Human Elements Overview 2014


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Human Elements company overview of offers and capabilities for the Defense and Response Industries 2014.

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Human Elements Overview 2014

  1. 1. COMPANY OVERVIEW 2014 Transforming the training environments for those in harms way. Delivering NEW STANDARDS IN LEARNING, PERFORMANCE & RESILIENCY.
  2. 2. Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved. A behavioral science company designed to account for all factors impacting operational personnel - and designing new systems to reduce disruption, increase recognition and improve outcomes. HUMAN ELEMENTS DELIVERS... ✓ ADVANCED METHODS FOR OPERATIONAL PERSONNEL & INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT ✓ Behavior identification & modifications to create sustainable success. ✓ Human Factors Analysis & Social Behavioral Modeling for strategic assessments. ✓ Elevation of the normal stress response behaviors (common reverting). ✓ Improved resiliency in operational personnel before - during - after operations. ✓ Delivery of Live-Lab technology solutions for real-time data collection. ✓ Coordinating learning programs and data/result driven performance assessments. High-Velocity Human Factors Engineering
  3. 3. THINK SUCCESS BEGINS WITH MINDSET - HEi offers a series of programs focused to continually improve the mental & cognitive capabilities of operational personnel. We are able to influence thought and change behaviors through relevancy and our connective (peer-based) approach. TRAIN MEASURABLE, RELEVANT & ENABLING - Fundamental aspects of training have not changed over many decades. HEi delivers a new approach leveraging advances in the behavioral sciences. We accomplish this with crafted environments that are relevant, measurable and focus on behavioral change. EXECUTE TRANSITIONAL AWARENESS & ADAPTIVE BEHAVIORS - Two key factors that impact successful operations are RECOGNITION and ADAPTATION. HEi supports the execution of operations through systems and programs designed to heighten awareness and increase the individual's adaptability. RECOVER EFFECTIVE RESILIENCY PROGRAMS - Recovery must be integrated in every stage of operations. HEi programs are designed to engrain the recovery and resiliency process in personnel, programs and organizations. OUR APPROACH TO SOLVING THE PROBLEM Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. OPERATIONAL METHODOLOGY Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved. THE OPERATIONAL LIFECYCLE™ The Operational Lifecycle™ is our leading methodology and approach to how individuals perform in the operational environment. It provides a teachable and testable foundation from which to relay critical scientific information in a format easily understood by all and enables HEi to measure performance under stress in a variety of situations when combined with the HPLP™. Human Performance Learning Protocol™ The Human Performance Learning Protocol (HPLP)™ is our leading methodology and approach on scenario design and development. This process enables HEi to create measurable success criteria while mirroring real-world environments. It leverages key scientific approaches to improve human performance in all conditions. The After Action Analysis overcomes critical fracture points such as pride, ego, interpretations, variations and versioning.
