How Huddle Helps Agencies


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Learn how Huddle, the leading provider for content management and collaboration in the cloud, helps agencies worldwide.

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How Huddle Helps Agencies

  1. 1. ™ Huddle for Agencies. Excel in client service and win more new business.Create branded, collaborative client extranets Bring your team and project together Deliver projects on time and reduce costsTransform your workspaces into feature-rich Whether they’re based in the office, in another Huddle’s task management tools allow you toextranets that reflect your clients’ brands. Give your country or working remotely, your team can work manage client programmes online with fullclients full visibility into each and every stage of as effectively in Huddle as if they were all sitting in visibility of their status. No more courier costs,their campaign or project. Share all project files and the same room. Brainstorm ideas, share plans printing document versions or unnecessaryassets in a secure, central place online. and notify clients and teams of new documents. face-to-face meetings. Managing the collaborative process is simple. HUDDLE IS USED BY THE BEST USA: +1 (415) 376-0870 UK & EU: +44 (0)8709 772 212
  2. 2. ™THIS IS HUDDLEHuddle is the most comprehensive application for managing projects, files and people in the cloud. It gives you allthe tools you need to get your work done efficiently and securely with your clients, internal teams and suppliers. Share large files Get approvals fast Keep projects on trackWith no upload limits, share files of any size Notify or request approvals from clients or Maintain visibility with intuitive projector type. team members. management tools. Work from anywhere Reduce email traffic Don’t travel to meetingsAccess Huddle online, on mobile devices and Use whiteboards and discussions to keep Meet online using integrated phone and webon desktops via the Microsoft Office app. conversations in one place. conferencing tools.HOW YOU WILL BENEFIT1. Improved client retention 2. Winning more business 3. More innovationKeep your clients informed at all times about Quickly pull all the information and the team Reduce the amount of admin and chasing -the status of their projects and campaigns. together for a pitch or project. more time to be creative.MORE THAN FILE SHARING File permissions Audit trails Version history Approvals Access externally Access internally Share documents securely Share large files Share small filesWHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY Huddle enables us to keep track of Following our deployment of Huddle, Transparency of working practices projects in real-time, view client we’ve been able to retain a tremen- instils confidence in the client andfeedback and clearly identify final proofs. We dous amount of control over what messaging demonstrates a more interactive way ofalso appreciate the ease and speed of is released to the public. The coordination of working. This is something we have alwaysHuddle’s intuitive interface.” our campaigns has also improved.” worked hard at, but Huddle has enabled us toRobert Burns, AKQA Pamela Muñoz, Kia Motors take this business advantage to another level.” Graham Cox, Rufus Leonard USA: +1 (415) 376-0870 UK & EU: +44 (0)8709 772 212