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19 Marketing Experts Share Tips and Insights - Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 Preview


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In a preview of the Inbound Marketing Summit, 19 experts are sharing their tips and predictions for the future in this marketing ebook.

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19 Marketing Experts Share Tips and Insights - Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 Preview

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 Preview: 19 Marketing Experts Share Chris Brogan Cpt. Nathan Broshear C.C. Chapman Pawan Deshpande Tips and Insights John Doyle Steve Garfield Paul Gillin Patti Fousek Tim Hayden Alexander Howard Valeria Maltoni Christine Perkett David Meerman Scott Content compiled and analyzed by: Dharmesh Shah Scott Stratten Justin Levy Mike Volpe Tim Street IMS Co-Organizer VP Marketing Dale Underwood @JustinLevy @mvolpe Robbie Vorhaus Michael Weiss
  2. 2. Introduction The old model of marketing is broken:  34% of US homes have a DVR to skip commercials  44% of junk mail is discarded without being opened  72% of Americans are on the Do Not Call Registry  Radio advertising in North America fell 17.6% in 2009 The rewards of transforming your marketing are big:  93% of Americans want companies to be on social media  Facebook is the size of the 3rd largest country in the world  Companies who blog get 55% more website visitors  Inbound marketing generates leads at a 60% lower cost In October 6-7, 2010, over 40 of the world’s most accomplished inbound marketing experts will share their expertise on how marketing is changing and what you need to do to transform how your company grows. This ebook is a preview of what 19 of those experts have to offer for advice and guidance for the future. HubSpot| NewMarketingLabs | Page 2 Share this ebook:
  3. 3. What Service or Website Drives the Most Business Value 2010 2013 Google Google Bing Bing Facebook Facebook LinkedIn LinkedIn YouTube YouTube Twitter Twitter Yelp Yelp Foursquare Foursquare Other Other Today 80% of the experts see Google or Facebook as the most valuable website for marketing. But in the next 3 years 25% of the experts expect something new (“Other”) to emerge as the most important website or service. HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 3 Share this ebook:
  4. 4. What Channel Drives the Most Business Value Other Mobile Marketing Email Marketing Company Blog Social Media Marketing Cold Calling/Telemarketing Radio/TV Advertising 2013 Offline Display Advertising 2010 Online Advertising Tradeshows Direct Mail Paid Search (PPC) Organic Search (SEO) 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% In the next 3 years, the experts predict that social media will start to drive more business value than search engine optimization (SEO). HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 4 Share this ebook:
  5. 5. The Most Important Metrics to Track Social Media Speaker Company Blog LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Email Marketing Marketing Inbound Marketing Marketing Overall Appearance in Nathan Broshear Comments mainstream media The relationship The relationship Number of links from David Meerman Number of Twitter to your Is your company Scott comments. content successful? Retweets - if people are willing to put their name on it Tracking the visits to then you have Who is looking at Share - it's like a the landing page Michael Weiss something. your profile retweet retweets you are marketing Conversions Quantifiable relationship to Incoming business Incoming business Request for more Robbie Vorhaus bottom line. leads. Active friends/fans. leads. information. Increased revenue. New business leads. ROI Paul Gillin Repeat visitors Connections Comments/likes Retweets Clicks Conversions Conversions Sales Patti Fousek Subscribers Leads Fan Participation Retweets Open rate Leads Leads Closed Sales Inbound Dharmesh Shah Subscribers Group members User interactions Retweets Click-throughs Engagement leads/customers Sustainable growth Customer John Doyle Comments Recommendations Interactions Followers Click throughs Interactions Conversions Satisfaction Engagement, as Comments and links Viable job measured by RT, Unique visitors from respected applicants for Engagement on a @replies and delivered to Return customers or Alexander Howard voices in the niche. openings. page. reshares. content Sales revenue SERP rank. clients Number of Followers Followers Followers Pawan Deshpande SEO Placement Group Members Comments Number of Followers Subscribers (RSS/Twitter/Email) (RSS/Twitter/Email) (RSS/Twitter/Email) Engagement; Direct action to biz Profiles: dialogue with the goals (whether connections/views; RIGHT people; not Loyal, interactive warm sales leads or Consistent traffic; Answers: Interaction to necessarily the Interaction to community & thought leadership Christine Perkett comments Interactions Action MOST people Click thru rates Action advocates or other) HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 5 Share this ebook:
