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The 5 Key Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing

  1. The 5 Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing Justin Kistner Sr. Manager of Social Product Marketing Dan Zarrella Social Media Scientist @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  2. Social Is The #1 Online Activity • Social media is not only the most popular activity online, it grew the most at 48% growth over last year. • Social media was the most popular activity last year. It also grew the most last year tripling in time spent over 2008. • Users spend 4 times as much time on social networks than they do email. • Users spend a 1/3 less time on email this year than they did last year. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  3. Fortune 100 site traffic decreasing Yearly change in Unique Visits – Fortune 100 (2009-2010) 150.00% Cisco systems (139%) 100.00% 50.00% 0.00% -50.00% Phillip Morris (-76.3%) -100.00% • Average percentage drop was 23.02% • 68% of companies experienced negative growth in unique visits from 2009 – [1] Unique visits [1] monitored between Nov 2009 – Nov 2010 2010 were @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  4. FACEBOOK FANS SITE VISITORS (MO.) 19,800,000 1,800,000 22,700,000 270,000 16,900,000 290,000 8,000,000 325,000 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  5. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  6. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  7. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  8. Facebook’s Value Proposition Website Integration Pages Ads Apps Analytics @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  9. Visit Everyday 76% 50% FANS ARE Friend Network 310 HARDCORE FACEBOOK 130 USERS Links Clicked Fans Avg. User 5.1 1 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  10. Existing customers 84% Want exclusive offers & benefits FANS ARE CUSTOMERS 83% LOOKING FOR DEALS, Buy more after becoming a fan NEWS & 36% COMMUNITY @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  11. Site @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  12. Like Button @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  13. Visually creates desire @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  14. Shares a link in the news feed @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  15. Discussion increases reach @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  16. Viral loop @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  17. And gives you fans to target ad offers @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  18. Pages @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  19. What drives people to fan? Brand Invite/Ad 75% Friend 59% Search 49% @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  20. Fan Pages @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  21. Reaching fans with wall posts EdgeRank filtered @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  22. MOST 2-3X - Touching, emotional stories - Provocative, passionate debates CLICKED ON WALL POSTS 1.5-2X - Important sports wins - Simple, easy questions @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  23. Updates have poor reach Where fan messages go to die You try to reach fans by mail @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  24. Ads reach all fans Target fans • Paid delivery like email • Deploying an app and not notifying fans is like launching the landing page for an email campaign but never sending the email @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  25. Place Pages @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  26. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  27. Facebook Deals @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  28. Requires Check In @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  29. Unlocks a deal @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  30. Individual, loyalty, friend, & charity @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  31. Claimed deals become news feed posts @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  32. That link to your place page @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  33. Event Pages @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  34. Ads @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  35. Running Google Ads to Your Facebook Page @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  36. Social is demand generation @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  37. Search & Social @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  38. Ad Targeting to Increase Feedback Ads Feedback Fans Visibility @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  39. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  40. ECOMM IS HIGHLY SOCIAL Sociability @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  41. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  42. State targeting makes little to no impact on CTR @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  43. Education level impacts CTR @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  44. Segmentation Fan Targeting Non-Fan Targeting Friend of Fan Targeting @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  45. Connection Targeting 10,401 people 1,352,530 people Web 2.0 Web 2.0 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  46. COLD TARGETING .05% Avg. CTR of ads to non-fans VS. FANS .35% Avg. CTR of ads to fans @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  47. Competitive Targeting @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  48. Having fans improves ad performance @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  49. Image Selection @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  50. Ads @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  51. Ad Multiplication Interest Images Ad Copy Targeting Interest Images Ad Copy Targeting Interest Unique Ad Images Ad Copy Targeting Combos Interest Images Ad Copy Targeting Interest Images Ad Copy Targeting @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  52. Ad Burnout @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  53. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  54. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  55. Apps @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  56. Landing Page Choices Facebook Assets Website @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  57. Landing Page Choices 50%+ Facebook Assets ROI & Satisfaction Website @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  58. Facebook is a destination site @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  59. Engagement Apps @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  60. Commerce Apps @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  61. Social Commerce • Analysts project $30 billion in Facebook store commerce by 2015, from $0 last year @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  62. 2-4% Conversion Rates FACEBOOK COMMERCE STATS 17% Social Engagement Rate 2:50 Avg. Time per Visit (50% growth Q1 20 @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  63. Contests @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  64. Gamification @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  65. Extended Permissions @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  66. Busy Tabs Make Bad Landing Pages Ads 2000 px Newsfeed 10 apps Posts too busy • Using a single tab is like linking all Google Ads to your home page • Need targeted landing apps @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  67. Analytics @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  68. Earned Media Display Ad Example Vs. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  69. Lead Value @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  70. Direct Coupon Redemption Attribution can be tracked through the redemption of coupons that are exclusive to Facebook pages. @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  71. Geographic Split Testing @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  72. Facebook Insights @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  73. Page & Graph Data @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  74. App measurement @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools
  75. Questions? @justinkistner @danzarrella @justinkistner @danzarrella #5tools