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Accelerate your sales with a simple and integrated CRM solution. View full presentation here:

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  • This looks awesome! I didn't know it existed. I've been using an integration tool with lots of success for about 6 months. It's called Podbox and it allows you to integrate a bunch of CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce and email marketing solutions. I've using it to sync SugarCRM and Hubspot data. I believe it's worth taking a look!/HubSpot/SugarCRM
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    We Are an International Community of Entrepreneurs Looking for New Leaders to Increase the Synergy of our Qualified Team. Come Join Us, Let’s Do this Together!!


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Inbound Marketing with SugarCRM

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing with SugarCRMClint Oram Jeanne Hopkins@sugarclint @jeannehopkins
  2. 2. Questions
  3. 3. Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing HubSpot Overview HubSpot Leads with SugarCRM CRM Made Simple SugarCRM Demo Sales Automation Questions!3
  4. 4. Outbound Marketing
  5. 5. Outbound Marketing Is Dead 800-­555-­1234 Annoying Salesperson
  6. 6. The Next 50 Years
  7. 7. How to Put All the Pieces Together?d.j.k. on flickr
  8. 8. HubSpot Can Help All-in-one Marketing Software Over 4,000 customers in 4 years ~200 employees, lots of MIT grads
  9. 9. HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing System QUALIFIED TRAFFIC GET FOUND SEO,  Blog,  Social  Media,   Content  Creation Get  Found CONVERT Convert Landing  Pages,  Lead   Nurturing  & Intelligence ANALYZE Marketing   SALES Analytics
  10. 10. Unique Positioning Social   Social   Marketing   CMS Blog SEO Media   Media   Analytics Mobile Support Automation Monitoring Analysis Word Tweet Google On  Your  Ektron SeoMoz Radian6 Marketo Coder Press Deck Analytics Own
  11. 11. Leads in HubSpot link to SugarCRM11
  12. 12. HubSpot Lead Intelligence in SugarCRM12
  13. 13. Reports, Lead Views, Dashlets13
  14. 14. Closed Loop Marketing in HubSpot14
  15. 15. The HubSpot Software Methodology Tools to Get Found Tools to Convert Tools to Analyze Educational Resources Onboarding Program15
  16. 16. CRM Made SimpleClint Oram, CTO & Co-founder
  17. 17. Increase Sales Productivity shortened our sales cycles by 20 percent & increased our new business by 15 Massimiliano Pianigiani, Sales Director, Mia Energia productivity gains of 30- Erica Vorsay, General Manager, Trans-Tasman Business Circle team has increased productivity by 30 percent while our customer service team has improved its response time by 50 percent Mahzan Miskam, Head of Information Communication Technology, UEM Land Group
  18. 18. Agenda CRM for you SugarCRM & HubSpot Demo
  19. 19. CRM Customer Relationship Management
  20. 20. CRM CRM is about Customers
  21. 21. CRM CRM is about Growing and Retaining Customers
  22. 22. Lead to Cash
  23. 23. Lead to Cash
  24. 24. For You, The Business Manager WhoNeeds To Distribute the right leads, right away Better organize sales process Automate customer interactions Get visibility into your pipeline Gain & retain more customers
  25. 25. BusinessThe growing CRM company$46M in financing from NEA, DFJ, and Walden Intl.Founded April 2004; 135 Employees; Cupertino, CAMarket Traction7,000+ customers in 70+ countries700,000+ users on 65,000+systems220+ partners on five continentsGrowth/MomentumCash flow positiveOver 52% billings growth FY 2010 vs FY 2009More than 2,200 new customers in FY 2010
  26. 26. CRM Made Simple
  27. 27. Leads in HubSpot link to SugarCRM27
  28. 28. HubSpot Lead Intelligence in SugarCRM28
  29. 29. Sugar 6 Demo
  30. 30. Sales Automation Customize sales stages Team selling Forecasting Products, quotes, contracts Sales process automation
  31. 31. In Summary CRM is about Growing and Retaining Customers From leads to cash Keep on track with your sales deals Get visibility into your pipeline SugarCRM & HubSpot Together Deliver best-in-class inbound marketing With award-winning CRM made simple Giving you a flexible, intuitive and open business solution
  32. 32. Thank you!@sugarclint