  5. 5. Why does it work? Normal stress reactions often result in a confused state of cognitive abilities and uncontrolled physiological response. Human Elements has identified when an individual is provided a full understanding of the higher stress state, an instantaneous conscious and subconscious reaction occurs resulting in immediate adjustments to their behavior patterns (i.e. breathing, focus, awareness, concentration, recognition) causing a positive shift in their current course of action. Through our research and development we have taken these high stress-based mindsets and created a system that teaches the individual to immediately shift control back to the maximum performance zone ultimately improving recognition, reactions and results. PAST PERFORMANCE WHERE and WHO? • National Nuclear Security Agency - TPI Course with Full Y12 Breach Human Factors Analysis • Naval Special Warfare - CULEX Human Performance Support, Leadership Programs, TPI Courses • US Army Office of Special Activities (AOSA) - Human Domain Leaders Course (HDLC) • US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) CIG’s INITIATIVE - HDLC • OGA - Training Program Development (High-Velocity Environments) • OGA - Operational Mindset Delivery (Multiple Programs) • UAE - TVRA Programs with Human Factors/Social Behavioral Assessments Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. THE VALUE OF “RECOVERY” Figure 1 provides a look at a 35-year-old male with 17 years of service and SERE qualifications participating in a JPRA designed scenario. Note the significant increase in Heart Rate (HR) and the decrease in Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Note the significant variations in the HR during the period of interrogation. This elevated Bio-Marker identifies disruption in the individual leading to emotional stress under the specific circumstances. This response results in diminished abilities in memory, concentration, judgment, increased negative context perspective, anxiousness, racing thoughts and constant worry. ! ! ! Conversely, Figure 2 provides a look at a 24-year-old female with 6.5 years of service having only received the online learning portion of SERE related training. During her debrief, she recognized her emotional and physiological reactions at each point. She was able to apply all training to create a focal point from the Code of Conduct and implement her relaxation techniques provided by HEi. The debrief with the JPRA Instructor resulted in a mirror image of the individual’s debrief in relation to creating a focal point and remaining calm during the interrogation. This individual gave up less information and remained appropriately evasive during the session. ! CURRENT OFFERS Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved. Figure 1 Figure 2 IMPACT & RESULTS
  7. 7. CURRENT OFFERS A SNAPSHOT OF OUR LIVE TRAINING HUMAN DOMAIN OPERATORS COURSE (HDOC) The HDOC course is a five (5) day program designed to bring the full knowledge of human behavior in high-stress environments to the operators in a way that expands an understanding of human interaction and human dynamics leveraging growth areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Mindsets, and human factors analysis. The week entails crucial scenarios that induce physiological responses to stress and identify the two key stress factors of uncontrollability and social stress. The Human Domain is a complex environment and the HDOC program is carefully crafted to bring this knowledge forward in a relevant and applicable manner that enables the operator to be innovative in every moment. TACTICAL PERFORMANCE INSTRUCTOR Course (TPI) This five (5) day program developed by Human Elements is deigned to go beyond the standard practices of training. In the current training models, the focus is on acquisition of knowledge and skills while ignoring performance. Trainers emphasize the latest tactic or technique instead of creating the ability to confidently perform under stress. This leaves a gap in what can be expected from standardized training programs. Human Elements expands the two traditional aspects of training and creates a third with our applied behavioral training model. This program is targeted towards the tactical training environments where Scenario Base Training is paramount. During this course, students will be placed in scenarios that induce critical stress responses to capture a full understanding of how to create value-based training environments that maintain the appropriate trajectory of training. Students will be provided new methods of design and analysis that will significantly transform how training occurs for all participants. Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. LEADING OPERATIONAL PERSONNEL The Human Domain Leaders Program is a deep dive into the multiple aspects of developing the most effective mindset for your operaZonal environment, leading with intention, applying emotional intelligence and capturing critical knowledge of the human domain. It is designed with a conversional tone that engages participants with their own experiences, thoughts and personal stories. This program enhances all domains of awareness, ability, leadership, understanding and performance. participants will be provided a series of Leadership Challenges to be met over the program that will create the opportunity to view specific issues in entirely new ways. CURRENT OFFERS A SNAPSHOT OF OUR LIVE TRAINING Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved. OPERATIONAL MINDSET (IMPACT) A two to four hour introductory seminar that offers personnel the ability to capture valuable insight into their own behaviors and begin to develop the appropriate mindset necessary to meet the challenging aspects of their work. This program focuses on the base level of critical information necessary to initiate development of an operational mindset and personal resiliency program (PRP). OPERATIONAL MINDSET UNPLUGGED This three (3) day program is designed to enhance the individuals knowledge of creating and sustaining an Operational Mindset. A successful mindset is sustainable far beyond the battlefield or operational environments. It is about transitioning from significant periods of stress and re-acclimating to “normal” environments. This program explores all the areas necessary to understand the fundamental aspects of learning, performance and resiliency. It provides tools, resources and techniques for applying the principles to specific situations. Over a three day period participants will capture a complete understanding of the process necessary to mentally prepare for operations in variable environments. The program provides an in-depth look at fixed vs. growth mindsets, natural physiological responses to stress, techniques for stress management, and critical aspects of being recoverable and resilient.   OPERATIONAL RESILIENCY This Half-Day conversation about the process of becoming resilient. Developing a personal resiliency plan is one of the most important things you can add to all aspects of your life. Everyday life and the operational environment brings challenges at many levels. This is the process of building a frame of reference and a personal plan for how to meet these challenges head on, minimize their impact to our lives, recover and move through them.
