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A quick overview of the WCO Programme. You could become an Unfranchise Owner by selecting this powerful system to leverage your time and effort!

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WebCentre Owner Program

  1. 1. maWebCenters, Market America & You
  2. 2. The Opportunity The WebCenter program provides a system to: 1. Generate cash flow NOW! 2. Build a successful UnFranchise!
  3. 3. The Opportunity • The Best WebCenter Owners have the SAME Qualities as the Best UnFranchise Owners! • The QUALITIES of the person are more important than their education, experience, technical knowledge etc. • Prospects with the following qualities are positioned to leverage our system for success Friendly & Sociable Well- Connected Young Entrepreneurs Organized & Reliable Go Nows Professionals (All Kinds) Management Skills UFO Prospects
  4. 4. Questions for Evaluation  Profitability What is the potential behind the opportunity?  The Product & Service Is this a product/service that I like and is there a market for it?  The System How does the system work  Support What kind of support is available to help my business grow?  How to Get Started What are my options to get going? It’s important to explore all of the areas and make an educated decision to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  5. 5. Profitability Let’s take a look at earning potential:  Retail Profit  BV  Growth Potential
  6. 6. Profitability What if you could… • Increase your cash-flow with no out of pocket costs • Knock out some credit card debt • Cover your business expenses, travel, airfare, tickets, etc. …With just a couple of sales? It all starts with Setting your SHORT TERM GOALS
  7. 7. Profitability - Retail Think about the different fixed-cost goals you have: Business Goals • Pay for your travel expenses for the year • Major Events • Put your business in the black • Help a prospect earn the money to get started Family / Personal Goals • Family Vacation • Pay off credit cards • Holiday Shopping • Extracurricular Activities • Buy a new toy
  8. 8. Profitability - Retail You can cover the cost of your fixed-cost goals by generating retail profits. • The average website sale is $1299 • That generates about $1000 retail profit! • Take your goals, break them down into $1000 increments to get an estimate of how many website sales you’d need to make to achieve those goals
  9. 9. Profitability - Retail For Example: Getting to a Major Convention • Cost of ticket - $200 • Cost of Travel - $300 • Cost of Hotel / Misc - $600 • Total Cost - $1,100 (It can be done for less, but let’s use this as an example) If the average website sale generates $1,000, than just 1- 2 sales could cover the cost of your trip and leave you with additional profits!
  10. 10. Profitability - Retail For Example: Kids Summer Camps • Tuition: $200/biweekly • 8 Weeks in the summer • $200 * 4 = $800 • Total Summer Camp Fees: $800 If the average website sale generates $1,000, than just 1 sale could cover this cost for you!
  11. 11. Profitability - BV What about the big picture? • Each Website sale generates 225 BV • In addition, you earn 25 BV/Month for each active client! • The 25 BV is automatically billed and credited to you. You can manage your BV when you login to your WebCenter. • That means just 12 active website clients would generate 300 BV per month • Keep the BV in mind when factoring this into your long- term goals as well. The Ultimate Goal is to Duplicate Base 10, 7 Strong.
  12. 12. Monthly Objective is “Base 10” Personal Use Monthly Objective: • You (Distributor) personally purchase and use: • ≥ 100 BV per month • HOW? • Be a product of the product • Be your best customer • Save money by transferring your buying
  13. 13. Monthly Objective is “Base 10” Establish 10 – repeat customers who • Purchase ≥ 30 BV per month (est. $50) of Market America products • Monthly goal for Distributor is to generate product sales > 300 BV • Total Distributor Production: 400 BV
  14. 14. 300 BV from 10- 15 Preferred Customers 25 BV * 12 Active Website Customers = 300 BV/Month C = 30 BV & 20 IBV Retail Sales Goal 300 BV, 20 IBV Monthly Minimum Base 10, 7 Strong
  15. 15. This Organization: Minimum Personal Use, No Customers Base 10, 7 Strong 50 BV 50 BV 50 BV 50 BV 50 BV 50 BV 150 GBV 150 GBV
  16. 16. Base 10, 7 Strong This Organization: 100 Personal Use, 300 BV from 12 active website customers P- 100 BV C- 300 BV P- 100 BV C- 300 BV P- 100 BV C- 300 BV P- 100 BV C- 300 BV P- 100 BV C- 300 BV P- 100 BV C- 300 BV 1200 GBV 1200 GBV
  17. 17. Duplication • Whatever you do, will duplicate! • Duplicate Base 10, 7 Strong • Everybody is just Base 10, 7 Strong away from receiving about 1 BV commission check per month!
