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HubSpot 2011 Year in Review


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HubSpot 2011 Year in Review

  1. HubSpot2011Year in Review 1
  2. 2011 Year in ReviewIntroduction.......................3Milestones.........................5Growth..............................10Product.............................16Revenue...........................26Predictions for 2012......28 2
  3. Introduction
  4. When Dharmesh and I started HubSpot in 2006, we knew two things:1. The marketing playbook used by most companies was broken, and;2. We wanted to reinvent that playbook and enable companies everywhere to implement it.We had no idea, however, that the HubSpot community would take off with the speed andpassion that it has. Every day we are humbled by the success that our customers andpartners achieve, and this past year is no exception.2011 was the best year in our short history. The HubSpot community broke new records bygenerating over 12.5 million leads, tracking 2.4 BILLION page views, and creating over100,000 new landing pages. We welcomed over 100 new employees and 2000 newcustomers, gained $32 million in funding, acquired two remarkable companies, and tookhome 15 industry awards. The same year, we launched the HubSpot App Marketplace,opening the HubSpot API up to the entire world, and making it possible for everyone tocustomize and extend HubSpot’s all-in-one software to meet the needs of every marketingperson in every industry at every size company. We even managed to take home a GuinnessWorld Record for the Largest Online Seminar, with nearly 11,000 people attending.I won’t deny that I’m proud of what we collectively accomplished in 2011. But it’s not pride thathelps me bound out of bed in the morning—it’s excitement about the milestones we have yetto reach and appreciation for the opportunity we have to make marketing simpler, better, moremeasurable—and infinitely more lovable—than it has been for decades past.It’s with gratitude and joy that I share this overview of HubSpot’s best year to date. Thanks toeveryone in the HubSpot community—customers, employees, partners, investors, fans,journalists, competitors, and critics—for your part in making 2011 another record year in ourmission to transform marketing.Here’s to a remarkable 2012.Sincerely,Brian HalliganCo-Founder & CEOHubSpot, Inc. 4
  5. Milestones
  6. Mar 8 May 19 Jul 12 Sep 15 Nov 30 Mike Volpe HubSpot App 1,000 HubSpot America’s 20 Most named CMO. Marketplace customers & Promising launches. partners attend Companies by HUGS, the 2011 Forbes. HubSpot User May 20 Group Summit. names Co-Founder & CTO Dharmesh Shah the Top Innovator in High Tech. Jun 9 Aug 18 Oct 19 Dec 6 HubSpot wins BBJ’s HubSpot acquires #8 Fastest Growing HubSpot Launches Company in North Free Marketing2011 Top Places to Work Award, 2nd year in America. Grader tool to a row. Replace Website Aug 23 Grader. Jun 16 #2 Fastest Growing Software CompanyHubSpot HubSpot acquires & #33 Fastest Growing Company overall.Milestones Jun 17 Aug 24 CEO Brian Halligan HubSpot sets the named Ernst & world record for Young Entrepreneur Largest Online of the Year. Marketing Seminar with 10,899 attendees.
  7. HubSpot Customersgenerated an average of34,000 new leads PER DAY in 2011. 7
  8. HubSpot Customerssee an average of a32%increase in leadsper month. Leads Jan2011 Dec2011 8
  9. 85%of customersrecommend I recommend !HubSpot 9
  10. Growth
  11. CustomerGrowth2006 - 2011 +55% 5961 3855 customers 1150 317 48 3 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2011 Year in Review
  12. InternationalGrowth = new HubSpot customer in 20 = new HubSpot customer in 2011 89% of HubSpot’s customers are based in the US HubSpot’s global footprint 43 countries grew to 2011 by YE2011. Year in Review 12
  13. Team Growth 2011# of Employees Year in ReviewYE2006 - YE2011 304 +73% 176 96 42 15 3 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  14. Usage Growth 2011Total # of Leads Generated Year in Reviewby Customers Using HubSpot2009 - 2011 +202% 1. 12.4 4.1 millio millio 2009 2010 2011 14
  15. HubSpotUserGroup(HUGs)Growth 2011 Year in Review 15
  16. Product
  17. MarketingDashboar PRODUCT Monthlyd goal tracking 2011 Year in Review 17
  18. Analytics Create an A/& A/BPRODUCT B test in secondsTesting 2011 Year in Review 18
  19. FullyEmail integratedMarketing PRODUCT email capabilities exclude message 2011 Year in Review 19
  20. Lead More data,Managemen moret PRODUCT flexibility 2011 Year in Review 20
  21. Enterprise Create highly-Lead PRODUCT targeted emailNurturing campaigns in seconds 2011 Year in Review 21
  22. Custom A lead scoreLead PRODUCT Grader that anyone can customize New Features Custom Lead Grader 2011 Year in Review 22
  23. MobileOptimizatio PRODUCTnof email & Open NavigationCMS pages 2011 Year in Review 23
  24. HubSpotAppMarketplace 46Apps Available 22,329 Installs 65% of Customers Have Installed an App 2011 Year in Review
  25. HubSpotServiceMarketplace 59Service Providers 3390 Transactions $ 4.4 m Total Transaction Value 2011 Year in Review
  26. Revenue
  27. Revenue 2011 Year in Review +81% $29,000,000 $16,000,000 2010 2011
  28. Predictionsfor2012
  29. 8 PREDICTIONS for Marketers 1. INTEGRATION, NOT in 2012 4. CONVERSATIONS WILL TRUMP BROADCASTS. Email Blasts will die. Conversations 5. Inbound will be the new BLACK "Inbound Marketing"—aka marketing people love—will go mainstream. Even the Big Kids in the business will finally "get it." Just look at P&G. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA ISOLATION. Marketers will see the value of connecting ALL OF WILL HIT PAID SEARCH WHERE IT HURTS. THE TOOLS they use for marketing together. There will be a push toward integration with APIs, apps, Advertising on social media will grow at the expense of paid-search. Googles rate of growth will slow for 2. 3. MARKETING 7. MARKETING Marketing pros will strive to deepen their GOING ‘AUTOMATION’ understanding of how prospects & ANALYTICS customers interact with their brand across STEADY GETS MORE channels and use that information to have highly relevant & personalized finally PERSONAL. conversations using not just email, but also WILL BECOME “GROW UP.” the social web. MORE 8. ClosingMarketingwill put more POPULAR Website analytics As more marketers realize that you canmuscle THAN LOOP. will give way to measure the revenue & customer impactbehind of marketing (without brain surgery), the THE ONE- fully integratedcustomer trend toward closed-loop marketing willretention & NIGHT marketing thethe customerlifecycle.
  30. www.HubSpot.c 1
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