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Building Relationships with Global General Counsel


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Acquiring clients – and keeping them – has been the dominant strategy for many law firms in recent years. To better understand how law firms can differentiate themselves from the rest and improve their chances of winning work and retaining clients, Hubbard One commissioned a survey and interviews with more than 40 General Counsel worldwide.

The results reveal that law firms must provide targeted content and experience, at more regular intervals and via diverse communication channels if they are to build strong relationships with General Counsel and achieve reputations that stimulate firm growth. During this webinar, Jen Bullett and Kalev Peekna hold an in-depth discussion of the survey results. Watch to discover ways your firm can use targeted content and experience to win and retain business with global General Counsel.

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Building Relationships with Global General Counsel

  1. 1. 8% 50% of respondents GCs work with 90% are based in Europe 95% over 20 law firms. from US-based work in large companies, of which two-thirds 50% public or private organizations with 37%have international revenues over of GCs working operations GCs work with 20 US$500m with 30 or more or fewer law firms law firms.
  2. 2. A law firm’s expert knowledge of their company’s sector/industry andtheir legal experience are of greater importance to GCs thancompetitive and flexible prices.Reputation in the marketplace is crucial as most GCs ask forrecommendations and referrals from trusted sources when looking toselect a law firm.When it comes to law firm websites, GCs prioritize the ability to gainaccess to relevant information in a quick and straightforwardmanner.In order to provide GCs with relevant information, law firms will need toconvince them that content individualization is neither a waste oftime, nor a risk to privacy.Law firms will miss out on opportunities if they fail to actively engagewith underutilized and undervalued communication channels such associal media and extranets.
  3. 3. *i.e. – office locations,contact information
  4. 4. See the Benefits of Cautious About Personalization Personal Info
  5. 5. 80% 70% 60% of business decision say content say that company makers prefer to get marketing makes content helps themcompany information in them feel closer to make better a series of articles the sponsoring purchasingversus advertisements company decisions SOURCE: Pulizzi Roper Public Affairs