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Marketing a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign


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Online fundraising campaigns can be tremendously effective for raising money and acquiring new donors, but they don't automatically succeed. Too many promising campaigns wind up missing the mark because they aren't rolled out and promoted properly. In this webinar you will learn the best practices that will help you tee up your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for maximum success!

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Marketing a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

  1. 1. Marketing a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign to Drive Engagement &
  2. 2. Who We AreMike Spear Sean Chisholm Taylor Corrado
  3. 3. What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?
  4. 4. Peer-to-Peer is a specific type of Crowdfunding.At it’s essence crowdfunding is the process of gatheringmoney from many to support a singular, commonpurpose.
  5. 5. Single-Tier CrowdfundingExamples:• Kickstarter• Indiegogo• Online Donation Forms
  6. 6. Multi-Tier Crowdfunding (P2P)• Supporters create individual fundraising pages tied to a campaign.• Share pages online with friends and family to request donations.
  7. 7. Why Does P2P Work So Well?“People don’t give to causes, they give to people…”
  8. 8. The Power of Social Media• Average FB user has 262 friends• Leverage personal relationships to increase reach• Vehicle for self- expression• Engage younger supporters
  9. 9. P2P By the Numbers On Average:• $568 per active page• 7 donors per page• 4 new donors per page
  10. 10. P2P By the Numbers Team Rubicon:• 73 Active Fundraisers• 960 Donors• $156,000 Raised
  11. 11. Main Benefits:• Reach exponentially more people• Raise exponentially more money• Acquire exponentially more donors
  12. 12. The Two Main Types of P2P:• “Rolling” (year-round) Peer-to-Peer• Time-Based Campaigns
  13. 13. “Rolling” Peer-2-Peer• Year-Round• Revolves Around Supporter’s Life Events• Supporters choose how and why they fundraise• Inbound Marketing
  14. 14. Time-Based Campaigns• Bound by specific length of time (generally 6-8 week)• Based on specific activity, or theme.• Often provides good team-building opportunities• Requires Targeted Communication
  15. 15. All Campaigns Work in Concert Campaign #1Campaign #5 Campaign #2 Rolling P2P Campaign #4 Campaign #3
  16. 16. The Online Fundraising Trap• Effective DOES NOT mean Automatic• All forms of fundraising require effort• Supporter driven doesn’t mean supporter lead It is your job to promote your campaign effectively and drive engagement from your supporters!
  17. 17. Phases of the CampaignPlan Recruit Engage Finish 2 weeks 5 weeks 1 week
  18. 18. The Planning Phase
  19. 19. Setting Your Campaign GoalWhat are you trying to fund?• Tangible Programmatic Outcome• More Diffuse Use of FundsWhat is your base of support?• Email Lists• Social Media Following• Active Donors• Core Supporters/Evangelists
  20. 20. Establishing Your Campaign ThemeYour Campaign Theme is Your Basic Marketing Concept • What’s the 30 second “pitch” ? • Framework for your campaign communications • What is the funding for? • Is there any sort of activity involved?
  21. 21. Campaign Theme- Outcome Driven• Result dictates theme• Tangible Impact• Inflexible use of Funds New Program Donation Amounts “Texting to Texting with Correlated with Save Lives” Counselors Impact
  22. 22. Campaign Theme- Activity Driven• Theme= Mission + Activity• Participatory in nature• Mental quid pro quo Wear Your Challenge drives“Hearing Loss Stink Week Participation &Stinks” Shirt Donations
  23. 23. Designing the Campaign Page• Campaign theme highlighted• Page compliments other marketing assets• Evocative images and videos for emotional connection
  24. 24. Designing the Fundraising Page• Carry over the branding• Understand in under 30 seconds• A short 1 minute video can help create an emotional connection
  25. 25. Designing the Checkout Page• Why does all of this branding matter?• 38% larger average donations• Maximize conversions across the pages
  26. 26. Campaign Incentives• Gear and other “schwag”• Recognition• Increased Impact• Don’t crowd out generosity
