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Case Study: PDS Dramatically Increases Organic Traffic With Business Blogging


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HubSpot case study about how consulting company Pharmacy Development Services used business blogging to increase organic traffic and generate a return on investment within one month of using HubSpot and inbound marketing.

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Case Study: PDS Dramatically Increases Organic Traffic With Business Blogging

  1. 1. Customer Case Study:Pharmacy Development Services DramaticallyIncreases Organic Traffic With Business BloggingPharmacy Development Services (PDS) is a businessconsulting company focused on maximizing theproductivity and effectiveness of independentpharmacies across the country. We had a chance tospeak with Social Media and Marketing ManagerSamantha Timmermann and Chief R&D Officer Mat Silverstein about how PDSgenerated a return on investment within one month of using HubSpot.HubSpot Results Summary:Significant Increases in Organic Traffic & Leads • Increased monthly organic traffic by more than 550% • Grown the blog from 0 to nearly 300 RSS and email subscribers • Generated an average of 3x more monthly leadsChallenge:Need For an Improved Online PresenceBecause the PDS customer base is a very unique and specific group of people,traditional methods of marketing simply weren’t working. The companys onlinepresence was less than effective and its website was difficult to navigate, resulting in apoor user experience that made it a challenge for site visitors to learn more about thecompany and its service offerings.
  2. 2. Solution:Business Blogging, Marketing Analytics &CRM IntegrationHubSpots Marketing Analytics tools have made a big difference in the way PDStracks how well its website visitors are converting into leads and sales. WithHubSpot, PDS has been able to more easily understand how its website isgenerating business.It was only after using HubSpot that PDS realized over a quarter of its websitestraffic was coming from its blog! Samantha mostly relies on HubSpots Blogging Toolto create content that generates the business organic traffic. She also depends onHubSpot’s Blog Analytics to better understand how the blog is performing in additionto determining ways it can be improved."I love how HubSpot is integrated with Salesforce," says Mat. For him, adoptingonline tools that would integrate with was a must, and HubSpotsout-of-the-box integration has given the PDS sales team the analytics they need tosuccessfully convert vistors into leads and customers. Within the first two weeks of having the website up on HubSpot, we closed a couple deals that were entirely related to blog posts we had written. Within the first month of having HubSpot, we were able to get a return on our investment.The average HubSpot customer gets 4.2x more leads after 5 months of active use ofHubSpot. To find out what type of increases in leads a company with your current leadvolume could expect, check out HubSpot’s ROI study at’s integrated marketing software gives you all the tools to implement asuccessful online marketing strategy from increasing the top of your funnel throughconversion, sales alignment and analytics. To learn more, check out HubSpot’s free trialor request a customized demonstration.