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Developing Mobile Learning Without a Large Budget


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In one year, a small team at DanChurchAid developed and tested mobile learning solutions on Mine Risk Education, Cash Transfer Programmes, and an app-based Village Saving and Loans Association. Hear their story and discover how any organisation can develop mobile technology projects without a large budget. Learn basic design principles for mobile learning, tools and ideas to make cost-effective mobile courses, and practical tips and tricks.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Developing Mobile Learning Without a Large Budget

  1. 1. Developing Mobile Learning Without a Large Budget DanChurchAid, Denmark 7th February 2018, Arusha – Capacity4Humanity Christoffer Bengt,, Technology Lead Simon Skårhøj,, Team Leader
  2. 2. DCA Learning Lab • Specialized Learning Innovation Team • In-house production capacity • Open Innovation, Partnerships • Evidence-based, focus on cost-effectiveness
  3. 3. IN PAIRS Identify 3 opportunities and 3 limitations in mobile learning
  4. 4. Design Model
  5. 5. Offline Mobile Delivery
  6. 6. Creating an app from scratch? + Everything is possible + 100% custom-made Costly - Developer needed - Long start-up - Script production - Rigid design process - Update expensive -
  7. 7. What to do?
  8. 8. Wide experience with “authoring tool” software Experts in conventional digital learning Digging into our own experience Easy to use and understand Accessible and interactive content Can be used on any Learning Platform (it’s SCORM)
  9. 9. Why not make it into an app? SCORM AppApp
  10. 10. Asking around Only little experience with this & Very expensive
  11. 11. Open source to the rescue Same foundation for developing an offline SCORM-player for smartphones Previous collaboration with Moodle Working with our service provider on our Moodle platform
  12. 12.  No coding  No external service providers  Easy updates One app for many trainings SCORM
  13. 13. Our apps
  14. 14. Our apps
  15. 15. Our apps
  16. 16. User-test and evidence-based
  17. 17. User-test and evidence-based
  18. 18. Change from 2,08 to 4,17 (out of 5) User-test and evidence-based
  19. 19. Q & A