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Sales - No Sales, Glory


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Somehow, sales always ends up on the to-do last. A lot of startups and founders hate sales. They rather delegate that to someone else. But that is not necessary wise to do. Make sales your own before you hand it over. This presentation discusses the difference between sales and marketing. How you can build an solid sales team and the most common do's and don'ts for everyone out there on the road.

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Sales - No Sales, Glory

  1. 1. Sales  No  Sales,  No  Glory    Author:  Eva  Hukshorn    
  2. 2.      1.  EFactor  is  a  Smart  Network  that  matches  entrepreneurs  with  the  very  people  who  can  help   them  grow  2.  Finding  Business  Partners:  from  partners  to  investors,  from  coaches  to  customers  3.  Largest  Entrepreneurial  Network  in  the  World  with  1mio  members  in  185  countries  4.  An  online  community  Offering  you  a  network,  knowledge,  events,  and  every    business   resources  you  need  to  succeed  @  discount!  5.  GO  Online,  fix  your  personal  profile  &  company  profile  and  get  MATCHED!   It’s  not  about  connecPons  -­‐  it’s  about  the  right  ones…   2  
  3. 3. Eva  Hukshorn:  An  introducIon  •  Work  Experience   -  Current:    Partner  EFactor        Board  of  Advisory:  TreFoil  Energy  /  CleanDrinks  /          Global  Thinkers  /  ShowLinq            Coach  Startup:  Bootcamp  Amsterdam  /  New  Venture  McKinsey   -  2009  –  2010:  Dutch  BouIque  –  Marktlink  Mergers  &  AcquisiIons,  Amsterdam   -  2007  –  2009:    Royal  Bank  of  Scotland  –  Corporate  Finance,  Amsterdam   -  2004  –  2009:    ABN  AMRO  –  Corporate  Finance  New  York,  Amsterdam   -  2003  –  2004:    Accenture  –  ConsulIng  London,  Amsterdam  •  EducaPon   -  1997  –  2002:  MSc  Economics,  Finance  –  University  of  Groningen,  the  Netherlands   -  2003:      InternaIonal  &  Asian  Studies  –  NaIonal  Sun  Yat-­‐Sen  University,  Taiwan   -  2009  –  2011:    CerIfied  Management  AccounIng  (CMA)  –  InsItute  of  Management  Accountants            (IMA),  United  States   -  2009  –  2011:    Colloquium  General  &  Modern  Art  –  Academy  for  History  of  Art,  the  Netherlands   -  2012:    InternaIonal  Financial  Report  Standards  (DipIFR)  –  AssociaIon  of  Chartered  CerIfied          Accountants  (ACCA),  United  Kingdom   3      
  4. 4. FUNDING  TUESDAY,  EVERY  TUESDAY  So  what  can  you  expect  from  us  each  Funding  Tuesday?  1.  Webinars  on  EFactor  on  Finance  &  Funding  related  topics  in  the  EVENT   SecIon  2.  Blogs  &  interviews  with  informal  investors  and  funded  entrepreneurs   with  Ips  &  tricks  in  the  BLOGS  secIon  under  NOW  3.  Finance  &  Funding  related  arIcles  on  NOW  feed  4.  In  the  Finance  &  Funding  GROUP  on  our  website  you  will  find  Q&As  of  the  webinars  under   NETWORK  5.  In  the  KNOWLEDGE  base  you  will  find  more  and  more  presentaIons  on  Finance  &  Funding   related  topics,  including  the  webinar  presentaIons  6.  And  if  you  become  a  VIP  MEMBER  you  will  personally  be  supported  on  your  Finance  &  Funding   related  quesIons   4  
