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Flotim pl-english


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2nd international business forum tuna pole and line hand line

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Flotim pl-english

  1. 1. A. OVERVIEW OF FLORES TIMUR REGENCY East Flores Regency is a archipelago regency, consisting of 3major islands namely: Solor Island, Adonara, and Flores landand 10 cluster of small islands around it which consists of 19sub-districts, 250 villages and 21 urban villages Geographically, Flores Timur is located at 8˚04΄- 8˚40΄ LSand122˚38΄-123˚20΄ BT.
  2. 2.  Areas 5983,38 km² yang terdiri atas :1. Land areas : 1812, 85 km² (31% from total areas)2. Marine areas : 4.170,53 km² (65% from total areas) Coastline 652,40 km Number of sub-district 19; and 127 village/coastal village As a strategic potencies which utilizad by fishers to concentrateand tend to do fishing activities.
  3. 3.  Pelagic fish : 13,764 tonnes / year Demersal fish : 7,411 ton/tahun Level of production : 7.000 – 10.000 ton(increasing by year) UTILIZATIONS Local consumption : 52% Between island : 26% Exports market : 22 %
  4. 4.  Number of Fishers Group in 2012: 956 groups consists: Full fihiers / Main occupation : 7.602 Part time fishermen (main) : 2. 036 Part time fishermen (additional) : 888Fishing vessels .1. Fishing vessels 0 - 5 GT : 400 Units 5 – 10 GT : 487 Units 10 – 20 GT : 147 Units 20 – 30 GT : 19 Units > 30 GT : 1 Units
  5. 5.  Of the total fleet (specifically <5 GTs) there is still atraditional fishing fleet which is dominated by the use of aboat / paddle canoe as many as 60%.This means that the potential for caught tuna / skipjack inEast Flores Regency is still very much needed by thecommunity in supporting the development of the EastFlores on catching tuna / skipjack
  6. 6.  Existing Pole and Line vessels 61 units . Number of fishermen tend to increase every year as it begins to shift livelihood tothe sea, from farmers to be fishermen2. Fish Landing Center (PPI/Pangkalan Pendaratan Ikan) PPI Amagarapati was constructed from JAPAN aids PPI Ritaebang was built from State Budget PPI Lamahala Jaya was constrcuted from District Budget3. Fish market : 10 Units 1 Unit as main fish market at Larantuka city 9 units of traditional market, scaterred in East Flores district
  7. 7. 4. SPDN (Filling Station for Fishermen’s Diesel)1 Unit5. Ice Plant 1 (One) unit of state-owned 3 (Three) in the private owned (Fisheries Company) But the need is still very high so the fishermen are still needaddition Ice Plant from the Government
  8. 8.  There are investors who are engaged in the fishery, i.e. 5 large-scale companies, 36 medium-scale fishing companies, 20 small-scale fishing companies engaged in fishing and fish processingstorage tuna, skipjack, and litle tuna (tongkol). 6 (six) big company includes:1. PT. Okishin Flores2. PT. Ocean Mitramas3. PT. Prima Indo Ikan4. PT. Tritunggal Lintas Benua5. PT. Tradisi Adi Perkasa6. UD. Sang Surya
  9. 9. One company located in East Flores district (PTTradisi Adi Perkasa) is a company which engaged inthe business of Fish Meal Processing that have startedtheir operations since the beginning of 2012.Results of operations of this company are marketedboth locally, inter-island and overseas.
  10. 10. East Flores district waters characterized as having highmarine biological resources wealthBesides its strategic location that is situated in the goldentriangle (between the Pacific, Atlantic, and IndianOceans), and become a migration path and space forpelagic forage fish which having high economic value.Heres a the description of the potential of main fish in theEast Flores regency as follows
  11. 11. 1. Tuna commodity(According to Syamsudin , 2006) In East Flores district, Tuna fish is one of the main commodity that needsto be used optimally. Alleged that the eastern Indonesian waters especially in theFlores’s waters is one of the tuna migration flows, beside inthe Banda Sea of the bay Tomini and beyond Sulawesi That should be considered is the development of fishing gearin accordance with the conditions of fishing resources in eachregion.
  12. 12. In East Flores district, tuna’s fisherman are fishingaround FADs which is owned by private tuna fishingcompany using hand line and pole and lineThe level of utilization of tuna resources in thedistrict of East Flores is still low at only 22-30% fromMSY and this is because the lacking of fishingfacilities.
  13. 13. 050010001500200025003000Purse seine Pancing Huhate Bagan Gill Net94 56 70225597 58 68261292 61 622590201020112012
  14. 14. 0200400600800100012001400160018002010 2011 2012408435485979 990 990166416951651TunaCakalangTongkol