  18. 18. Profitability: Expansion • The WebCenter Program is an excellent way to grow your entire business. It’s not just about sales, there are a number of ways you can expand your business to be more profitable in the long term. • In this industry, it’s not just about you and what you can do. A major goal is to duplicate the system and expand your business and network. • We will cover more on the system for duplication in a bit, but let’s first talk about the different ways you can expand your UnFranchise with the WebCenter Program  Internship Program  Building Share of Customer  EMP
  19. 19. WebCenter Trial Run • This program provides a way for potential WebCenter Owners to leverage their sweat equity and be coached by a senior and experienced WebCenter Owner. • Interns have unlimited access to sales support to conduct website sales appointments on their behalf. • Setting up a WebCenter intern is EASY.
  20. 20. Mentors: Interns E • Explain the business to your intern. The goal is for them to become a qualified business partner, so their understanding of the business is critical. A • Activate status as an intern. You can have up to 4 interns at a time. Each Intern’s status is active for 90 days. To create an intern, create a contact in your WebCenter and label it “WebCenter Prospect”. S • Sell websites and earn retail profit. By leveraging the simple sales system and product specialist, you help your intern to sell 1-2 websites. Y • You help your intern to capitalize their UnFranchise with retail profit from website sales. Retail profit is paid to you, the WebCenter Owner. You MUST use the profit to capitalize your intern’s business.
  21. 21. Building Share of Customer • What about existing clients? Your clients may present opportunities to:  Become shop.com customers  Become a partner store on shop.com  Purchase relevant ma branded products  Become a business partner • We have systems for how to further expand your business with your clients which are taught in the WCTS!
  22. 22. WebCenters EMP • We’ve made some fundamental changes to our approach on global sales this year! • Your WebCenter is automatically enabled to sell websites globally in Market Countries and EMP Countries: Market Countries EMP Countries Coming Soon • USA • Canada • Mexico • Australia • Taiwan • Hong Kong • United Kingdom • Spain • Costa Rica • Dominican Republic • Columbia • Ecuador • Panama • Singapore • New Zealand • Philippines • Any other country that we can support the language and support hours!
  23. 23. Profitability Recap Is this a profitable opportunity? • Absolutely! High Retail Profit Potential Residual BV Duplication Share of Customer Global Expansion / EMP
  24. 24. Product & Service When evaluating the product & service, some good questions to answer are: • Is there a market for the product/service? • Is this a product/service I like? • Is the product/service competitive in the market
  25. 25. The Market • The internet connects the world! Everyone is “Plugged in”. • If you think about it, we are all consumers of the internet in some way, shape or form! Where do you: • Get your news • Socialize • Research • Find products • Find services • Play • Get Music • Get Books • Get Periodicals • Get Advice
  26. 26. The Market When you consider your own personal consumption of websites today, you should know there is a huge market! • More than 50 % of mobile users access their email using their device only. • 61% of reluctant and budget-conscious shoppers can be positively influenced to buy by peer-influenced content like customer review(source: Bazaarvoice) • For people age 64 – 72 (source: eMarketer) • 3% research products online • 91% use the web to read e-mail • 56% use the web to make purchases • 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of shopping time researching products
  27. 27. The Product We are a Partnership marketamerica ma WebCenters and YOU! • Very simply, we are talking about a proven, duplicatable, system to provide small business owners an effective Internet presence! • We can help SMB (Small-Medium Sized Business) with: • Increasing Revenues • Decreasing Expenses • Increasing Customer Satisfaction • Participating in the most popular and effective way to gain new business!
  28. 28. What Makes Us Different • Our clients are getting more than just a website, they are getting an entire online marketing strategy. • Let’s take a look at the myriad of tools and options that our clients have
  29. 29. Website Development • Websites • Completely customizable • Easy to edit / Drag & drop tools • Business owner has complete control • Edits are published immediately • Free mobile websites
  30. 30. How do you change text? What we have Various designer's packages, delivery service, design by you
  31. 31. How do I add an image?
  32. 32. Website Design • One of the options your client will have to use our design team. • Our team of professional designers can provide your client with a dynamic customized website, fully integrated with our entire solution. • Learn more about the design center at: http://www.mawc411.com/designcenter.jsp • Take a look at some of the designs we recently done!
