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Ever wonder to yourself, “how do the best HubSpot Partners manage the engagements for their accounts?” In this session, Mike Lieberman, Chief Marketing Scientist of Square 2 Marketing (HubSpot’s first Diamond Partner) will pull back the curtain and show how his team delivers shocking inbound marketing results for their largest clients. He’ll walk attendees through how they staff their $10,000+ per month engagements, the tools they use in addition to HubSpot, and how their team measure results and compensate the team. Bonus Offer: Square 2 Marketing will invite one agency owner, selected from the attendees in the session, to spend a week with them in their Philadelphia office, immersed in their culture and operation.

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  1. 1. #INBOUND14 Delivering Diamond Results The Process Behind How Square 2 Marketing Retains 90%+ of Their Clients Mike Lieberman Chief Inbound Scientist, Square 2 Marketing
  2. 2. Fun fact: Recovering advertiser, once spent $85,000 on a single page ad in a magazine @Mike2Marketing MIKELIEBERMAN
  3. 3. 1 Background –who we are and how we got here 2 The Method –how we do it 3 The People –only the best 4 The Results –what we do for clients 5 Lessons Learned –what you should consider 6 Community Building –what we can do together
  4. 4. #INBOUND14 1 BACKGROUND –Who We Are and How We Got Here
  5. 5. #INBOUND14 • Clients all over the country and two clients outside the U,S. • 45 team members, both in office and remote • 1 freelancer (specialize content writer for picky client) • On pace to do $5 million in revenue this year • 10% net profit • 42 active clients • $11,000 average MRR • 0 projects • 75 HubSpot clients; $620,000 in annual licensing revenue Who We Are -The Highlights
  6. 6. #INBOUND14 2 THE METHOD -How We Do It
  7. 7. #INBOUND14 We Eat Our Own Dog Food When It Comes To Marketing
  8. 8. #INBOUND14 Our Own Inbound Marketing Methodology • Dedicated Inbound Marketing Manager • Monthly goals for website traffic, conversions and leads • Defined sales process • Weekly KPI Review • Onsite SEO • Off Site SEO • Social Media on all major networks • Guest Blogging on multiple sites • Blogging five times a week • Quarterly Webinars • Monthly Content Publication • Annual Site Relaunches • Monthly adjustments to the site • Lead Nurturing • Social Media PPC (when we need extra push) • Conversion Assist Optimization • Speaking –multiple times per month • Educational email • Best of the blog email • Video Marketing Minute (twice a month) • New Tactic Launching!
  9. 9. #INBOUND14 These dogs are wanted in seven states for tax evasion & fraud. Our Sales Process Is Regimented and Disciplined
  10. 10. #INBOUND14 Our Own Inbound Sales Process • All inbound leads are followed up personally the same day they come in • All inbound leads get a 30 minute Discovery Call • If Qualified, they get a 90 minute Diagnostic Meeting • If Qualified, they get a 90 minute Design Meeting • Followed by a 30 minute follow up call • Prospects who want to hire us, get a two page Marketing Services Agreement with a more detailed Statement of Work • Process delivers four new clients per month (on average)
  11. 11. #INBOUND14 Our Teams Are Structured Around Our Clients
  12. 12. #INBOUND14 The HIVE Our teams are called Hives with the CLIENT at the center of the Hive
  13. 13. #INBOUND14 Our Hives Interactive Consultant Editor Consultant Clients Strategist Consultant Copy Architect Support PM - MCR Copy Architect Copy Architect
  14. 14. #INBOUND14 Our Hives with Shared Resources Creative Director Content Director Graphic Design Interactive Consultant Editor Consultant Clients Strategist Consultant Copy Architect Support PM - MCR Copy Architect Copy Architect
  15. 15. #INBOUND14 • Hives target is $135,000 in monthly reoccurring revenue • Roughly 12 clients • Work between 45 and 50 hours per week • Target is to be 70% billable • Target is 80 Net Promoter Score • 90% retention rate of retainable clients Key Metrics
  16. 16. #INBOUND14 The Engagement Methodology Is Rigid By Design
  17. 17. #INBOUND14 Regular Planning • Initial strategy -first 45 Days • Any required adjustments and content planning -every three months • Reconnect with clients overall business strategy -annually • Program optimization around results -monthly
  18. 18. #INBOUND14 Phased Approach • Planning • Foundation • Implementation • Optimization • Planning Again
  19. 19. #INBOUND14 Always Be Teaching • What, How, Why • Daily Education • Weekly Reminders • Monthly Reporting
  20. 20. #INBOUND14 Work On The Renewal Throughout The Engagement
  21. 21. #INBOUND14 During The Engagement • Rolling 12 Months Goal Tracking and Projections • Keep Track of Tactics Discussed But Not Implemented • Continuously Recommend New Tactics • Maintain Parking Lot of Suggestions • Help Them Plan Year 2, Including Your Involvement
  22. 22. #INBOUND14 Toward The End Of The Engagement • Start With Three Months Remaining • Show Them Year Two • Provide Full Set of Recommendations (whether you’re doing it or not) • Co-Create Final Program • Make Them “a little” Uncomfortable
  23. 23. #INBOUND14 3 THE PEOPLE –Only The Best
  24. 24. #INBOUND14 Core Values –Impact Daily Decision Making
  25. 25. #INBOUND14 Core Values • Every Client Is A Raving Fan • No Fluff • Remarkable or Nothing • Always Be Teaching • Practice What You Preach • Team Equals Family
  26. 26. #INBOUND14 Cultural Imperatives – Guides Our Behaviors and Actions
  27. 27. #INBOUND14 Cultural Imperatives • Positive • Light Hearted • Agile • Confident • Empathetic • Solutions Oriented
  28. 28. #INBOUND14 We Recruit For Every Role Every Day
  29. 29. #INBOUND14 Getting Hired • Resume Screen • Social Media and Content Review • Culture Phone Screen • Interview with Team • Interview with ME (for mid level roles and up) • Presentation to the Team (for most roles)
  30. 30. #INBOUND14 Regular Reviews Quarterly Scorecards on Attitude and Aptitude with Quantitative Results
  31. 31. #INBOUND14 RESULTS IMPACT COMPENSATION DIRECTLY Feed the EAGLES and Starve the TURKEYS –top performers get quarter raises based on quantitative performance
  32. 32. #INBOUND14 4 THE RESULTS –What We Do For Clients
  33. 33. #INBOUND14 Get Them Results
  34. 34. #INBOUND14 IT COME DOWN TO ONE THING If you get them leads, they’re happy!
