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EMF Views: A View Mechanism for Integrating Heterogeneous Models - ER 2015 @ Stockholm, Sweden


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EMF Views: A View Mechanism for Integrating Heterogeneous Models - ER 2015 @ Stockholm, Sweden

  1. 1. EMF Views: A View Mechanism for Integrating Heterogeneous Models Hugo Bruneliere, Jokin Garcia, Manuel Wimmer and Jordi Cabot ER 2015 @ Stockholm, Sweden Monday 19th of October 2015
  2. 2. Model Views – (Industrial) Motivation
  3. 3. Model Views – Base Idea Modeling World Database World IT Architect Decision-maker IT Engineer SELECT PROJECT JOIN
  4. 4. Model Views – State-of-the-art (1/3) ● Views in databases (relational, OO) ● Views in modeling languages (UML, ER)  intra-model ones... ● What about inter-model views?
  5. 5. Model Views – State-of-the-art (2/3) ● Multi-viewpoint modeling o Single base, generative, mappings... Model a3 Model a2 Model a1 Multi-viewpoint Mechanism Model a
  6. 6. Model Views – State-of-the-art (3/3) ● Traditional model composition o Common model (~view) from connected ones o Merge, inheritance, generative... Model c Model b Model a Composition Mechanism Model abc
  7. 7. Model Views – Key Challenges (1/2) ● Genericity o All modeling languages ● Expressivity o SELECT-PROJECT-JOIN-like ● Non-intrusiveness o Existing models preserved ● Interoperability o View = regular model
  8. 8. Model Views – Key Challenges (2/2) ● Modifiability o Changeables views ● Synchronization o View ↔ Model(s) ● Scalability o View creation/handling, memory vs. CPU
  9. 9. EMF Views – Proposition/Contribution Model view approach for easier heterogenous models integration Virtualization framework for viewpoints/views SQL-like ViewPoint Definition Language (a.k.a. VPDL)
  10. 10. EMF Views – Conceptual Approach View Builder (Virtualization) Viewpoint Builder (Virtualization) Mode l c Model b Metamodel C Runtime Design time1 2 Viewpoint (virtual metamodel) View (virtual model) Metamodel B Metamodel A Model a Conforms to Conforms to Weaving model VPDL fileDesigner Weaving model User
  11. 11. EMF Views – @ Design Time m2t Viewpoint Builder (Virtualization) Weaving model Viewpoint file VPDL file Designer Matching file Refers to Metamodel C Metamodel B Metamodel A
  12. 12. EMF Views – @ Runtime View Builder (Virtualization) Weaving model User View file generation Viewpoint file (+ matching file) Refers to Model c Model b Model a
  13. 13. EMF Views – ViewPoint Definition Language (1/2) Operator Description CREATE VIEW Name, contributing metamodels SELECT Attributes/relations to be shown (or * for all) FROM (JOIN) Linked concepts, name of new relations WHERE (OCL) constraints for filters, connections, etc.
  14. 14. EMF Views – ViewPoint Definition Language (2/2) ● Simple viewpoint definition  TOGAF/BPMN/ReqIf integration...
  15. 15. EMF Views – Eclipse-based tooling ● Short demonstration...
  16. 16. Conclusion & Future Work ● Model view approach o Architecture + DSL o EMF-based solution ● What’s next? o VPDL v1.x or v2.0... o View update problem... o Persistence… o Validation…
  17. 17. Questions? Comments? ● ● Contact persons: o Hugo Bruneliere - o Jokin Garcia (impl.) -