  6. 6. The Most Important Metrics to Track Social Media Speaker Company Blog LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Email Marketing Marketing Inbound Marketing Marketing Overall Marketing funnel Dale Underwood value Annual sales Annual sales Annual sales Annual sales Annual sales Annual sales Annual sales Number of Click Throughs into Success of Helping # of Likes from Off- Conversions (not Chris Brogan Sales Others Execute Facebook Sites just click throughs) Open rate Sales Sales Sales Generic invites to "connect on Comment share of Scott Stratten RSS/Email sign-ups LinkedIn" engagement Reach click-through conversation $ $ Steve Garfield Don't track metrics Don't track metrics Interaction Interaction Action Engagement Engagement Engagement Nothing, can't C.C. Chapman Visitors measure # of Interactions @ Messages Subscribers Making Money ROCSI Return On ROBI Return On ROTI Return on Time ROFI Return On Fan Customer Service ROA Return On ROBE Return On ROC Return On Tim Street Brand Investment Investment Investment Investment Acquisition Brand Equity Community ROI Potential diagnostic Potential diagnostic of engaged of a good customer audience: level of service account: @ Potential diagnostic Potential diagnostic interaction with replies to customers Potential diagnostic of blogging for for personal use: company (with diagnostics, of good lead commerce: number connections representatives and recourse, ways to fix generation Potential diagnostic Potential products and Valeria Maltoni, of pages (referrals, community on the problem, escalation campaign: number of integration into diagnostic: number services people Conversation Agent viewed/visit references, etc.) wall path, etc.) of conversions marketing plan of quality leads want and need Successful Comments on introduction profile-posted New relationships Comment volume, converted into real content, both converted into real Clicks from both negative and business positive and business message to online Tim Hayden positive. relationships. negative. relationships. content. Increase in SALES! Increase in SALES! Increase in SALES! HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 6 Share this ebook:
  7. 7. Biggest Marketing Trends for 2011 When we asked our expert speakers what they believed the biggest marketing trend for 2011 would be, we received a variety of answers. Here are some of their thoughts: Mobile Video “Smart” Display Advertising Real-Time Search Geo-Location Embedded Curation Demographic The Right-Time Mobile Web Advertising HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 7 Share this ebook:
  8. 8. How to Maximize Business Value from Inbound Marketing Captain Nathan Broshear People want to read about U.S. Air Force experiences they may “Tell your story…not your product (and definitely not an individual never have a chance to person). People want to read about experiences they may never have a feel… chance to feel…not what you had for breakfast.” David Meerman Scott You can earn attention by Freshspot Marketing creating something interesting and valuable “You can buy attention (advertising) You can beg for attention from the media (PR) and then publishing it You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales) online for free… Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free: a YouTube video, a blog, a research report, photos, Twitter stream, an eBook, a Facebook page. This is Inbound Marketing and it works brilliantly.” Dharmesh Shah Spend more time figuring HubSpot out ways to add more value to your community “Invest in creating exceptional content that people want to consume and than extracting immediate share. You should spend more time figuring out ways to add more value to your community than extracting immediate value from it.” value from it… HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 8 Share this ebook:
