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  1. 1. Hitler takes over more land even after the promise.
  2. 2. Hitler takes over Sudetenland• Hitler had read the French and British leaders, in that they would do anything to avoid the war. The Sudetenland contained 3.5 million Germans who had been cut off from the rest of Germany after the creation of Czechoslovakia by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler felt he had a legitimate claim upon the area because he saw it as German land. Also, Sudeten Germans claimed they were victimized by the Czech government and wanted home rule or union with Germany.
  3. 3. • Britain was reluctant to involve herself because she had inadequate armed forces to do so and had no treaty obligations to Czechoslovakia.• After the Bad Goldenberg and Munich conferences the four main European powers (Britain, France Italy and Germany) decided, without the presence of the Czech leader, to give the Sudetenland to Hitler over a ten day period. Hitler was given Sudetenland but on one condition that he would not conquer any more lands. • The Czechs had little alternative but to agree to Hitlers demands, as they had few allies and a weak army. ( However they did have an alliance with France which they failed to honor) By the 1st October 1938 the Sudetenland had been fully surrendered to Hitler.
  5. 5. Bar chart about Germany This bar graph indicates aboutthe position of the Germany during World War II and so on. Not even that, it also indicates aboutthe developmentsmade in Germany during the war.
  6. 6. Made By: Humair Ahsan, Rana Omer, Mehdi Sheikh &Kulsoom Achakzai