Mastering the Ins and Outs of SEO & CRO


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In the summer of 2012, Google reported to have approximately 3 billion searches per day, with more than 75% clicks going to organic results (not paid ads!). Join SEO experts Will Critchlow, founder of Distilled and Rebecca Churt, Marketing Manager at HubSpot for insider tips on improving your SEO in order to increase conversion rates and grow your business.

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  • We will be scheduling a headshot day
  • SEO & CRO have a lot in common Both deal with website visitors; End goal is more target traffic and better leadsSolving for the best user experience – solve for simplicity, speed and engagementBoth first and foremost optimize for users and user experience and then for search engines whereby you increase the likelihood of your content being found by the right audience and ultimately increase your contact databaseCRO wants to give users a certain experienceSEO wants to be where users are searching, and give them reason to visit a site. Both should rely on the quality of traffic, qualified vs. un-qualified. Both are ways to make more money online, so both are important to online marketers who want to improve the results of their business.Both also rely in part on art (listening to your gut) and science (listening to the numbers)
  • Know your audience – define a set persona
  • Optimize for users & user experience and then for search engines CRO wants to give users a certain experience – make it easier for them to chooseSEO is about being where users are & giving them a reason to visit
  • End Goal:Target traffic  better leads How to do this...solve for the user
  • Know your audience – define a set persona
  • Solve for the User:SimplicitySpeedengagement Engage usersIncreased ctr from serpsIncreased use of contentBrand engages competitive type people; content engages researching people; social proof engages humanistic (social) people; and speed engages spontaneous people.
  • Create great content – content improves conversions. Need quality content to get quality traffic, which becomes quality leads.Content is more than just text.ImagesMetricsinformativeexamples AuthoritativeRelevant
  • Think of your marketing funnel. 75% of visitors are in a research phase. They are top of the funnel. They have no brand awareness and thus are finding you through non-branded terms. The more content you create the more you will capture those people. They are basically like aimless tourists looking to find a guide and your content will guide them right in.
  • Build LP….
  • -Get LP in SERPs-target long tail keywords Once you’ve built LPs/optimized SEO, time to make sure people are engaging and converting….transition to Will
  • Use data for insight – analytics on everything from keywords to visitor traffic flowDevelop a hypothesis before testing
  • You need quality traffic to get quality leadsLook at what is converting well alreadyTarget the Long TailBuild Landing Pages and get them in the SERPs
  • We will be scheduling a headshot day
  • Time of day Day of weekTime of year
  • The trick to making sense of it all is to SEGMENT.
  • Remember:You have many levers.
  • Work out what to testMainly by listening to your prospects and customers
  • Q&A for both Lauren and Karen
  • Q&A for both Lauren and Karen
  • Mastering the Ins and Outs of SEO & CRO

    1. Everything You Need toMaster SEO & CROFeaturing:&
    2. Webinar slides + video will be emailed to allInteract with us on Twitter: #MasterCRO12Housekeeping Notes
    3. Meet Your ExpertsWill CritchlowFounder & CMO of Distilled@willcritchlowRebecca ChurtMarketing Manager at HubSpot@RChurt
    4. RebeccaChurtMarketing Managerat HubSpot@RChurt
    5. SEO & CRO (mates for life).
    6. DEFINING1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The process of improvingthe volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search enginesvia “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.2. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): The science and art ofcreating an experience for a website visitor with the goal ofconverting the visitor into a customer.
    8. #1 Know your audience.
    9. Make it clear.
    10. Targeting yieldsresults.
    11. #2 Solve for user experience.
    12. Solving for the user means …Simple Fast Engaging
    13. #3 Create content.
    14. 75% of Your VisitorsAre Still Doing Research.
    15. #4 Test everything.
    16. #5 Measure & analyze.
    17. WillCritchlowFounder & CMOat Distilled@willcritchlow
    18. What do we mean byConversion Rate?
    19. Total conversionsTotal visitors
    20. Not all conversionsare equal.
    21. Different revenue.
    22. Different products.
    23. Not all visitors are equal.
    24. Different channels.
    25. New vs. returning.
    26. Timing is crucial.
    27. Conversion rate of email traffic tosmall value items>Conversion rate of new visitors toexpensive items
    28. Segment!
    29. How do we improve ourconversion rate?
    30. We naturally start thinking aboutsplit-testing tweaks.
    31. Which is fine –this is (almost)free money.
    32. But think BIGGERIt’s often as costly to test a small change as a big one.
    33. Remember your levers.
    34. #1 Initial conversion rate.
    35. #2 Average Revenue per User(ARPU)
    36. #3 Churn
    37. Work out WHAT to test.
    38. Micro-conversions(ftw)
    39. You might even end up changingyour business model.
    41. #1 Ask questions
    42. Encourage email replies.
    43. Get feedback from people who leave.
    44. Survey your customers and prospects.
    45. #3 Decide if you are testingACQUIRE, ASSIST or CONVERT.
    46. If you aren’t directly testing conversions (to money) becareful about knock-on effects
    47. #4 Look for mismatches betweensearch intent and page type
    48. This blog post ranks …But until recently didn’t prominently link toDistilledU.
    49. #5 Remember: New visitors fromunbranded search don’t buy bigthings immediately.
    50. Again yay for micro-conversions!
    51. #6 Use keyword research as aninput into your content calendar
    52. THANKYOU!
    53. Q+A