  35. 35. #INBOUND14 They’re nervous, anxious, maybe even worried about getting fired.
  36. 36. #INBOUND14 They’re nervous, anxious, maybe even worried about getting fired. You have to make them feel safe and comfortable
  37. 37. #INBOUND14 • Weekly Email Updates • Monthly Progress Reports • Bi-weekly Conference Calls • Daily email and phone conversations with clients • Regular Net Promoter and Check In Calls with me • Highlight the successes Here’s How We Do That
  38. 38. #INBOUND14 If You Don’t Get Them Leads, None Of That Matters
  39. 39. #INBOUND14 • We wont take an engagement without strategy work • We set performance expectations and goals before we start • We track and reset these monthly • We know what inbound marketing tactics deliver what results • We won’t take an engagement if the client isn’t willing to pay for the tactics they need • The team is trained on inbound marketing optimization • They track and review program performance daily and optimize it weekly Here’s How We Do That
  40. 40. #INBOUND14 We’ve Always Take A Very Scientific Approach To Inbound
  41. 41. #INBOUND14 • Test new stuff on us first • If it works, trial it with clients…be transparent • If it works for them too, make it part of SOP • We don’t like to learn how to do inbound at our client’s expense • Try everything that makes sense • Fail fast and try lots of different experiments • Testing isn’t just about marketing tactics • Get the team involved Here’s How We Do That
  42. 42. #INBOUND14 5 TOP 10 LESSONS LEARNED – What You Should Consider Doing
  43. 43. #INBOUND14 Lesson 1 – Don’t Go Forward Without Strategy
  44. 44. #INBOUND14 Lesson 2 –Proceed With Caution On Freelancers
  45. 45. #INBOUND14 Lesson 3 –Be Proactive With Clients…No Matter What
  46. 46. #INBOUND14 Lesson 4 –Don’t Proceed Without Some Type Of Marketing Automation
  47. 47. #INBOUND14 Lesson 5 – Document Everything
  48. 48. #INBOUND14 Lesson 6 –Hire The Best People…And Then Nurture Them
  49. 49. #INBOUND14 Lesson 7 –Track Everything Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  50. 50. #INBOUND14 Lesson 8 –Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Your Culture
  51. 51. #INBOUND14 Lesson 9 – Innovate Constantly
  52. 52. #INBOUND14 INBOUND SALES • Strategy and Plan • Process Redesign • Tools • Training • Ongoing Coaching
  53. 53. #INBOUND14 NEW eMAGAZINE • Cut through the clutter • Improve email marketing results • Support the community • Educate • Test new ad revenue model
  54. 54. #INBOUND14 Lesson 10 –Get Help Sooner Than Later
  55. 55. #INBOUND14 6 COMMUNITY BUILDING –What We Can Do Together
  56. 56. #INBOUND14 You’re NOT Alone
  57. 57. #INBOUND14 You’re NOT Alone 215-491-0100 215-880-6290 @Mike2Marketing
  58. 58. #INBOUND14 • About YOU! • Submit Articles • Submit Success Stories • Submit Ideas • Sell Ads –Revenue Share • Advisory Board • Surveys and Polls • We’ll Share All The Results and Key Learnings With You • Editorial Calendar –October is Website, November is • Submit articles and inquires to 2Inbound –The Magazine
  59. 59. #INBOUND14 Come And Spend The Week
  60. 60. #INBOUND14 Fill out this form Selected at random Spend the week with us ON US Come to meetings, meet the team, visit with clients Ask Us ANYTHING! LANDING PAGE STILL NEEDS TO BE ENTERED IN HERE ONE Lucky Attendee Is Coming…ON US
  61. 61. #INBOUND14 If you love selling but service is challenging If you love servicing but selling is challenging If you’re concerned about trying to “figure it out” on your own If you’re all in on Inbound and share our vision If you want to be part of a bigger team We should talk! We’re Buying Agencies
  62. 62. #INBOUND14 We’re ALL IN on INBOUND…..join the fun!!!!!
  63. 63. #INBOUND14 More QUESTIONS ?