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Michael Bolton vs. Isley brother.


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Created By:

Carmina Culannay
Kristina Macairan
Gabriel Palapal
Diana Almanza
Sarah Thompson

  • One Question: Where did you get the information that ''Love is a Wonderful Thing' was a major hit in their time?' Charts?, sales? radio airplay? Please follow up with a response. Thank you
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Michael Bolton vs. Isley brother.

  1. 1. Michael Bolton vs. Isley Brothers Created by: Gabriel Palapal Carmina Culannay Diana Almanza Kristina Macairan Sarah Thompson
  2. 2. Isley Brothers The Isley Brothers are three brothers that were in a R&B group in the 60s. They wrote the song "Love is a Wonderful Thing" in 1961 which was major hit in their time.
  3. 3. Michael BoltonMichael Bolton wasa famous pop singerback in the 90s.However, not onlydid he win the heartof the ladies, butalso got manypeoples attentionwhen he releasednew song, "Love is aWonderful Thing" in1991.
  4. 4. The Plagiarism CaseIn 1994, Bolton was filed for acopyright infringement from theIsley Brothers. The song, "Love is aWonderful Thing", was originallywritten and sung by the IsleyBrothers, which was released in1966.
  5. 5. Love is a Wonderful Thing Here is the original version of thesong that was written and sung by the Isley Brothers.
  6. 6. Love is a Wonderful Thing Here is Michaels version of thesong. Notice anything different?
  7. 7. The Consequence According to Michael and his partner, Andy Goldmark, theyargued and said that there was no evidence to prove that they were guilty of plagiarizing the IsleyBrothers. If you listen to the lyrics, you will notice that Boltonevidently copied the lyrics as well as the title.The court claimed that Bolton was guilty and in return was sued for $5.4 million dollars.
  8. 8. In ConclusionIf Bolton were to give credit to the Isley Brothers and say his song was a "remake", he could have avoided the plagiarism and being charged. Thus costing him the $5.4 million dollars inwhich was the largest music plagiarism of all time.