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Marketing Agency Tales of Woe


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Tales of terrifying client catastrophes and some wise advice from the agencies who have gone before you. Learn about these mistakes the easy way!

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Marketing Agency Tales of Woe

  2. CLIENTS FROM HELL You’re a marketer in the UK. “I remember one client that made all my nightmares come true; it appeared to be a great match but in reality, this was an evil pairing.”
  3. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM BRYAN ADAMS @PHCREATIVE “Under promise, over deliver and don’t be afraid to fire clients if they become too demanding and will not up their budget to compensate for the loss of sanity.”
  4. SCARY S.L.As You’re a marketer in the UK. “We had the unfortunate experience of a devilish client who did not prioritise the relationship or job, and thus a 90-day project turned into a 180-day nightmare.”
  5. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM ED MARSH @EDBMARSH “We did not realise what a mistake it would be not to set up mutual service level agreements (SLAs) on what we would deliver and what the client would deliver.”
  6. LEFT IN THE LURCH You’re a marketer in the UK. “Many moons ago, our freelancer went AWOL, & once contacted about their mysterious disappearance, were highly unprofessional. I was thus left without either a site or a developer, with one week to go.”
  7. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM SARAH MCINTYRE @BRIGHTINBOUND “The lesson here is to always have a back up plan. In some instances, using other HubSpot agency partners as resources can work better than freelancers.”
  8. THE FEAR OF FALLING BEHIND You’re a marketer in the UK. “Once upon a time, we didn’t embrace content marketing, and fell behind our marketing peers. The feeling of being left behind is awful.”
  9. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM JAMES WELCH @JAMESWELCH_NET “Trust your gut. If you hear rumblings of ‘the next big thing’, do your research and do it quickly. Then turn it into a plan and implement it double-quick.”
  10. THE EXECUTIONER You’re a marketer in the UK. “We once developed a top-of-the-range inbound marketing campaign for a client who insisted on executing it themselves without any prior ex-perience, resulting in a choppy and slow delivery.”
  11. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM RICARDO MOLINA @BRIGHTBULL “Always execute and bring your ideas to fruition yourself. No one will ever translate vision into reality the way you can.”
  12. THE WALKING DEAD SEO PRACTICES You’re a marketer in the UK. “I remember we had a client who was obsessed with one thing, and one thing only - SEO. Modern SEO is about an inbound marketing strategy; as a singular focus it is so 2010.”
  13. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM BERNIE BORGES @BERNIEBORGES “The new SEO is very multifaceted. We’ll only work with clients that understand the breadth of modern inbound marketing with a willingness to collaborate on all success factors.”
  14. HE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED You’re a marketer in the UK. “We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to dabbling in a bit of HTML or CSS in order to add personalistion or a favourite colour. How-ever, I sent a ghastly unpersonalised email for a client that began with ‘Hey, First Name’ -- Shudder!”
  15. WORDS OF WISDOM FROM LAURA HOGAN @LALALAURAHOGAN “This mistake can be avoided by not only having someone look over your emails, but also having them sent to you as a test if you are a contact in your system.”
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