe. How serious a problem depends on factors like viscosity, dispensed volume, needle sizes etc. PD4000 is designed with feedback mechanisms that allow it to automatically compensate to rectify the reduction in dispensed volume. It is simple to use and does not require any special setting or other inputs. For material that changes viscosity over time, there is a feature that allows user to program pressure changes over time. Memory functions allow the saving of up to 4 of such program. This function is most suitable for two component materials. Features • Automatic Feedback (for compensation of dispensing volume). • Programming of pressures for viscosity changes over time. • Micro-Processor control • Easy to use and no maintenance • Selection of Bar/PSI for dispensing pressure • Selection of constant ON/time-control-pulsing for vacuum control • Timer indication for Manual and Auto (Timer) Mode Specifications Control Method Electro-Pneumatic System Pneumatic Control Automatic digital air pressure control Constant/Pulse vacuum control Dispensing Pressure Up to 7 Bar/100psi Dispensing Time 0.01 – 999.99 sec Display Section LED digital display Memory Functions 99 Programs plus 4 for pressure/ time programming Supply Air Pressure > 1 Bar above dispensing pressure Power 110-220VAC 4 www.techno-digm.comTechnodigm Catalogue.indd 4 7/3/12 10:08 AM