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Beyond green marketing


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Green marketing has been stained by exaggerated claims of superficial benefits to the environment – “greenwash” -- leaving a skeptical consumer public and drawing increasing regulation by the FTC.

Jim Nail of Speaking Sustainability, will lead the discussion with other industry experts to provide a framework, show examples and discuss successful strategies for making sustainability a core element of your brand.

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Beyond green marketing

  1. 1. Green Marketing The Good…the Bad… And BeyondSPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  2. 2. Speakers Jim Nail Felice Kincannon Speaking SustainabilitySPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  3. 3. Agenda  History of Green Marketing   What s wrong with Green Marketing   Can it be fixed?   Beyond… SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  4. 4. Green Claims are Booming Source: The 7 Sins of Greenwashing TerraChoice, April 2009
  5. 5. AHistory of Green MarketingSh ort1990 1994 SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  6. 6. AHistory of Green MarketingSh ort1994 1996 2000 SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  7. 7. AHistory of Green MarketingSh ort2000 2010 SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  8. 8. What s Wrong with Green?  Sayin it s green don t make it so   The fig leaf strategy   Hijacking the concept   Nobody s perfect SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  9. 9. The Language ofGreen Marketing
  10. 10. Say it ain t so…natural Active ingredient: Pyrethrin Though natural , pyrethrin is classified by the EPA as a restricted use pesticide
  11. 11. The Certification of Green
  12. 12. America s Most Admired Companies The World s Most Reputable Companies -Fortune -The Reputation InstituteThe Harris Interactive Reputational Quotient World s Most Respected Companies -Harris Poll -Barron sTop 10 Companies for Executive Women Top Companies for Women Executives -DiversityInc -NAFE100 Best Companies for Working Mothers Top 50 Companies for Diversity -Working Mother -DiversityIncEnergy Program of the Year Top Company to Work for in India -Platt s Global Energy -Great Places to Work InstituteMBA 100 Five Best Places to Work in Sweden -Fortune -Veckans Affarerand 10 more…
  13. 13. Highjacking the Concept
  14. 14. Nobody s perfect DMDM hydantoin – antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative
  15. 15. The k-cup dilemma: Fair Tradecoffee vs. unrecyclablepackaging
  16. 16. What Went Wrong with Green?  Superficial attributes   Exaggerated claims   Lack of substantiation   Obfuscation   Oversimplification
  17. 17. Can Green Marketing be Fixed?FTC Green Guides increasing muscle General Benefits Certifications Degradable and Compostable Recyclable Renewal Materials/Energy Carbon Offsets SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  18. 18. Can Green Marketing be Fixed? SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  20. 20. Beyond……Green Marketing… …to… …Sustainability Communications Business Product Focus Focus Claims Goals Brand image Transparency Solution Facilitator Perfection Progress SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  21. 21. Marks & SpencerSPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  25. 25. Beyond…  Product…   …to touch all relevant aspects of the business  Claims…   …to promote goals and strategies  Brand image…   …to transparency of performance  Solution…   …to involve audiences  Perfection…   …to report progress SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY
  26. 26. Thank you! Q&AJim Nail Felice www.felicekincannon.com SPEAKING SUSTAINABILITY