  15. 15. From the graph can be read that tuna production is stillfar below compared to other large pelagic species andstill has the potential to be exploited because of theavailability of bait is allowedLimitations due to the lack of production tuna fishingfleet (fleet still lacking).
  16. 16. 05001000150020002500300035001645320088 1002491547109 861655321188 1002491600120 861637316788 9424910818086201020112012
  17. 17.  From these data can be seen that the overalldevelopment of fishery resources in the East Floresdistrict is still promising Development is not only fish but also the type of tunafish such as skipjack, eastern little tuna, Scomberscombus, trevally, sarde, and various types of demersalfish is still allows to be improved for its utilization
  18. 18. 2. Skipjack Commodities Is one of the reliable commodity to be exploited by the fishermen Utilization rate is still very promising Various marine waters such as Savu sea and Flores Sea are FishingGround target (fishing target area).3. Eastern little tuna commodities Is a pelagic fish that have the potential to be exploited Level of its utilization is still not optimal because of the limitation offishing facilities. In the marine waters of the Savu Sea and Flores Sea is the fishing groundtarget with the utilization rate is very high compared with other areawaters.
  19. 19. Besides the potential for pelagic fish, East Flores District has thepotential for demersal fish (bottom fish) such asgrouper, snapper, rabbitfish, lumajang, etc.4. Other fish potential In addition to tuna, skipjack, little tuna as mentioned aboveother commodity that is good enough to be developedincludes seaweed farming, grouper aquaculture, milkfishaquaculture and cultivation of mangrove crabs.
  20. 20. 5. Others commodities Sea and Fresh Water LobsterPotential of this commodity is opportunities to be managedoptimally ahead This would be beneficial:1. Provide benefits to farmers around the fish and otherrelated2. Reduce the number of coastal fishermen who operatein the region.3. Accelerate ecosystem recovery in the coastal part
  21. 21. 1. Fish resources aspect The potential of tuna utilization in the East Flores district is stilldominated by a certain tuna species such as yellow fin tuna species andbig eye tuna, due to the limitations of fishing fleets operating above 20GT. Utilization of fish resources in the Flores sea or Savu sea tend todecrease both the quality and quantity because the domination of theutilization by the large business and medium-sized enterprises.2. Production aspect Production of caught tuna, skipjack, little tuna (the last 3 years) tendedto increase, but not significantly increased in causing the limitednumber of pole and line fishing fleet
  22. 22. 3. HRD aspect There are still fishermen who catch tuna by usingbombs, and due to the collectors/buyers who still hold thecatch. Low ability / skill in handling the quality of caught fish of tunaon board. The presence of illegal fishing and destructive fishing. Not optimal of controlling and surveillance toward marineand fisheries resources due to lack of HRD.
  23. 23. 4. Infrastructure aspect Still limited facilities and infrastructure fortraditional fishing gear and marine businessgroups and other fisheries. Limitation of government and public facilities formonitoring.5. Marketing aspet Tuna fish types are likely to be exported overseas so it cannot fullfill local consumption need.
  24. 24. 6. Economic aspect Production of tuna, skipjack, little tuna, etc. Havegiven contribution to increase GDP growth byregion Fishermens income is patchy all season because ofthe high operating costs of fishing.
  25. 25. 1. Socio-economic development and empowerment ofcoastal communities, aimed on increasing thequality of human resources, real income and welfaresociety who is still living below the poverty line.2. Development of fisheries infrastructure by providingfleets with sizes above 10 GT that can optimallyutilize fisheries resources.
  26. 26. 3. Integrated and Sustainable Marine and small islandsmanagement in form establishment of MarineConservation area at Regional Waters.4. Increase the management of partnerships betweenemployers and fishermen through businessdevelopment partnerships5. Improve the quality of processed fish throughTechnical Guidance activities for local businessmenand fishermen
  27. 27. 7. To overcome the shortage of bait fish for catching tuna/ skipjack with Pole and Line it is necessary to developthe cultivation of milkfish (milkfish) as bait fish.8. Inreasing monitoring through integrated operationsto raise Law Enforcement in the field of Marine Affairsand Fisheries to ensure the sustainable development offisheries
  28. 28. THANK YOU