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Education & technology


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Education & technology

  1. 1. Education & Technology Types of Technology
  2. 2. Digitalvideo Digital camera Tape Recorders White boards
  3. 3. How Can Educators integrate Technology? Technology in the ClassroomTraditional Teaching Bridging the Gap
  4. 4. The computer can be used to educate in many ways:►World Wide Web►Gather research►Word processing► Administer Tests
  5. 5. Ocean of informationWorld Wide Web Internet Word Processing
  6. 6. White Boards• Increase student interaction• Promote hands on activities
  7. 7. Classroom ResponseClickers• Used to administer test• Classroom group interaction• Classroom presentations
  8. 8. Educators can bridge the gap by doing thefollowing: - Staying up to date on technology -Teacher training -Encouraging Parental involvement -Infusing the traditional methods with current technology methods