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Brand social process AMA


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Brand social process AMA

  1. 1. The Hyper-Social Organization What it means for Marketers Francois Gossieaux @fgossieaux
  2. 2. in the beginning… your brand was controlled by ads (=YOU)
  3. 3. Then we found we could get our information from our tribes… …based on Reciprocity and Fairness
  4. 4. So we no longer had to listen to companies (=YOU)
  5. 5. ..and instead could rely on friends andcolleagues…people who want to help us and warn us…
  6. 6. Of course…
  7. 7. So how do youregain some controlof your brand??
  8. 8. 1) Understandthe Human 1.0 rather than the web 2.0 tools?
  9. 9. 2)Know your tribes, not your market segments
  10. 10. 3) Fix the great divide between marketing& customer support – your brand is only as good as your last transaction…
  11. 11. …and get a seat at those tables where recommendations are being made
  12. 12. Find your internal and external tribes and letthem help one another
  13. 13. 6) Establish trust as the new businesscurrency…how else canyou expect customers to trust you?
  14. 14. 7) Ditch the rule-book,replace it by values, and live your values!
  15. 15. “To the extent that we can be‘human’ we will be fostering a deeper level of trust with consumers” – Barry Judge, CMO Best Buy
  16. 16. Gossieaux@fgossieauxw. http://www.human1.come. francois@human1.comb. http://www.emergencemarketing.comc.