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Business Plan Writing - Getting Started: Summary


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Writing a business plan is more complicated and more important than most entrepreneurs expect. Here is a simple guidance to get yourself started through 20 basic questions.

Want to learn more? See Business Plan Writing - A Roadmap to Success covering 60 topics & questions to think through your idea.

Author: Eva Hukshorn, EFactor

Published in: Business
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Business Plan Writing - Getting Started: Summary

  1. 1. Author:  Eva  Hukshorn  Business  Plan:  20  ques/ons  you  should  answer  before  ge9ng  started   Wri2ng  a  business  plan  is  more  complicated  and  more  important  than  most   entrepreneurs  expect.  Here  is  some  guidance  to  get  yourself  started.   Please  answer  these  ques2ons  as  detailed  as  possible,  try  to  quan2fy  and  include   detailed  descrip2ons,  examples,  2melines  and  numbers.  1.  What niche will your business fill or which problem will it solve for its customers?2.  What services or products will your company sell?3.  Is your idea practical, and whos need will it fulfill? Define your customer4.  How would you define your industry you are operating in?5.  Who is your competition both product-wise, regional and global?6.  Which region / country are you focusing on?7.  What is your businesss advantage over existing firms?8.  Can you deliver a better quality service? Why? Also describe weaknesses9.  Can you create a demand for your business? How?10.  If you would have no constraints, how would you company look like in 5 years? 1      
  2. 2. Author:  Eva  Hukshorn  Business  Plan:  20  ques/ons  you  should  answer  before  ge9ng  started  11.  What skills and experience do you bring to the business?12.  What skills and experience do you need to bring your company at the wished for level in 5 years?13.  What will be your legal structure? Both operationally as well as in ownership.14.  How will your companys business records and administration be maintained?15.  Do you need insurance coverage and licenses to operate?16.  What equipment or supplies will you need?17.  How will you compensate yourself?18.  What are your resources now and in 5 years? Both equipment and people19.  What financing will you need? And what will you achieve with this financing? (this can also be broken up in phases)20.  Where will your business be located?     If  you  would  like  more  assistance,  email,  we  are    more  than  happy  to  act  as  your  coach  to  create  your  ul2mate  roadmap   2