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Social Media Strategy for CDB

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  • Crain’s Detroit Business (CDB) is an online newspaper that is part of Crain Communications, a publisher of trade journals and weekly business newspapers. Their main target audience is business professionals in the Detroit and surrounding areas. Currently, there is a social media strategy that includes Twitter, Facebook and blogs. CDB generates quite a bit of traffic with each social network and updates frequently, all great tactics for a social media strategy. Our goal is to generate more online traffic and develop a larger target audience is to not only re-prioritize the information released on these social media networking sites but also create a clearer message to attract a new target audience of college grads in the business professional career track. In addition to changing the information released, a secondary goal, more specifically for Twitter and blogging is to generate more interactive community feedback and employee responses in the public forum setting with more elusive tweets that generates a stronger mysterious appeal with personalization while still maintaining a brand image.
  • Nielson Business Media: specifically competes with online traffic and interaction with consumersAmerican City Business Journals: no specific competitive market in Detroit, but still a national competitor and also competes with online trafficAdvanstar Communications:same as #2; competitive innovative technologies
  • Crain’s Detroit Business

    1. 1. Crain’s Detroit Business<br />Ashley Hughes<br />NMDL Spring 2010<br />
    2. 2. Quality social media strategyNew target market can expand the success of the current social media strategy.<br />Biggest challenge is not just to appear in social media platforms but to be active and engaged in the community, putting emphasis on the young adult audience as the target audience or “recruiting” a younger audience (aka the future generation of business professionals). The goal is to get a stronger feedback results from social media platforms<br />
    3. 3. competition and innovative technology<br />The advertising and readership of the CDB company is dependant on the health of the economy. <br />Companies that compete with Crain’s Communication<br /><ul><li>Nielsen Business Media
    4. 4. American City Business Journals
    5. 5. AdvanstarCommunications</li></li></ul><li>Ways to reach goals<br /><ul><li>MORE readable design for future target audience
    6. 6. MORE interactive blogs
    7. 7. MORE mysterious, engaging tweets
    8. 8. NEW addition to the social media strategy: PODCAST</li></li></ul><li>blogxpansion<br /><ul><li> Employee Blog incentives for employees who regularly post and engage in blog and social network sites for the benefit of CDB. </li></ul>Ways uniqueblogging and blog community respect can increase traffic and gain target future audience.<br /><ul><li>Facebook& Twitter merger </li></ul>Use links to Facebook and Twitter and make sure they visit more than one link. Each link offered gives multiple web page connections on multiple social networks, rewarding customers for joining as friends or retweets.<br /><ul><li>Podcastsrelated to grad support for entry level job search</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Phone TechnologyMobile phone and Apple/Google community innovations<br /><ul><li> Involve CDB in Apple App Store and new i-pad specific application
    9. 9. New networking opportunity for business professionals to tweet their business networking events from their mobile phones/ laptops</li></li></ul><li>Timeline & Budget<br />Launch new grad campaign for future target audience in Fall (August-September)<br />Employee incentives for social networking recreationally for the benefit of CDB introduced immediately and awarded quarterly<br />Construct compatible applications for Apple products (like i-pad, which is ideal for business professionals)<br />
    10. 10. Allocation of Budget<br />In-house Design Employees salaries for design of i-pad compatible applications <br />Employee incentive awards can be either company related gifts or affiliate contributions, or professional advancement/salary compensation TBD<br />
    11. 11. Tracking success on Google Analytics<br />Additional budget may be necessary to add additional hours/emloyees to monitor feedback on Google Analytics, however using this tool will provide more specific niche markets for CDB to market to.<br />
    12. 12. Conclusion:<br />Success with new age target audience will transform goals and create new opportunities for larger target audience<br />