  9. 9. CURRENT OFFERS A SNAPSHOT OF OUR SERVICES RESILIENCY PROGRAMS: Human Elements works with customers to develop and deploy sustainable resiliency programs for personnel operating in high stress-based environments. These programs support the transitional periods of deployment and re-deployment to improve operational performance, mental health and resiliency. Each program is developed through targeted discussions with organizational management and custom designed to meet organizational goals, restrictions, efforts, costing and abilities. These programs seek to find the easiest solution to a complex problem and offer unique, immediately deployable solutions. SELECTION & ASSESSMENTS: Selecting and assessing current and future personnel is a critical process that can lead to costly mistakes. Human Elements leverages a specific process in order to assist organizations in developing effective strategies. The outcome for the organization is a custom interview process with a scientifically formulated behavioral and personality assessment. The interviewer will have a set of tools to engage the candidate with specific questions and scenarios that will significantly increase productivity and retention. ORGANIZATIONAL ROLE BENCHMARKING: HEi utilizes a specific tool to determine the behavioral job competencies necessary  for a specific role. This enables HEi to create a model of assessment of current and/or future personnel. This program enables the organization to understand the necessary personality traits and behavioral patterns that best meet the exacting requirements of the mission. ESTABLISH THE BASE: Using the job assessment test and studying current high performers, behavioral job models are built for each role and reflect the increasing responsibilities within an organization, and the ideal behavioral competencies required for success in meeting these responsibilities. (UTILIZE 5 PERSONNEL WITH RANGING PERFORMANCE) ! COMPARISONS: The applicants are compared to the Organization behavioral job competency model and a sophisticated job fit assessment is conducted, producing a risk analysis that identifies from  most to least ideal fit to the role. HEi helps identify the gaps are assessed to finalize the risk assessment of the top candidates. ! SELECTION PROCESSING: Managers then have a job benchmark to make informed hiring decisions; with scientific, objective information about the candidate in front of them, managers are accountable to justify why they may be hiring someone who is not an ideal job fit. This forces them to be more deliberate in their selection and gives the opportunity to review hiring decisions using objective data. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: Human Elements has established a specific, scientific process to the development of training programs that deliver results in order to improve performance and resiliency. Often customers have current training programs that do not meet the full expectations or exacting requirements to build sustainable skills and assess behavioral processes of their personnel. HEi utilizes the program assessment to develop new training programs, schedules and persistency models to improve performance and operations. This approach is a long-term, top level program development strategy designed for long-term sustainability. We examine all options for low-cost, innovative methods to support the current and future requirements of the customer. PROGRAM ASSESSMENT: HEi conducts an assessment of the current training programs, models and process to establish a value-based assessment. We examine the level, quality, timing, and effectiveness of the current training programs being conducted and provide specific feedback through our gap analysis. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT: CUSTOM TRAINING DEVELOPMENT (SINGLE FOCUS): HEi conducts a rapid assessment of the current training programs and develops a new process for a more focused delivery. We look to improve the value of time, the method of delivery and the opportunity for retention through the application of scientific factors and applied stress models. HEi has the ability to leverage a variety of tools and resources to enhance current/existing programs to improve results. Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. HIGH VELOCITY PERFORMANCE WEEK DAY  FOURDAY  THREEDAY  TWODAY  ONE Event  1   2-­‐3  Stress  Factors   Pre-­‐Incident  Indicators  (PII) Team  Debrief  &  A?er   Ac@on  Review Morning  Orienta@on  &   Objec@ves Classroom  Learning:  OM  &   Analysis Event  2   3-­‐5  Stress  Factors   Influencers   Variables   No  PII HEi  Debrief  of  Event  1  &  2 DAY  FIVE EVENTWEEK Team  Debrief  &  A?er  Ac@on   Review Event  3   3-­‐5  Stress  Factors   Influencers   Variables   Variable  PII Individual  Debrief  Event   Analysis HEi  Event  3  Analysis Event  4   Priming   3-­‐5  Stress  Factors   Influencers   Variables   Variable  PII Team  Debrief  &  A?er  Ac@on   Review  with  HEi  Data Event  5   Significant  Change   3-­‐5  Stress  Factors   Influencers   Variables   Variable  PII Team  Debrief  &  A?er   Ac@on  Review Final  Comparison  with   HEi  AAA IDENTIFIED RESULTS: • Faster Recognition • Improved Situational Awareness • Intuitive Response Improved • Analytical Processing Improved • Improved Event Forecasting • Improved Memory Recall • Decision Making Skills Improvement • Team Interaction & Dynamics Improvement Resulting Data: Participants recognition rate to actual events day one was 35% but reached over 85% by day five. Individual performance improvements increased by 45% over the week and overall team performance increased by 37% over the week. After Action Analysis capabilities for debrief of events rose by 75% over the week. Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. CURRENT OFFERS ONLINE TRAINING Everything you do is powered by your mind. How you train, how you learn, how you process and most importantly how quickly you recognize what is taking place in the environment around you. Operational Mindset is about achieving a place of balance where you become capable of leveraging all the aspects of your mind and body to focus, predict, connect and win. ! Operational Mindset (OpMindset) is a program designed to develop the most effective mental attitude and abilities for operating in high-risk environments. The focus is taking the scientific process of how the mind works as well as what happens in the body during moments of significant stress and translating that information in a way that can be easily applied by anyone. 8 WEEK PROGRAMS - 30 Min a Day Online ! CREDENTIALS & CERTIFICATION ! Direct Coaching Available Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. • ADAPTIVE ENVIRONMENTS • DISRUPTIVE ENVIRONMENTS • BEHAVIORAL TRANSFORMATION • INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT • EXERCISE DESIGN/SCENARIO DEVELOPMENT HOW WE FUNCTION IN PARTNERSHIP... PARTNER: Delivers full-spectrum security solutions and Comprehensive Risk and Threat Assessments. HEi Enhancement: Human Factors Analysis, Behavioral Trends, Environmental Change Modeling ! PARTNER: Personnel Recruitment, Screening and Evaluation in support of our customers’ critical missions. HEi Enhancement: Behavioral & Personality OPE Assessment Program, PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS ! PARTNER: Utilizes technology and tools needed to make dynamic and strategic recommendations. HEi Enhancement: Most Advanced Technologies Available for the Industry for Training, Performance & Resiliency WHERE DOES HEi FIT IN? KEY  AREAS  FOR  INTEGRATION:   • SELECTION  &  ASSESSMENT  PROGRAMS   • Personality  &  Behavioral  Assessments   • MENTAL  HEALTH/RECOVERY  PROGRAMS   • RESILIENCY  PROFILES  &  PROCESSES   • PERFORMANCE  VALIDATIONS   • Basic/Advanced  Training  Programs   • In-­‐Service/Pre-­‐Mission  Training  Programs   • Simula@on  Training  Environments   • Live  Ac@on  Training  Environments   • LIVE  OPERATIONS   • Persistent  Monitoring   • Peer-­‐to-­‐Peer  Counseling   • Re-­‐Deployment  Opera@ons  Human Elements, Inc. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: ! Jeff Banman Human Elements, Inc. San Diego, California 619.764.6199 office COMPANY OVERVIEW 2014 Transforming the training environments for those in harms way. Delivering NEW STANDARDS IN LEARNING, PERFORMANCE & RESILIENCY.