  33. 33. Design Center
  34. 34. • eCommerce Tools – Shopper wish list – Pan and zoom product image – Compare products – Order history with easy “Reorder” feature – Configurable product with options that adjust the sales price – Multiple billing options – Shopper product reviews – Product tags – Sales dashboard – See who’s shopping – Enhanced Product Catalog search results with product thumbnails • Newsletter feature – stay in contact with customers eCommerce
  35. 35. eCommerce  Shopper Account  Compare Products
  36. 36. Marketing Tools • SEO tools • Social media tools • CRM • Email marketing • Domains • Email • Mobile websites
  37. 37. The Power of Unlimited • Unlimited pages • Unlimited changes • Unlimited traffic • Unlimited email addresses • Unlimited upgrades • We take away the challenges that business owners face to stay current with their online marketing solution. • With unlimited support, changes and upgrades, having an effective online presence is simple.
  38. 38. The Power of Unlimited • Take a look at some recent Free Upgrades! Brand New Email Marketing System! Free Mobile Websites! New Widgets! Ie: Menu as a widget
  39. 39. Support & Security • Award Winning Unlimited Customer Care • Unlimited help editing the site • Support using all features & tools in our solution • Home country, 24/7 support • Ultra-secure hosting facility 24x7 Security and incident monitoring, hosted on tiered, high performance Dell PowerEdge servers, protected from fire, floods, earthquakes, power outages, and other types of disasters • Dual-layer firewall protection Using Cisco PIX firewalls
  40. 40. The Choice is Simple!
  41. 41. The System We’ve established • We have an incredible product that is a profitable investment for your client! • There is solid earning and growth potential for you, the WebCenter Owner • Now let’s learn about the system behind the product and potential!
  42. 42. The System • The WCT 101 and 201 classes cover our system for sales in depth. • What we want to cover now are the fundamental blocks that make up our sales system. • So, What are we selling? • Websites? • Marketing Tools? • Both?
  43. 43. The System We Sell the Appointment!
  44. 44. The System • Our system is built on selling appointments and then leveraging our teams of professionals to handle all of the heavy lifting for you while providing the best possible product / service to your client! • Teams of Professionals include: • Product Specialists • Design Center • Customer Care
  45. 45. Product Specialists • The interactive Sales Support Calendar is one of the most essential pieces of the WebCenter. It allows you to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified website sales experts who will conduct sales appointments for you! Product Specialists Will: • Read your notes in the scheduled appointment / chat with you about the notes 5 minutes before the appointment. • Ask your prospects questions about their business • Demonstrate our technology to your prospect • Answer your prospect’s questions • Follow Up with your prospect for you! • Sell the website for you!
  46. 46. Design Center • The Design Center is a great way to get your customer's web presence set up quickly and easily. One of the options which the Product Specialists may offer is the ability to have our team of design professionals create a completely custom Website • All packages can be purchased at the activation of the site as part of the purchase price or can be purchased later on an à la carte basis after the sale is made. The Process • Once a Design Center package is sold, the client who purchased it is contacted by phone within 2 business days by the project manager associated with their project to get the ball rolling. • From that point on, it’s just a matter of getting the information, documents, pictures, and authorizations, to keep the project moving forward. • Phases: Conceptual, Integration, Launch! • Our team does an excellent job of making sure these projects move forward and the clients are happy!
  47. 47. Customer Care • Group of trained professionals who will assist your clients with support maintaining their websites and using our tools! • Clients have unlimited, 24/7 access to the team! • Clients can request to work with preferred support technicians! • You have access to this team as well! • They are a huge part of the service we provide, so make sure to promote them! TIPS for Leveraging Tech Support • Make sure to highlight the value of tech support when setting appointments with potential customers. • When you sell a site, take a few minutes to show your customer how they can access tech support. • When following up with existing customers, ask them if they are taking advantage of tech support. • Include the customer care info on your business cards, email signature, social media for your WebCenter, phone • Teach Your Clients How To Use Tech Support!!
  48. 48. The Sales System is Simple • You schedule an appointment with a website prospect • Sales Support helps to sell the website for you • Design Center can design the site for your customer • Customer Care will help maintain the site for your customer and provide support for all of our marketing tools
  49. 49. The Sales System is Simple • Think about all the business owners you already know! Where are some of the places you do business with? • Ex: Your favorite restaurant. It’s as simple as making a phone call or walking in and asking a few questions. “Hey Joanne! This is Sue, I’m a huge fan of your restaurant. Listen, I was going to share your website with a friend but couldn’t find it. Do you have a website? Oh really? Well…”
  50. 50. The Sales System is Simple • Now here’s the magic part where you simply edify the teams of professionals and set an appointment! • “You know Joanne, I work with a great company that has an entire division that specializes in helping small businesses leverage the internet. If you’d like, I could get you an appointment with one of the product specialists to see if they may be able to help you out with that!.” • It’s that simple. Sell the appointment. Leverage the teams.
