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What Sales Winner do Differently - HubSpot & RAIN Group Webinar


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It's no secret that selling can be hard. Since today's buyer is more savvy than ever before, sales teams are having a hard time connecting with prospects and closing deals. Yet, some sellers are continually able to find success and bring in new business. So what are sales winners doing differently?

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What Sales Winner do Differently - HubSpot & RAIN Group Webinar

  2. #InsightSelling Meet Your Experts: Mike Schultz @Mike_Schultz Mike Pici @MichaelPici Host: @AmandaSibley
  3. #InsightSelling Today we’ll discuss: 1. The 10 Attributes of Sales Winners 2. What is Insight Selling? 3. The 3 Levels of Insight Selling
  4. #InsightSelling Sales Winners 1. Sell radically differently 2. Go beyond solution selling 3. Look like each other across industries
  5. #InsightSelling So what are these sales winners doing differently?
  6. #InsightSelling Top 10 Attributes Separating Winners from Second-Place Finishers 1
  7. #InsightSelling 7#InsightSelling Top 10 Attributes Separating Winners from Second-Place Finishers 1 Educated me with new ideas or perspectives 2 Collaborated with me 3 Persuaded me we would achieve results 4 Listened to me 5 Understood my needs 6 Helped me avoid potential pitfalls 7 Crafted a compelling solution 8 Depicted purchasing process accurately 9 Connected with me personally 10 Overall value from the company is superior to other options
  8. #InsightSelling Sales winners harness the power of ideas
  9. #InsightSelling What is Insight Selling?2
  10. #InsightSelling Insight selling is the process of creating and winning sales opportunities – and driving change – with ideas that matter.
  11. #InsightSelling Opportunity Insight Interaction Insight Inspires buyer, fills pipeline Strengthens buyer decision making Educate Collaborate Focus on Value Becomes a change agent Persuade…results Sales Winners Insight Principle Seller Strategies of Sales Winners
  12. #InsightSelling The 3 Levels of Insight Selling3
  13. #InsightSelling Convince CollaborateConnect
  14. #InsightSelling SELLERS Connect the dots and connect with people Connect CUSTOMERS
  15. #InsightSelling Maximum Return “Resonate” Best Option “Differentiate” Acceptable Risk “Substantiate” • Premium Fees • Sales Wins • Loyalty + Convince people that you can provide the ... + Convince Creates Foundation For…
  16. #InsightSelling Collaborate Collaborate to educate the buyer and influence agendas. “Does this sound like the right solution for you?” “Are you willing to change?” “Have you ever bought anything like this in the past?”
  17. #InsightSelling  Price of entry  Necessary, not sufficient Connect DOTS PEOPLE  Drive demand  Become essential  Maximize buyer ownership of sale Collaborate WHAT HOW MIN RISK  Minimize “Lost to no decision”  Maximize competitive wins Convince BEST CHOICE MAX RETURN Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
  18. #InsightSelling Now Available: Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners Do Differently
  19. #InsightSelling Get the email insights you need with Signals. GO TO GETSIGNALS.COM
  20. #InsightSelling Thank You.
  21. #InsightSelling Q&A @Mike_Schultz @MichaelPici @AmandaSibley