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Session about Open Source Software & Open Source Hardware by Cole Crawford in the 2012 OpenStack APAC Conference

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  • the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2
  • the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2
  • Still in the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2It’s all about lock in – certified stacks
  • Lots of free softwareLamp running everywhereMysql takes offOracle 9i still revolutionary
  • The bubble bursts and no longer can we order dogfood online and have it shipped to our door.But something happened – enterprises realized that they relied on technology that could one day go out of business
  • Enterprises adopt a new Strategy – one that supports flexibility and agility in softwareHow many people remember the first open source deployment they were a part of?Who installed some variation of Lamp?
  • The Rise of X86 in the data center:Vertically scaled stacks were being replaced with commodity X86 hardware
  • Massive amount of data, massive data center utilization1 to 1 workloads
  • Discuss new challenges, management domainsMany to 1 but no orchestrationDifferent hypervisors did different things
  • Nist definition of cloud:DynamicOrchestratedMeasureableOn Demand Self Service
  • Still in the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2It’s all about lock in – certified stacks
  • Lots and lots of data, lots and lots of infrastructure powered in part by lots and lots of open source software.
  • Get metrics for facebook infrastructure
  • Still in the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2Not only did you have
  • Still in the days of big mainframes / Solaris 2Not only did you have
  • Vendor lock in at an end.API’s are the new standard anti vendor lock in toolCompanies will compete on supportability and features
  • What if software could deterministically power up/down infrastructureWhat if hardware could self replicate compute / storage based on software thresholds?This is DCaaS, this is the future
  • Open Source Software & Open Source Hardware

    1. 1. Open Source Software &Open Source Hardware A platform for innovation
    2. 2. Cole Crawford• Cloud Advisor to the Linux Foundation• Open Compute Storage Project Chair
    3. 3. In the beginning―Hello everybody out there using minix —I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won’t be big andprofessional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones..‖ -Linus TorvaldsFree Unix!―Starting this Thanksgiving I am going to write a complete Unix-compatiblesoftware system called GNU (for Gnus Not Unix), and give it away free(1)to everyone who can use it. Contributions of time, money, programs andequipment are greatly needed‖. -Richard Stallman
    4. 4. In the beginningClosed Hybrid Open
    5. 5. Enter the .com boom
    6. 6. The End of an Era
    7. 7. A new shift
    8. 8. Scale Up vs Scale Out
    9. 9. The Data Center Dilemma
    10. 10. Virtualization Arrives
    11. 11. Enter Cloud
    12. 12. The World TodayClosed Hybrid Open
    13. 13. Exascale Computing arrives
    14. 14. Facebook’s Metrics• 800 billion page views each month• Responsible for over 10% of all internet traffic• Over 100 million new photos every day• Over 90,000 servers
    15. 15. Open Compute VerticalsVirt IO: Mgmt: Center Design: Rack:
    16. 16. Open Compute – The WhoFacebook Tier 1’s FinancialSynnex Tier 2’s Life SciencesEmulex VAR’s Oil and Gas Scale out WebAnyone that would benefit from an open spec, increased data centerefficiency and a simplified supply chain management process!
    17. 17. The New World 1.0Interfaces / API’s Interfaces / API’s
    18. 18. The FutureInterfaces / API’s