  51. 51. The Sales System is Simple • The WCT 101 & 201 Classes cover more in detail: • Goal Setting • Our Product & The Market Place • Lead Generation • How to Talk to Website Prospects • How to Leverage our Sales System • How to Expand your Business with WebCenters • How to Use Your WebCenter
  52. 52. Support / Tools Your WebCenter Your WebCenter provides you with all of the tools you need to leverage our proven system for success. All maWebCenters include: • A front-end website to market your website sales business • An interactive sales calendar to schedule appointments • Access to domains and emails, email marketing • Customer relationship management tools, search engine tools, social media tools, mobile websites and more! • Access to Sales Support, Design Center, Customer Care
  53. 53. Support / Tools Standardized Training Standardized Live Training and Online Training • WCT 101: “Succeeding with Simple Sales” The maWebCenters Certification Course 101 is designed to give you a simple and duplicatable system for building your unFranchise as a WebCenter Owner. You will gain a foundational understanding of our product, simple sales system and business building techniques. This course also features a section on navigating your WebCenter, an action plan for success and valuable workshop moments for you to gain practical experience in the classroom. • WCT 201: “Advanced Selling & Networking” maWebCenters 201 class is designed for WebCenter Owners who have taken the 101 course and are ready to take their business to the next level. This course features more advanced selling and business building techniques along with more advanced knowledge of the WebCenter, marketing materials and other tools. It features valuable workshops for goal revision, sales techniques and even a call workshop to set appointments while you learn. http://www.mawc411.com/training_support.jsp
  54. 54. Support / Tools Standardized Training Free Webinar Series & Meeton Sessions http://www.mawc411.com/training_support.jsp When What Where All Mondays Tip of the Week Meeton 1st Tuesdays Call Workshop GoToWebinar 3rd Tuesdays WebCenter Continuing Education GoToWebinar 2nd & 4th Tuesdays WebCenter Program Overviews GoToWebinar Sundays 90 Day Fast Track Coaching Sessions GoToWebinar
  55. 55. Support / Tools Websites & Guides • Marketing Manuals • Software user guides • Sales and marketing newsletters • Brochures, Business Cards, Sales Aids • www.mawc411.com • www.mawebcenters.com • www.masamples.com • www.facebook.com/officialmawebcenters • www.twitter.com/officialMAWC411 • www.youtube.com.officialmawc http://www.mawc411.com/training_support.jsp
  56. 56. Get Started Become a WebCenter Owner Become a WebCenter Owner! • Login to your unFranchise and select "Order Products" • Enter in Code To Purchase a WebCenter – US code: 6040 Cost: / $350 BV: 300 – Canada code: C6040 / Cost: $350 BV: 300 – Mexico code: MX6040 / Cost: 5,340.93 pesos BV: 300 • To Purchase a WebCenter Reactivation – US code: 6040RA / Cost: $150 BV: None – Canada: C6040RA / Cost: $150 BV: None – Mexico: MX6040RA / Cost: 2,288.97 pesos BV: None
  57. 57. Get Started Purchase a Fast Start Kit • Master UnFranchise Business (300 BV & 3 BDCs) • Independent Distributor Subscription Kit • Business Building Materials • maWebCenter – backed by maWebCenters Teams of Professionals Get a New Business Partner Started! $399
  58. 58. Questions for Evaluation  Profitability Substantial retail profit & BV potential with opportunities to build in depth domestically & globally.  The Product & Service An all-inclusive, superior online marketing solution to help businesses leverage the internet & market their business  The System A simple sales system, supported by teams of professionals  Support Standardized trainings, webinars, meetons, printed materials, teams of professionals  How to Get Started Fast Start Kit, Become a WebCenter Owner, Internship Let’s go ahead and re-ask those important questions!
  59. 59. Thank you for joining Remember, all the knowledge in the world is useless unless You Take Action! • Check out www.mawc411.com • Get to a WebCenter Certification Training • Check out the Webinars • Become a WebCenter Owner • Start Your Journey for Success!