The Pitfalls of Process

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May. 22, 2013

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The Pitfalls of Process

  1. 6100 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor - Los Angeles, CA 90048 +1 310 499 7700 April 30th, 2013 Process & Creativity
  2. Agenda: 1. Me 2. Huge 3. Fostering Creativity Within Your Process
  3. Bullshit  Huge PM  Today’s Huge
  4. Bullshit.
  5. Life pre - Huge [failed startup I can’t find logo for]
  6. But mostly…
  7. “…just go work at an agency.”
  8. So, I turned to my smartest, most discerning, charming, and physically attractive friends for advice.
  9. Designers. Huge.What agency should I work at?
  10. 5Craigslist postings 6Interviews 7Months +   +  
  11. PM.
  12. #2Second PM at Huge ever.
  13. Lather Rinse Repeat
  14. Day 1: “These are your projects. For #####, wireframes are due Friday. We’re short UX so you’ll need to do the first draft”.
  15. What’s a wireframe?
  16. 7Things I did in my first 6 months at Huge.
  17. 1. Learned what a wireframe was. Wireframed an entire website. With zero repeated templates or modules.
  18. 2. Pissed most everyone off. Cried about it. Then made friends.
  19. 3. Conducted a content audit. Faked a copy writer. Wrote a CMS user guide. Entered a shit ton of content.
  20. 4. Booked our CEO’s travel. Got screamed at daily for booking our CEO’s travel wrong.
  21. 5. Lead meetings I had no business leading. Pulled it off.
  22. 6. Hired a freelance HTML developer. Spent 5 weeks working the night shift debugging HTML.
  23. 7. Gave inappropriate hugs.
  24. Lather Rinse Repeat
  25. Today’s Huge.
  26. Agencies are often hired because conformist organizations struggle to produce innovation.
  27. 13 600
  28. At Huge. We almost got caught in the process trap.
  29. Every project was an exception.
  30. Epiphany: Some of early Huge was legitimately insane. But, the extreme flexibility of how we worked together had a big impact on the quality of our work.
  31. The “perfect process” for us defined a baseline framework but adapted to the project, and the team’s, unique composition.
  32. Huge process. 33.
  33. The answer to doing great work wasn’t actually about perfecting our process.
  34. Focus on building creative teams that have what they need to do great work.
  35. 10 Tips: To foster creativity within your process, whatever it may be.
  36. 1. Be flat. Great ideas can come from anyone.
  37. Be relentless about preserving this tenet. It will be painful for some people.
  38. 2. Competition is good.
  39. Teach your teams to be tough and brutally honest about the work. And the best ideas will win.
  40. 3. Whenever possible, sleep with your co-workers.
  41. Whenver possible, sleep with be very good friends with your co-workers.
  42. 4. Iterate. Always push your idea and present multiple versions.
  43. When you think you have it. Throw it away and start over.
  44. 5. Take the time to listen.
  45. This is not listening. We need personalization. Small, medium or large?
  46. 6. Test & learn. User testing is one of the most valuable tools we have.
  47. Can we test this? We have to test this.
  48. 7. Embrace the pain.
  49. Collaboration is painful. Critiques are painful. Re-work is painful. Design is harder than art.
  50. 8. Be fearless.
  51. mbrace the QB.
  52. No one would choose a commune as their team in a war. Beware the democracy trap.
  53. 10. Understand your impact on the world.
  54. Realize how loved you are.
  55. Embrace your responsibility.
  56. Ask for what you need to do your job well.
  57. Ignore everyone and go for a walk.
  58. Choose your mantra… Make something you love.
  59. Questions?
  60. 6100 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor - Los Angeles, CA 90048 +1 310 499 7700