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New Business Owner Website Questions, What Makes a Lead Generation Website Good?


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Are you starting a new business? Do you have a small local business and considering getting a website designed for lead generation? This video answers questions like What is marketing, what is SEO? How do I know if a website is designed well? Wether you have an HVAC or Plumbing business or a retail store, you want to get more clients and Unthink Digital Marketing can help.

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New Business Owner Website Questions, What Makes a Lead Generation Website Good?

  1. 1. Topics • About Humberto Valle • About Unthink • What Is Marketing? • Did You Know? • Marketing Tips @iWillUnthink
  2. 2. Humberto Valle MBA Competitive Strategy Business B.S. on Entrepreneurship Engineering (mech) Illustrations/Art Read 1,000+ books Mentored 20-30 Startups I love what I do
  3. 3. About Unthink 3 Programmers 2 Graphic Designers 2 Marketers 2 SEO Experts
  4. 4. Our Clients Are Global (but all are small businesses)
  5. 5. Custom Websites Custom Apps Social Media Campaigns SEO Projects Custom Logos & Graphics Content Marketing Print Advertising Paid Advertising @iWillUnthink
  6. 6. What’s Marketing? Marketing is anything that a customer sees. @iWillUnthink
  7. 7. Digital Marketing puts you in front potential customers in a way that improves what people think of you. Not just promote and push. @iWillUnthink
  8. 8. Did You Know?
  9. 9. Use Effective Keywording @iWillUnthink
  10. 10. Website Completed in January
  11. 11. Content Is KING @iWillUnthink Blog newsletter emails free e-books articles YouTube Videos Live Streams Join Conversations (remember to use keywords)
  12. 12. A Website Is Not A Business Card @iWillUnthink A website should be like a good sales person, always getting you leads.
  13. 13. Facebook Is Awesome
  14. 14. Facebook Is Awesome @iWillUnthink
  15. 15. Facebook Is Awesome
  16. 16. Google+ Is Awesome
  17. 17. YouTube Is Awesome
  18. 18. Don’t Get Discouraged The 1 Try Fallacy
  19. 19. Don’t Pursue Many “Opportunities”
  20. 20. Digital Marketing Is Like In Person Networking