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PR Firms Driving Inbound Marketing


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Mike Volpe gave this presentation at the North Americas Worldcom PR Group meeting to talk about Inbound Marketing and how social media, blogging and SEO can tie into PR.

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PR Firms Driving Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Slides: Twitter: @mvolpe How H PR Firms Can Drive Client Firm C n Dri Cli nt Inbound Marketing Mike Volpe VP Marketing HubSpot
  2. 2. Who’s HubSpot? • Inbound marketing software for SMBs • (SEO blogging, social media analytics) (SEO, blogging media, • 700 Customers Top 100 8,000 Members Marketing Blog 25,000 Reports , p 15,000 Reports 450,000 450 000 Reports (in (i 2 weeks) k )
  3. 3. Who’s HubSpot?