  9. 9. Tim Street Give emotionally engaging mDialog content that is of value to “Give emotionally engaging content that is of value to your audience and your audience… you will be rewarded. Talk about and SHOW your consumers information and entertainment that they care about and want in a way they are expecting while super serving your niche. If ESPN explained how to play football they wouldn‟t have any viewers.” Chris Brogan New Marketing Labs Listen more than you talk… “Listen more than you talk. Get back onto your buyer‟s side of the equation. Frankly, marketers have been too heavily on the company‟s side and their results suffer. If you help people buy, you sell. If you sell, you‟re not necessarily helping people buy.” Scott Stratten Impactful, concise weekly UnMarketing content is better than mediocre, obligated daily “Impactful, concise weekly content is better than mediocre, obligated daily content. People spread blog posts/content that evoke emotion, not because of a content… good word count or frequency.” Paul Gillin Attend to basics, and that Gillin Communications means search-optimizing “Attend to basics, and that means search-optimizing your site. In the majority of your site… cases in which I am asked to consult on social media, I find that the client has not attended to the basics of making sure the language of the website is clear, the site is easy to find and the value proposition of the business is clearly established.” HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 9 Share this ebook:
  10. 10. Tim Hayden Blue Clover Don’t focus alone on the “online” and web touch- “Don‟t focus alone on the „online‟ and web touch-points of your business points of your business… when realizing the conversations, influence and data that inbound marketing delivers. The mobile revolution is empowering and liberating audiences to live beyond digital screens, and offline experiences are more likely to shape sentiment, excitement and word-of-mouth. Existing behaviors around events, retail and direct mail will play a larger role in how brands start conversations.” C.C. Chapman Digital Dads The old rules that you lived by no longer apply… “The old rules that you lived by no longer apply. I‟m not saying to forget them, but you must realize that they have changed and you must change as well if you want to continue to be successful.” Christine Perkett With old methods, Perkett PR marketers talked *to* audiences. Now, they must “Show up. Listen. Engage. This has always been the best way to effectively talk *with* them – and market but it‟s amplified with social media. Marketers have to make more time to listen and build advocacy – with old methods, marketers talked *to* audiences. engage to be successful. Now, they must talk *with* them – and engage to be successful. Marketers must also remember that fans and advocates matter just as much – if not more – than the influencers. Everyone is an influencer – good or bad – and marketers need to dedicate the appropriate resources to engaging in conversations consistently and persistently. Think of this way, you can‟t show up at a cocktail party, stand against the wall talking to no one and expect to get a date. Just showing up isn‟t enough anymore.” HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 10 Share this ebook:
  11. 11. John Doyle Alure Home Improvements It is important to engage and speak with your “Social channels are about mutually beneficial exchanges and provide the followers as opposed to opportunity to connect with like-minded and interesting people. Pay speaking at them… attention to the type of material your followers are responding and contributing to. It is important to engage and speak with your followers as opposed to speaking at them. Listening is probably the most important trait a brand and/or community leader can perfect.” Alexander Howard Listen first…before deciding O’Reilly Media where and how to market to them… “Listen first to what people are saying about you, your service or product before deciding where and how to market to them. It‟s easier than ever to switch the channel, unsubscribe or unfollow after poorly conceived messaging or media.” Robbie Vorhaus Vorhaus Communications, Inc. 80% of all crisis are avoided or reduced by “Go crazy thinking about everything that could go wrong, both in terms of your preparation… business, reputation, and the industry, and do the same exercise for clients and potential clients alike. Analyze the risk, both in terms of the likelihood of the event happening, and it‟s immediate and long-term effect on you and your client‟s business. Then, start acting like a soldier, athlete or musician: train, rehearse, practice, prepare. 80% of all crisis are avoided or reduced by preparation.” Dale Underwood Focus on what future EchoQuote customers really need…not what you think they need… “Focus on what future customers really need early in their sales cycle, not what you think they need.” HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 11 Share this ebook:
