Centrica Case Study


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Centrica looks to the cloud to support collaboration with global teams and third parties.

Centrica selected Huddle as it was the only collaboration platform that was able to offer the security measures the company required.

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Centrica Case Study

  1. 1. Case StudyCentricaCentrica looks to the cloud to support collaboration withglobal teams and third parties. About Centrica Centrica is an integrated energy company, operating predominately in the UK and North America. Upstream, it sources, generates, processes, trades and stores energy. Downstream, it supplies gas and electricity to millions of homes and businesses, offering a distinctive range of home energy solutions and low carbon products and services. Location UK Challenge Centrica works with a large number Sector Private sector of third parties and needed a dynamic Industry Energy platform that would enable people working on projects to collaborate.Centrica has hundreds of projects taking place across the UK at any one time. To help the company “Huddle has given us a one stop shop toimplement these ventures successfully, it works with a variety of third parties. The type of third party manage our communication. From financeand skills required are dictated by the project, but each has one thing in common; a constant stream and project management through to HR,of communication. This communication is vital to ensure that projects continue to move forward, Huddle has made us much more focusedeveryone is kept up-to-date on the latest developments and that work is completed within the and efficient.”designated timeframe. - Kiffey Dalvi, Senior Project ManagerKiffey Dalvi, Senior Project Manager, Centrica explains: “Depending on the project, we might haveteams in the US, Glasgow, India and Germany all working together. The teams are remote – if theyhave a question, they can’t just walk across the office and ask a colleague. Previously, these teamswere collaborating over email and it wasn’t proving productive in terms of fostering and supporting aworkforce. When you have people working together over four different time zones, all inputting into onedocument, it is easy to get confused about the status of activities.”Relying on email, made keeping track of approvals and amendments for auditing purposes overlycomplex. Centrica was also faced with the issue of sharing large files. The files that teams need tocollaborate on, such as property catalogues, are exceptionally large and exceeded mailbox limits.Although the content could be sent via ‘YouSendIt’, it was impossible to know if the file had beenreceived, successfully downloaded and that the recipient was clear about next steps.“Email is in no way intuitive. You need to sift through your inbox and pick out what you believe to bethe latest version. It’s unproductive and frustrating for all concerned. We wanted to give our partners amore interactive and user friendly platform to swap ideas and collaborate on,” Dalvi continued.Centrica selected Huddle as it was the only collaboration platform that was able to offer the securitymeasures the company required. Centrica often gives third parties access to commercially sensitiveinformation. For example, it shares its interim results with PricewaterhouseCoopers via Huddle sothat the consultancy can write its market report. The organization needed to ensure that the datawould not be compromised or viewed by someone who does not have the right level of authorisation.Using Huddle, Centrica can create secure workspaces specific to each project and they can be onlyaccessed by the individuals working on it.Since implementing Huddle, Centrica and the third parties it works with no longer experience theadministrative burdens previously associated with managing projects.
  2. 2. Dalvi explains: “Everything is now streamlined. If you make a change to the document, all you need todo is upload it and notify the rest of the team. They can then go in, add their thoughts and notify youthat the document has been reviewed. Rather than trawling through email, everyone knows that thedocument is on Huddle and as there is only one copy, it’s the correct one. We now have more than300 active users using Huddle.”“The adoption of Huddle has grown organically across the organization as people in different teamswork together and see how it could benefit their department. For example, their HR department nowinteracts with our debt recovery agency using Huddle as it makes more sense then going back andforth over email.”The audit trail capabilities of Huddle have also proven to be exceptionally useful. At the click of abutton, project managers can now access information about amendments and authorizations, which isparticularly important as Centrica operates in a heavily regulated industry.“Huddle has given us a one stop shop to manage our communication. From finance and projectmanagement through to HR, Huddle has made us much more focused and efficient.”