Scenic Hudson Sea Level Rise Mapper - Part 4


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On Wednesday, September 18th - as part of the Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project's Seminar Series - Jason Winner, Conservation GIS Manager for Scenic Hudson presented on the new Sea Level Rise Mapper.

The mapper is a tool for communities and stakeholders to use to create visualizations of future scenarios of sea level rise. With these maps and information, Scenic Hudson is supporting communities' efforts to develop adaptation plans by helping them to:

- create maps of the extent and impacts of inundation and flood zone expansion

- understand the locations of key built and natural resources

- create graphics that illustrate different sea level rise scenarios in specific communities or stretches of the river

- estimate the risks to infrastructure and natural resources and the likelihoods of different inundation events

- develop alternative adaptation scenarios and weigh their cost and benefits with respect to built infrastructure and natural resources

** The Sea Level Rise Mapper can be found on Scenic Hudson's website at:

For more information, contact Jason Winner at Scenic Hudson at (845) 473-4440 ext 223, or

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Scenic Hudson Sea Level Rise Mapper - Part 4

  1. 1. Case Studies A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  2. 2. Case Study – Revitalizing Hudson Riverfronts Where conditions allow: a)Promote riverfront greenway corridor b)Preserve and restore floodplains c) Locate critical infrastructure above the 500-year floodplain d)Update policies for resilience e) Promote green development A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  3. 3. Case Study – Kingston Sea Level Rise Task Force Successful Strategies: a)Political support b)Engage stakeholders c) Develop climate adaptation plans d)Plan for future conditions e) Update policies for resilience f) Leverage external drivers A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  4. 4. Conclusion A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise Planning for Sea Level Rise will Prepare Communities for Balanced Adaptation and Resilience
  5. 5. •Land Conservation Strategies •Sea Level Affecting Marshes Model (SLAMM) •Storm event modeling •Engage with Stakeholders •Share data •New Features on Website Next Steps? A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  6. 6. Next Steps - SLAMM A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  7. 7. Next Steps – Community Outreach A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise
  8. 8. A GIS Roadmap for Sea Level Rise Funders Sarah K. de Coizart Article TENTH Perpetual Charitable Trust Whitney Foundation Wildlife Conservation Society Sean Eldridge Collaboration, Partnership, and Training Hudson River Estuary Program – Project Partner Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve The Nature Conservancy – Eastern New York & Long Island Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies NYS Department of Environmental Conservation NOAA Coastal Services Center Stony Brook University Acknowledgements and Collaboration
  9. 9. NOAA Coastal Services Center The Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Tools Network Sea Level Rise Mapper: “” LiDAR: “” Census block data: “” Advisory BFE’s: “” NYSDEC Climate Smart Communities: “” Tools and Websites of Interest A Roadmap for Sea Level Rise WEBSITESTOOLS