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  1. 1. When we came to Huge 7 years ago, we were a little company in Brooklyn. We’re now more than 600 people in 9 officesaround the world. Over this time it has been our great pleasure to know you as co-workers and friends. Thank you for theenergy, love, passion, and commitment you’ve brought to all our projects.Huge has always offered the best opportunities for passionate designers, strategists and developers to make a real andlarge-scale change in the world. The opportunity and the ability to make the world a better place has always been - andwill continue to be - what makes Huge a great company.What has made Huge great has always been the same: the core values the company was founded on:The work is first.We are all here to make something great, and all the other silly things that can happen at an agency will always take abackseat to why we’re really here.Be nice.Being nice is not only the best way to get good work done, it’s also the right thing to do. We can’t stress how important thisis in order to create something good.Take chances.There are no rules and there is no pattern or process that guarantees having a good idea. Nobody will ask you to be bril-liant. You just have to take chances and go for it. The best idea will win and if your idea is good, nobody will care how yougot there.Listen.People at Huge are the smartest people we have ever been around. Listen to the people you work with. Try out their ideasand listen to critiques about your own; let them make the work better. When smart people surround you, listening is thesmartest thing you can do.Surrender your ego.You are going to be wrong all the time. Users will prove this to you over & over. Be ok with it.The user has the final say.Huge has always been anchored in truly user-centric design. This is the number one reason why Huge is different. It’seasy to say, but hard to do. When everyone agrees, including the client, that the users have the final say, then and onlythen can you make something that they will truly embrace and love.Make friends.We’ve met some of the best people in our lives at Huge. People we will know and love forever. There are truly amazingpeople at this company, don’t just limit them to your work life.In the end what works about Huge is that everyone has a chance to make something great. Everyone can make some-thing that the world will see, and can make an impact on people’s lives. Our motto has always been Make Something YouLove and we’ve always meant it. It’s a standard to strive for internally with your own work, a goal for our client partners,and ultimately we know that if you truly love something, so will everyone else. You can make an impact. You can makepeople’s lives better, and Huge is designed to be an amazing place to do that.Thanks.
  2. 2. The last 7 years have been amazing for us.We are genuinely proud of the work and the agency we’ve created together.While our friendships will go on, it’s time for us to focus on building something new.We would like to especially thank David, Sasha, Gene & Aaron.Sincerely,Joe StewartPartner & Global Creative DirectorFelipe MemoriaPartner, User Experience