  27. 27. Campaign CollateralPrepare beforehand:• Onboarding email series• Stories of individual impact• New incentives announcements• Default page text/videoPrepare during campaign:• Fundraiser stories• Campaign updates (video/email)• Finishing email series
  28. 28. The Recruiting Phase
  29. 29. The Soft & Hard Launch Soft Launch Hard Launch Plan Recruit Engage FinishSoft Launch- “The campaign within the campaign”• Tap your core supporters• Build momentum to establish correct frame• Personal outreachHard Launch- “The big push”• Get as many people as possible• Email blasts, social media promotion• Blog, cross-promotions, “the kitchen sink”
  30. 30. The Kiva Study• Cryder, Lowenstein, Seltman (2008)• Measured rate of contributions to projects on• Hypothesis: rate will increase as project gets closer to goal
  31. 31. The Results0-33% 33- 66-100% 66%
  32. 32. The Takeaways• Contribution rate has a direct relationship to progress towards goal• Goal proximity effect• People want to be part of a winning story• Better to build momentum before promoting widely
  33. 33. Recruiting Core SupportersWho?You (lead by example), past power fundraisers, younger committedsupporters, evangelists, passionate volunteersHow?Personal emails and/or phone callsMessage?You are asking them to be a part of the inner circle that makes surethis campaign is a success. You need leaders, and you’re asking forhelp.How Long?~1 week or so
  34. 34. Launching Your Campaign Opening Email Series• M+R Study: 180 Appeals Rebuilding a Community this Holiday Season from 9 national organizations Dear Joe, Our Neighbors in• 4x Response Rate, ~2X Everytown, were visited by tragedy a Average Donation Size few months ago when a tornado tore through their community. Along with the tragic loss of• Email #1- Direct CTA to Join life, the town’s school was completely destroyed by the community together this Holiday season We are rallying our storm. the money needed to rebuild the school. Together we to raise• Email #2- Story w/ Link to can make a huge difference in the lives of our neighbors and their children. What do you say, will you create a fundraising Blog page and become a part of the movement? I’m In- Create My Page!• Email #3- Quick Email, - Your Friends at Neighborhood Action Direct CTA
  35. 35. Launching Your Campaign Social Media Promotion & Website Real Estate• Capitalize on your website traffic• Take to social media• You can’t just repeatedly post CTA’s to start fundraising• Create mini-stories, use images, and link to your blog
  36. 36. The Engagement Phase “Love the one you’re with…”
  37. 37. Segmenting Communications Soft Launch Hard Launch Shift in Focus Plan Recruit Engage Finish 2 weeks 5 weeks 1 week Final Activation EmailThe Basic Segmentation:• “Active Fundraisers”- Raised at least $1• “Inactive Fundraisers”- Raised $0
  38. 38. Give Your Power Fundraisers Some Love• What’s a power fundraiser?• Personal emails and phone calls• Let them know their impact 8 week Campaign 32,000 Over $1,700,000 to Fund the Fundraising Pages Raised “Protection Plan” Created
  39. 39. The Mid Campaign Blues The dip is inevitable.It’s your job to power the campaign through it
  40. 40. Using Content to Keep Inspiration High What?• Personal stories of those helped• Stories from your fundraisers• Campaign updates• Video addresses from leaders in your organization• Anything funny, inspiring, engaging…
  41. 41. Using Content to Keep Inspiration HighHow?• Blog• Email 1 or 2 per week• Social Media >1 per day• Direct to Fundraising Pages
  42. 42. Unrolling Additional Incentives• Don’t give everything away at the beginning!• New incentives give you something to talk about• Ex: Trips to Uganda• Matching donation periods
  43. 43. The Finish Phase
  44. 44. This is the Grand Finale• Focus efforts on your most active fundraisers• Two email closing series• Build a crescendo• Ex: 25 Campaign
  45. 45. The “X” Factor“The best laid plans of mice and men…”There is no substitute for your own creativityYour supporters may be the ones fundraising, but it’syour responsibility to create an engaging experience
  46. 46. Tying Things Together• Peer-to-peer presents a tremendous opportunity to raise funds and grow your base of supporters• To get the most out of it, you have to put effort in!• Planning, persistence, and a willingness to adapt are essential to maximizing the benefits of p2p
  47. 47. THANK YOU!
  48. 48. End CreditsMike Spear Sean Chisholm Taylor tcorrado@hubspot.comImage Credits: Reports & Studies: