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Mobile 2.0 "Are you ready for Enterprise Mobility?"


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Mobile has changed the way we live, work & play...Wait until you see what's next!

The latest Mobile Marketer live presentation deck. It includes 3 short 2-3 minute exciting, must see videos.

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Mobile 2.0 "Are you ready for Enterprise Mobility?"

  1. 1. Mobile has changed theway we live, work & play…Wait until you see what’snext!@Mobil_Marketer
  2. 2. Mobile is…The ability to communicatewith a person or personswho are willing to becommunicated toconcerning relevantcontent from anotherperson or company.Text HANK to 78453
  3. 3. Why the Mobile channel?The ubiquity of the mobile phone now offers businessesan unrivaled channel to reach and build relationships withhuge audiences.• 93% of mobile device owners have their mobilephone within arm’s reach 24/7• 40% of smartphone users and 42% of tablet users reportusing their device while watching TV on a daily basis• 97% of all SMS marketing messages are opened• 95% of those opened messages are read within 3minutes.• 24% of value-add messages are forwarded to friends.• By the end of 2013, more people will access theinternet on their mobile than on their PC.  @Mobil_Marketer
  4. 4. How Businesses are Using Mobileto Grow Revenues• Short Message Service (SMS)• Optimized Mobile Web Sites• Nearly 60% of Web users say they expect a site to load on their mobile phonein three seconds or less, and 74% are only willing to wait five seconds or lessfor a single Web page to load before leaving the site.• Multimedia Message Service (MMS)• Mobile Ads• Location Based Mobile NFC, Bluetooth• Mobile Apps• QR Codes*Create a positive user experience.@Mobil_Marketer
  5. 5. Paradigm ShiftMobile Re-ImaginationWhat has mobile replaced so far?
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing & Advertising@Mobil_Marketer
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing BenefitsCreates a robust lead generator for bringing in new customersText HANK to 78453
  8. 8. Builds An Current & Accurate DatabaseSMS, Text2Win Contests, Voting, Polling, Surveys & TriviaText HANK to 78453
  9. 9. “Opt-in” DemonstrationText a Keyword(a unique address)to a Shortcode(a specified URL)*Each campaignrequires it’s ownkeyword.*Several differentkeywords may go to asingle shortcode.Text:HANK(keyword)To:78453(shortcode)
  10. 10. Who is using Mobile Marketing?• Retail• Restaurants• Hotels/Resorts/Cruiselines• Trade Shows• Real Estate• Entertainment• Sports & Leisure• Insurance• Non-Profits• Property Management• Automotive Dealerships• Event Planners• Travel Industry• Events• Golf• Casinos• Publications• Media• Trade Shows• Chambers of Commerce• Staffing Agencies• Advertising Agencies
  11. 11. So Lo MoSocial Local Mobile@Mobil_Marketer
  12. 12. Social on Mobile
  13. 13. Mobile-Social Integration@Mobil_Marketer
  14. 14. Local on MobileText HANK to 78453
  15. 15. Mobile EngagementApp or Mobile Site?
  16. 16. What is Enterprise Mobility?The ability of an enterprise to connect topeople and control assets from any location.Text HANK to 78453
  17. 17. Who is usingEnterprise Mobility?Text HANK to 78453
  18. 18. Who else is using Mobility?• Doctor/Dentist Offices• Appointment Reminders• Sports & Leisure• Scores & Updates• Insurance• Policy Acknowledgements• Non-Profits• Donations• Property Management• Notifications• Payments• Reminders• Municipalities• Pay Bills• Local Communications• Travel Industry• Itineraries• Revised Plans• Emergencies• Religious Groups• Prayer Times• Government Agencies• Parole Reminders• Chambers of Commerce• Meeting Notifications• Staffing Agencies• Segment Targeting• Job Provisioning• Experian• Data MiningText HANK to 78453
  19. 19. Contact Info:Hank Mondaca714-699-4249Text HANK to 78453Twitter: @mobil_marketerLinkedIn: themobilemarketerFacebook:“If your plans don’tinclude mobile, yourplans are not finished.”-Wendy ClarkSenior VP, Integrated MarketingCoca-Cola Companies@Mobil_Marketer