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Saving money


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Saving money

  1. 1. February 12th, 2013 Published by: HullettSaving Money was under discussion among the instructors about Saving Money... who would that include? saving money.   ... sales people, online marketer, network marketers, mlm, work at home mom, single moms, work at home mom, real estate agents, college students, professional blogger, Just as many different hardships occur to families, computer engineers, video game blogger, this story discusses how a fire destroyed a family’s home based business for women, Christian home and possessions, and how they begin again home based business... to name a few...  to save, and save more money until “Rosa, her Discover wealth creation information... mother, and grandmother can afford to buy one big, comfortable chair that all three of them can enjoy.”Saving Money |meetdorishullett.comSource: How many families are overcoming hardships andsaving-money/ starting over again?  Saving money feels good… it’sWritten byon02/12/2013 · Leave a Comment fun to watch ‘the number get bigger’ in a person’s checkbook or savings account.Saving MoneySaving Money.Saving Money -  When it comes to saving money,there are those who do it, and those that wish theywere saving money. Saving Money:  What Saving Money Represents - Saving money represents -But what is money?  They always say time is money;and money is received in exchange of your time.  It’swhat the money can do for you, your loved ones andothers that is important. • Security – taking care of one’s family • Self Worth – you get a better feeling of self- worth when you’re savingSaving Money:  Reasons for Saving Money – • Self-sufficiency – can be seen as patriotic; when you take care of yourself, society won’t have to • Emergency preparation – for unexpectedSaving money feels good.  Really, it does!  As challenges such as job loss, car repair, homea previous Instructor, I remember attending a repair, family illnessMotheread work shop and one the children books • Self-discipline – saving for something special,entitled, “A Chair for My Mother” by Vera B. Williams a rainy day, or even something grand for the future 1
  2. 2. February 12th, 2013 Published by: Hullett • Self-respect – it gives an incredible feeling for It is challenging saving money when everything what you are striving for around us is escalating in debt at an unclipped rate:   (this will scare the ‘eebie geebies’ out of you… debt • Opportunity to give of yourself to others – others calendar click here  … click also on the bottom tabs in dire straights are blessed to find out about mortgage, gold supply/demand, • Living your dreams – everyone has goals sources, auto sales, about, energy output, share, (home ownership, memories built by gold/precious metals.  Clickable tabs on top left   vacationing with the family, travel around the include state debt and world debt) : world) • Lifestyle – Having enough money so you don’t have cares, and can enjoy nice things • Financial prosperity – being able to take care • The U.S. has over $16 trillion dollars in total of your family’s future, reaching to the children, debt grandchildren, and building a legacy • Unemployment is near 20% (includes those • Opportunity – for new horizons in your life that who have quit seeking and part-time) you could never have done without the money • Stock markets are 10-60% below 2007 highs or funds • Inflation, the “hidden tax” robs us of wealth • Golden Years – being able to enjoy life while we sleep as a senior citizen, without struggle, without dependency, without worry of cost inflation • Energy prices have risen 50% eroding saved finances, or poor health; one • Meat prices have risen 35%, bacon prices 40%, day resting from working one’s whole life in the cereal prices 50%, corn prices 80%, coffee hopes of enjoying life, worry free prices 145% • We haven’t recovered from the real-estate bubble of 2008 yet; the housing market is troubledSaving Money:  A Challenge in a Tough Economy – Rather than sit and wait for things to change, it is better to take action of your life, take personal responsibility, and create your future.  Your goals and dreams are still yours…. Saving Money:  The Prepared Person Yes, it is official that Americans today spend moreHere is the ‘flip’ side of what we are experiencing than they earn.  Savings are less than zero; job loss,today… debt from loans, and debt from credit cards is being felt. 2
  3. 3. February 12th, 2013 Published by: HullettThe most important thing a person can do is • Home based businesses for moms‘prepare.’  You’ve heard of people who were “in the • Professional bloggerright place at the right time,” haven’t you?  Don’tbe envious of someone who has taken the time to • Computer engineersprepare… you be willing to become that preparedperson.  Don’t leave anything to chance.  It has todo with preparation and you. You have the ability to make decisions, and make your destiny.  Creating an income and saving money is possible with the right , or even a home based business blog.  Find out more below….Whatever your career may be: (to name a few…) If you enjoyed this special blog post about “Saving Money” please comment, Google+ and share. Doris Hullett • Network marketer • Internet marketer Doris Hullett • Online marketer • Mompreneurs About The Author:   Doris Hullett, Instructor turned Consultant who trains in business and marketing, • Professional blogger fully embracing the power of business relationships. • Professional women Typically what I do with people interested in learning • Work at home mom about starting a home business, making income, saving money, and keeping their options open is • College student give them information, to help them, and become • Real estate agents successful.  So anyways, let’s get started here and • Mortgage brokers now… • Insurance agents • Sales people • Hotel manager Related Posts- • Retail sales  Starting a New Business – How • Affiliates PHOTOS of Event, Entrepreneurs, and Home Based Business  – click here -  real life success • Mlm stories today • Single moms 3
  4. 4. February 12th, 2013 Published by: HullettEarning Less Spending More – (documentation) 4