  5. 5. Webinar  Program  Overview  2012  June  19:    Business  Plan  WriIng  -­‐  A  Roadmap  to  Success  July  3:      Pitching  &  PresentaIon  -­‐  3  Minutes,  1  Impression  July  17:    Strategy  -­‐  A  Vision  for  the  Future,  A  Strategy  for  Gehng  There  July  31:    BudgeIng  &  ForecasIng  -­‐  PredicIng  the  Outcome  Aug  14:    Working  Capital  -­‐  An  Unknown  Key  to  Success  Aug.  28:    Capital  Management  -­‐  Playing  with  Risk  Sept  11.:    Funding  &  Investments  -­‐  Some  Sources  are  More  Equal  then  Others  Sept.  25:    ValuaIon  -­‐  Art  or  Science  Oct  9:      Exit  Strategy  -­‐  Nice  to  Have  or  Need  to  Have?  Oct.  23:    Bootstrapping  -­‐  An  AlternaIve  Answer  to  Funding  Nov  6:    Crowdfunding  -­‐  The  Power  of  Friends,  Family  and  Fools  Nov.  20:    Networking  -­‐  Nice  You  have  3000  Friends,  I  have  30  Relevant  ConnecIons  Dec.  4:    MarkeIng  &  (Social)  Media  -­‐  Noise  or  Value?  Dec.  11:    No  Sales,  No  Glory  Dec.  18:    Most  Common  Mistakes  of  Entrepreneurs   5  
  6. 6. Source:  What  is  the  difference  between  MarkeIng  and  Sales?   MARKETING   SALES  APPROACH   InteracIon   Matching  PROCESS   One  to  many   Usually  one  to  one  FOCUS   Fulfill  customer’s  needs   Purchases  /  orders  HORIZON   Longer  term   Short  term  SCOPE   IdenIficaIon,  storytelling   Persuasion  STRATEGY   pull   push  CONCEPT   Wider   Narrow  PRIORITY   Reaching  customers   Result  driven  
  7. 7. MarkeIng  is  about  making  yourself  visible   7  
  8. 8. Sales  is  about  engaging  your  target  into  acIon   8  
  9. 9. Different  type  of  sales  people  in  different  stages  of  product  life  cycle   KNIGHTS   SOLDIERS   GENERALS   PRODUCT  SALES   INTRODUCTION   GROWTH   MATURITY   DECLINE   9  
  10. 10. Different  types  of  sales  people  described   KNIGHTS   SOLDIERS   GENERALS  •  Evangelist   •  Growth   •  CombinaIon  of  Knights  •  No  structure   •  Processes   &  Soldiers  •  Independent   •  Product  &  market  fit   •  Omen  higher  educated  •  Hate  rules  &  processes   •  Numbers  game   •  Expensive   •  Management  +  sales   10  
  11. 11. Building  a  solid  sales  team   Learn  to  sell  yourself   Work  with  people  you  hire   Hire  people  hungry  for  growth   Hire  people  who  are  not  afraid  to  ask   MarkePng  deals  with  slower  leads   Be  careful  with  established  sales  people   11  
  12. 12. Different  stages  of  the  product  life  cycle  require  different  messages   BRAND  AWARENESS   SALES  ENCOURAGEMENT   LOYALTY   PRODUCT  SALES   INTRODUCTION   GROWTH   MATURITY   DECLINE   12  
  13. 13. Determine  the  goal  of  your  message  and  communicaIon   BRAND  AWARENESS   SALES  ENCOURAGEMENT   LOYALTY   TEASING  &  POSITIONING   ACTIVATING  &  CONVINCING   SATISFACTION  &  RELATION  •  RecogniIon   •  Understanding  problem   •  ConInuous  dialogue  •  Messages  frequent  &   •  Awareness  of  ‘how’  problem   •  Deliver  promises   consistent   is  solved   •  Solve  problem  •  PosiIve  feelings   •  Products  &  services  are   •  Create  long-­‐term  relaIon  •  Awareness  of  USP   easily  accessible   •  RelaIon  conInues  even  •  “Experience”   •  AdministraIon  process  are   amer  product  or  services  is   clear  &  pracIcal   delivered   55%   35%   10%   13  Note:,  Frans  de  groot  /  Toon  ten  Cate  
  14. 14. Choose  your  sales  channels  carefully   BRAND/IMAGE  –  TEASING   BRAND/IMAGE  –  POSITIONING   SALES/TRAFFIC  -­‐  ACTIVATING   Radio  Public  transport   Television  Magazines   Conferences  Congresses   Free  Publicity  Press  release   Advertorials  Press  interviews   Seminars  Direct  mail   Guerilla  Bill  Boards   Brochures  Website   E-­‐mail  TelemarkeIng   Spectacular  SMS   News  Rooms  Podcasts   Leaflets  AcIon  website   Tell  a  friend  Cars   Flicker  Video  /  YouTube   Free  cards  Point  of  traffic     Partners  TV  shows   Newspapers  SEO  /  SEA         Social  communiIes*       SALES/TRAFFIC  -­‐  CONVINCING   LOYALTY  -­‐  SATISFYING   LOYALTY  -­‐  RELATIONSHIP   Sales  promoIon  Premium  Services   Membership  Cashback  card   Blogs  Widget   Personal  sales  Sales  presentaIons   Events  Newslevers   TesImonials  Book  wriIng   Sales  training  Sales  coaching   News  updates  Forum   Member-­‐brings-­‐in-­‐member   Product  folders  Sampling   EducaIon  Apps     In-­‐house  /  online  magazine   Trials  Case  studies   Online  games  Panels   Individual  entertainment  &  business   TesImonials  Post-­‐ordering   Mentoring  Q&A     relaIonship  building  events   Catalogue  Display   Video  calling  Workspace   14  Note:,  Frans  de  groot  /  Toon  ten  Cate  
  15. 15. IdenIfy  the  characterisIcs  of  your  products  /  services   SALES FEATURES CHANNELS VISION PRICE POSITION ALLIANCES SUPPORT BRANDING COMPETITION Know  what  your  are  selling:  create  a  SWOT  of  your  product   15  
  16. 16. A  general  sales  process   IdenIfy   Leads   Amer   Decision   Care   Makers   Make   Pitch   Sale   Proposal   16  
  17. 17. Some  points  to  keep  in  mind  before  starIng  the  sales  process   1   Start  selling  in  idea  phase   6   Talk  about  needs  not  costs   2   Know  your  customer   7   Comparing  related  products   3   Every  customer  is  important   8   Play  around  with  messages   4   Customize  at  the  start   9   Always  be  yourself   5   Who  pays  the  bill?   10   Keep  on  going   Startup  sales  is  about  keep  on  going,  again  and  again  and  again…   17  
  18. 18. Most  common  mistakes   1   Not  knowing  your  customer   6   Cheaper  is  not  bever   2   Forgehng  to  sell   7   Careful  with  discounts   3   Not  tesIng   8   FFF  do  not  count  for  sales   4   Always  follow  up   9   Pick  strategic  buyers  carefully   5   OpImize  your  sales  funnel   10   Ask  for  the  deal   Don’t  forget  to  ask  for  the  deal!   18  
  19. 19. Impressing  without  words  SMILE   EYES   POSTURE   ATTITUDE  HANDS   VOICE   DRESS   ACCESSORIES   19  
  20. 20. Conclusion  1:   C2 x F x √T = Cl•  C  =  Chemistry  •  F  =  Fun  •  T  =  Time  •  Cl  =  Click   20  
  21. 21. Conclusion  2:   SALES IS A NUMBERS GAME! 21  
  22. 22. Webinar  Program  Overview  2012  June  19:    Business  Plan  WriIng  -­‐  A  Roadmap  to  Success  July  3:      Pitching  &  PresentaIon  -­‐  3  Minutes,  1  Impression  July  17:    Strategy  -­‐  A  Vision  for  the  Future,  A  Strategy  for  Gehng  There  July  31:    BudgeIng  &  ForecasIng  -­‐  PredicIng  the  Outcome  Aug  14:    Working  Capital  -­‐  An  Unknown  Key  to  Success  Aug.  28:    Capital  Management  -­‐  Playing  with  Risk  Sept  11.:    Funding  &  Investments  -­‐  Some  Sources  are  More  Equal  then  Others  Sept.  25:    ValuaIon  -­‐  Art  or  Science  Oct  9:      Exit  Strategy  -­‐  Nice  to  Have  or  Need  to  Have?  Oct.  23:    Bootstrapping  -­‐  An  AlternaIve  Answer  to  Funding  Nov  6:    Crowdfunding  -­‐  The  Power  of  Friends,  Family  and  Fools  Nov.  20:    Networking  -­‐  Nice  You  have  3000  Friends,  I  have  30  Relevant  ConnecIons  Dec.  4:    MarkeIng  &  (Social)  Media  -­‐  Noise  or  Value?  Dec.  11:    No  Sales,  No  Glory  Dec.  18:    Most  Common  Mistakes  of  Entrepreneurs   22  
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  24. 24. Thank  you!    This  document  was  prepared  and  wrimen  by  Eva  Hukshorn.  Several  people  and  organizaPons   have  inspired  her  to  write  this  presentaPon,  amongst  which  are,  but  not  limited  to  the   Founders  of  EFactor,  ABN  AMRO/RBS,  University  of  Groningen,  InsPtute  for  Management   Accountants,  Aurium  Prince