  12. 12. Pawan Deshpande Content curation has HiveFire emerged as a new and powerful way for marketers “Content curation has emerged as a new and powerful way for marketers to seamlessly sift through the flood of content available to prospects. Like to seamlessly sift through the owner of a high-end art gallery, you have to sift through the the flood of content information from across the web and curate it to ensure that it is relevant available… to the customer. You will be navigating your prospects through this sea of content by leading them to you – the provider of the most relevant and important information.” Patti Fousek Creative Mind Search Marketing You have to continually “My advice can be summed up in five words: 1. Goals; 2. Plan; 3. Create; 4. adjust your plan as your Measure 5. Repeat. In more words: 1. Set realistic goals before jumping into an company goals change… inbound marketing campaign. Are you trying to increase website traffic, get more leads, newsletter sign-ups, blog subscribers? Start small when first starting out. 2. Create a plan of attack. What content are you sharing, who will create the content, and how will you measure your results? 3. Constantly create fresh content for your industry/topic/product/service, etc. Can your content be converted to a whitepaper, ebook, tweets, Facebook updates, video? 4. Measure your success. There are a variety of inbound marketing tools out for measurement - use them! The tools you use will vary depending on your goals. 5. Rinse and Repeat. Success does not come overnight (although for some it appears it does). You have to continually adjust your plan as your company goals change. Testing and tweaking your inbound marketing campaign is really the key to success..” Steve Garfield Make it easy for people who find you online to engage and interact… “Make it easy for people who find you online to engage and interact with a person.” HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 12 Share this ebook:
  13. 13. Michael Weiss Imagistic Don’t jump in with two feet into the deep end without “The advice is simple: take the chance and do it. 90% of marketers out looking at your objectives, there still rely on the old school ways of outbound marketing - Cold your needs, your Calling, Trade Show Booths, Email Blasts, etc. It's impersonal and does not create a connection. Consumers are too savvy these days and they expect capabilities and setting a more from you; and it must be your goal to meet and better yet, exceed strategy… those expectations. It's okay to talk WITH your customers - that's what they want! BUT don't jump in with two feet into the deep end without looking at your objectives, your needs, your capabilities and setting a strategy. Just because it's easy to set up a Facebook Page, a Blog and a Twitter account does not mean it is easy to manage. Take it slow. Baby steps, baby steps....” Valeria Maltoni Powered The best audience in social is the one you build… “Invest in developing content that is valuable to your customers -- that actually helps make their lives easier, solve a problem, understand an issue, etc. Content is your digital body language. Good content is a way for your business to be useful and become attractive through search (digital media) and sharing (social media). People first need to believe, then they will support that belief in the way they behave -- and may eventually become ambassadors on your behalf. Relationships become stronger over time when built upon benefits to the buyer. When you write customer-centric content, you develop trust and gain credibility, both of which confer you authority. In social media, you can go direct to customers and prospective customers. However, the media or channels are mere tools, they don't come with an audience you can buy, although many are selling you one. The best audience in social is the one you build.” HubSpot | NewMarketingLabs | Page 13 Share this ebook:
  14. 14. Contributors Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts on inbound marketing, measurement, social media and where we’re headed in 2011. Capt. Nathan Broshear @usairforce Scott Stratten Tim Street Robbie Vorhaus Pawan Deshpande Steve Garfield Alexander B. Howard @unmarketing @1timstreet @vorhaus @TweetsFomPawan @stevegarfield @digiphile Tim Hayden David Meerman Scott John Doyle Chris Brogan Valeria Maltoni Michael Weiss @thetimhayden @dmscott @14str8 @chrisbrogan @ConversationAge @imagistic Capt. Nathan Broshear Paul Gillin Dharmesh Shah C.C. Chapman Christine Perkett Dale Underwood @usairforce @pgillin @dharmesh @cc_chapman @MissusP @echoquote
  15. 15. Learn More at the Premier Worldwide Inbound Marketing Event October 6-7, 2010 Gillette Stadium Foxborough, MA Save 50% 45+ Sessions with Code: 500+ People EBOOK50 40+ Speakers